Headscratchers / A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

  • During the episode when they get lost in the woods, one has to wonder why the fairies don't simply fly up above the trees to see where they are.
    • And the reason they got lost is because Saga runs after Sugar, when she is dragged into the woods on the back of a rabbit. Why doesn't Sugar simply fly off?
  • Given how really short it normally is, how did Saga manage to style her hair into a multi-layered bun during the special? Even if it's a wig, it sure has the same color as her regular hair.
    • Is this after the, like, five-or-so-year timeskip, during the framing device for the flashback to within the same time period that the main episodes cover? Is that enough time to allow for her to have the hair to support that style, assuming she decided to let it grow?