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Adorkable: Live-Action TV
  • Agents Of Shield:
    • Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, the resident cute scientists. They're prone to geeking out about their areas of interest (tech in Fitz's case, biology in Simmons'), they're a couple of unabashedly nerdy non-action scientist surrounded by secret agents, and they have a very sweet friendship.
    • Phil Coulson is pretty darn adorkable, with his love for his car Lola, all his old-timey collectibles and his general Nice Guy personality.
  • Ally McBeal:
    • Ally is quirky and dorky Ms Imagination who sometimes sees unicorns, dancing babies or hears music in her mind. She's also very pretty.
    • John Cage is a Bunny-Ears Lawyer who has many quirks. Women who feel attracted to him find him adorably weird. His nickname is Biscuit.
    • Larry Paul can come off as a Cloudcuckoolander who snarks adorably. He wears scarves and geeky glasses. He's a great singer and dancer, and women just swoon over him. He's a fun dad who can ride a monocycle.
    • Jenny Shaw is a young lawyer and essentially Ally lite - Ally sees her as her own younger version. She's clumsy and weird, has freckles and slightly sloppy bob haircut.
  • Gary Bell of Alphas, played by Ryan Cartwright. Sweet, cute smile, though not exactly nerdy, but he does have a computer-related superpower and unusual mannerisms and is socially awkward. A lot of his behaviour is explained by having Autism, though. Even the other characters consider him The Woobie of the group, though he is starting to outgrow that role and become more independent. (They still won't let him drive, though.)
  • Angel:
    • While in Buffy he was more of a dark aloof badass, in his own spinoff, Angel is adorkable with much humour coming from not knowing how to deal with his friends and being socially awkward.
    • All of Team Angel. Even Illyria has her moments.
    • Fred. Just watch her try to role play as a vampire:
  • A.N.T. Farm:
    • Olive Doyle. Not entirely the stereotypical dork, but she has a large brain capacity, which she fills with very advanced subjects such as physics and calculus, she finds homework and extra credit assignments fun, is the youngest person ever inducted into Mensa and has long blonde hair, and a Stalker with a Crush although it's just Angus.
  • Felicity in Arrow. She's a computer whiz and brilliant in general, but has a tendency to turn into a Motor Mouth when she's nervous. And generally when around Oliver, she's prone to an awful lot of accidental innuendo.
  • Murdock from The A-Team falls into this, mostly when he's trying out a new persona. For instance, in a Season 2 episode where the A-Team protects a cab company from being taken over by dangerous rivals, Murdock becomes a superhero called Captain Cab and even makes a cloth mask and cape for himself, all while talking to his sock puppet, Socky. Face is terribly embarrassed by his antics and B. A. wants to murder him (more so than usual), but the way Murdock goes about it is just so darn cute!
  • Austin & Ally:
    • Ally Dawson is a shy, neurotic Cute Bookworm who suffers from stage fright so badly she'll wreck a television studio to get away from the camera. She has many adorkable moments particularly when she's dancing, or nervously chewing her hair. Or when she's doing her vocal warmups.
  • Billy, from Battlestar Galactica (Reimagined), whose attempts to talk to women all seem to involve bumbling attempts at compliments.
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • Sheldon Cooper, a man who can somehow make wearing a plaid suit almost sexy. There's something endearingly innocent in his total inability to behave like a normal human being. But there's the heart and soul of a hero under those geeky t-shirts. Later in the series, he's seen as cute and hot by his girlfriend Amy. One female student had a crush on him and thought that Penny had to be into him too.
    • Leonard Hoffstadter. He's too geeky for words, and not too great with social interaction, but he tries, and it's adorable. He has a hard time to find a girlfriend, but there are some women seriously interested in him. Notably Dr Stephanie, Raj's sister Priya, a cute chick he met in a comic book store, and Sheldon's assistant. His big love Penny has moments when she definitely finds him irresistibly adorkable.
    • Rajesh Koothrappali is so shy around girls that he can't talk in their presence. Some girls find him interesting and cute, for instance the chick from university who found his Green Lantern battery really cool. And gosh, he was once hitting on Summer Glau, and she found him adorable and charming!
    • Howard's girlfriend Bernadette. She's a petite and cute woman, and her squeaky voice is adorably weird. We see on-screen her ex who is a dashing man, and Howard's friend develops a crush on her because she's always so nice to him.
  • Bones:
    • Doctor Sweets. He's a cute, young genius who goes "squee" at dead bodies.
    • Dr. "Bones" Brennan herself. Cute? Check. Geeky? Check. Socially awkward? Is she ever!
    • Intern Vincent Nigel-Murrey. His tendency to enthusiastically spout off interesting but useless bits of trivia is adorkable in the extreme.
  • Detective Amy Santiago from Brooklyn Nine-Nine is both an incredibly cute woman and an incredibly dorky one. Just witness her various attempts to impress, compliment or generally suck up to her superior officer, Captain Holt, all of which generally end with her blurting out complete nonsense, cracking jokes which completely fall flat, falling victim to That Came Out Wrong, or just generally making herself look goofy. The rare occasions she does manage to impress Holt generally result in her punching the air or a doing very gleeful but also very physically uncoordinated happy dance, and her typical reaction to receiving a compliment is to giggle like a five-year-old. And the less said about her impression of a vulture, the better.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Willow in the early seasons where she's shy and quietly pining after Xander.
    • Angel in the comic books. C'mon, the reading glasses.
    • Drusilla when happy or excited, which usually occurs when committing murder or torture.
    • Vi. It's Felicia Day. How could she not be?
  • With her oversized glasses, genuine sweetness, and bright smiles, Sister Bernadette of Call the Midwife definitely fits.
  • Community:
    • Eccentric, Sarcasm-Blind, pop-culture obsessed Abed, with little to no social skills, has no problem attracting girls because he’s weird in a cute way and his aloofness reminds them of their Daddy Issues.
    • Annie is a neurotic, compulsive over-achiever, but her innocence, cuteness and naivete make her adorable.
  • Criminal Minds:
    • Spencer Reid is a handsome Badass Bookworm who is a constant target of UnSubs. And the babbling. Dear God, the babbling. The insanely awkward babbling and the jokes that are only funny if you're a nerd like him. Plus he uses the magic tricks.
  • Sage, Lance's girlfriend in Dark Oracle. She's a little odd-looking, and a total weirdo, bordering at times on Cloud Cuckoolander. And she's just so cute doing it.
  • Degrassi:
    • Imogen, post Lady Macbeth plot, is an odd and eccentric thing, whose far too whimsical and energetic. Saying things like 'For Realzies' and 'I must be dreaming, somebody pinch me!' with complete earnest.
    • Maya is a down to earth band geek who wants to b a rock star, giving her a punky-style of dorkery that does not mesh with her age. The end result of mixing 'band geek', 'cool rock star', upbeat songs, and awkward niner.
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show: Rob Petrie is definitely one of these. All the clumsiness and flubbing is just so endearing because of his sweet nature that it's entirely plausible for someone like Laura Petrie to fall for him.
  • Several incarnations of the Doctor of Doctor Who:
    • The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) is an enormous Man Child, and still the most childish Doctor so far. He does have social skills when he has to, but doesn't seem to see the point of bothering with them most of the time, and a lot of his cuteness comes from him having the wrong emotional reaction to things and his extreme, giddy Nightmare Fetishist behaviour. Word of God holds that he was played like an especially loopy nine-year-old, so his Character Tics in particular are very, very cute.
    • The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann). He's often childish, easily excited, even more than Ten, and somewhat lacking in social skills to begin with. As if that wasn't enough, in the Eighth Doctor Adventures, it turns out he's interested in all kinds of geeky things (Transformers, model trains, tractors, comic books, etc.), he occasionally has No Social Skills whatsoever (he asks one of his companions what makes something a date), and he's a bit of a Malaproper too, as seen here when he's rather adorably upset about his companions habitually sending him out of the TARDIS alone to make sure it's safe.
      They send me out first to see what it’s like, like a sheep down a poisoned treacle well! Or whatever it is they send sheep into...
    • Ten (David Tennant), he of the Brainy Specs (which he borrowed from Five). Ten is both one of the most woobie-ish Doctors and prone to get excited. His Adorkable reaches maximum levels when he's a human schoolmaster in Human Nature/Family of Blood, wondering where all those odd Time Lord memories come from.
    • Eleven (Matt Smith), aka "Bowties Are Cool!" He acts a bit like an eccentric English professor in the body of a baby-faced twentysomething. Matt Smith has stated that he based the adorkable factor of his Doctor off of his favorite Doctor, Patrick Troughton's Two.
    • Several of the Doctor's companions also showcase this kind of characterisation.
      • Eight's companion Fitz, who's gawky, scruffy, clumsy, and surprisingly bookish. He often lives in his own little world, and despite all his attempts to seem mysterious and dangerous is really just a Nice Guy. Fitz's rather epic crush on the Doctor makes their interaction even cuter.
      • Rory Williams, before he becomes an epic-level badass, is very much Adorkable. Especially when he tried to fight off a vampire with a broomstick ...while making lightsaber noises..
      • Clara Oswald oscillates between being a brave, smart, perky, oft-cheeky snarker and a socially awkward, cute girly goofball with a sensitive heart, Puppy-Dog Eyes and bookish affinity for daydreaming. Even when she shows badassery or major competence, it's often either hilariously subverted in some way or shown in an endearing light.
    • Even The Doctor's Arch-Enemy, The Master, has dipped into this trope from time to time, especially when he on two occasions is showed to genuinely enjoying watching TV shows for children, namely The Clangers and Teletubbies.
  • William and Daisy from Downton Abbey:
    • William is very sweet and innocent (and constantly being picked on). Part of why it's so sad when William dies.
    • Daisy is cute and pure, and her slight lisp is terribly endearing.
  • Benton Fraser from Due South gets much of his charm from this. While he is conventionally handsome and quite capable of going into Action Hero mode when required, his sheer earnestness, quirkiness, and lack of familiarity with the conventions of American big-city life are important defining features of his character.
  • Steve Urkel from Family Matters is the ultimate nerd with his glasses, suspenders, Annoying Laugh and high-pitched voice. He's extremely awkward and clumsy, and quite annoying, but you can't help but sympathize with him because of his good heart, determination and undying love for Laura.
  • Flashpoint:
    • Spike is always cheerful and smiling. Loves cracking jokes. Calls his anti-bomb robot "Babycakes" and treats it like a girlfriend. Check. Check. Check.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Carlton, Will's preppy cousin. An annoying yet lovable geeky goofball, often wearing polo shirts and sweaters, and always the butt of Will's jokes because of his short stature and naivete. And he invented the hilariously dorky Carlton Dance.
  • Friends:
    • Ross is a major dinosaur and science geek and swoops in with dazzling lines like "would you rather burn or freeze to death?" Sometimes it works and ladies like it, but at times he strikes out.
    • Chandler often wears vests and suits. He makes awkward jokes and is very insecure. He makes up for a fight with Monica by expressing his feelings for her through a dictionary definition. When she asks him how he got so cute, he says his grandfather was Swedish and his other grandfather was a tiny little bunny, which gives him bonus points in cuteness.
    • Monica has her moments when it comes to having eleven groups for sorting towels, ironing wrapping paper and vacuuming the vacuum cleaner. Though she's very attractive in a non-geeky, non-dorky way and is a classic beauty.
    • David the science guy who Phoebe dated and was crazy about. She couldn't stand Ross's obsession with science, but she loved David's lab and thought he was extremely clever and extremely cute.
  • Game Show host Bill Cullen fit the "just so darn lovable" mold perfectly, especially in his early shows such as his first seasons as a Ive Got A Secret panelist.
  • Glee: This series is absolutely full of these, in part to do with its main subject matter, which is showtunes and high school.
  • The Good Wife: Elsbeth Tascioni is charming in her quirky scatterbrained awesomeness.
  • Monroe of Grimm qualifies, especially when dealing with his attraction to Rosalee. Sure, he's also a Badass Bookworm, but that doesn't make him any less Adorkable.
  • The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries: The show tried to do this to Joe Hardy in 1st season and a bit of 2nd season, when they made him wear a nerdy plaid sweater, be heavily into forensics and fingerprints and likely to start expounding on fingerprints at the drop of a hat, and he was portrayed as a socially awkward younger brother. But then the writers realized they were up against Shaun Cassidy and gave it up as a lost cause.
  • Hawking (BBC TV drama) portrays the twenty-one year old Stephen Hawking this way. Picture a young Benedict Cumberbatch wearing Nerd Glasses and flirting by means of science trivia.
  • Despite generally being rather reserved and stoic, not to mention a Badass Bookworm, Horatio Hornblower. has his moments in Series One. Particularly in "The Duchess and the Devil" when he attends a high-society dinner party and appears out of his social depth, or really any time he's around the Duchess and doesn't know how to take her flirting and attempts to teach him "conversation".
  • House of Anubis:
    • Fabian who is nerdy, shy and loved by plenty of girls both in and out of universe.
    • There's Mara, the smartest person in the House... who is rather pretty, and gets pretty adorable when she's happy about something.
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • Ted. All Ted's friends refer to him as their resident "dorky dad". He sometimes plans to charm women with his cool architecture tools.
    • Marshall has quite a few geeky interests like watching Star Wars or singing songs about what he's doing. He's charming, but very few women can manifest that because he and Lily are quite a steady couple.
  • While Sportacus from LazyTown is conventionally attractive, well-muscled and very fitness-oriented, many fans still consider him adorkable due to his constant optimism, boyish over-excitement, hopeless naiveté and awkward English. His baby-blue eyes and cheesy grin only help the matter.
  • Yousef from Little Mosque on the Prairie is tall, handsome, and muscular. However, he becomes adorkable due to his gentleness and good-natured willingness to please everyone.
  • Hospital Hottie Lauren from Lost Girl. She murmurs "isotopes" in her sleep and is recognized as adorkable in-universe as well. Bo even states that she loves it when Lauren "totally geeks out".
  • Mash:
    • Radar uses Buffy Speak, knows things before they'll happen, and is the only one in camp who understands the paperwork.
  • Merlin and Guinevere from Merlin. Put them in a scene together and the cuteness levels are off the charts. Merlin is humorous, light hearted, quirky and intelligent. Not to mention that he is also very clumsy, which also adds to his adorkable factor.
  • Doctor Lieberman on Monday Mornings is an attractive doctor, though not a total Hospital Hottie as most of them. When Dr. Sydney Napur "makes" him invite her for a date, she and her friend Dr. Tina Ridgeway discuss whether he's dorky or not.
    Sydney: He's not too dorky, is he?
    Tina: Nah. He's dorky enough.
  • Murdoch Mysteries:
    • Detective William Murdoch is an extremely educated Science Hero who often sports steam-punk-ish devices as his attire. He can be endearingly awkward, which is probably a major reason why the likes of very attractive Dr. Julia Ogden and Enid Jones fall for him.
    • Constable George Crabtree can be very weird but he's always cute. His theories on the paranormal are extremely far-fetched but he takes them super-seriously. However, he's also surprisingly sensitive and open-minded, and he's not just a copper, but a moderately successful mystery writer, too. He's a funny Malaproper who cares for animals such as dogs, horses or cats which is very sweet. If a lady doesn't like his boss, she's almost sure to flirt with George.
  • Grant Imahara and Adam Savage of the MythBusters. Tory Belleci too, more for being clumsy and kind of doofy at times, rather than nerdy or awkward.
  • Katie Andrews from No Ordinary Family. She's 30-year-old virgin and brilliant lab assistant who is socially awkward and overly yet adorably knowledgeable about superheroes.
  • Jess, Zooey Deschanel's title character in New Girl. She's even branded as such in promotional material for the show. She's clumsy, keeps singing and humming, dances chicken dance and she wears funny fake teeth. She's a Nice Girl and a teacher.
  • NCIS:
    • Abby's the resident Perky Goth Lab Rat. She loves hugs, is fueled by Caf-Pow, gives names to her lab equipment and owns a stuffed hippo that farts.
    • Tim McGee a geeky tech nerd turned federal agent. In the beginning he was a lovable socially awkward rookie though he's become more confident as of late and passed that role on to...
    • Jimmy Palmer. Ducky's assistant medical examiner who is a big goofball that always stick his foot in his mouth.
  • Crime-fighting mathematician Charlie Eppes of NUMB3RS who is a springy-haired, mild-eyed Absent-Minded Professor; perceptive, savvy, and just naive enough to be a master of Adorkable.
  • Once Upon a Time:
    • Sheriff Graham. Constant ties and vests? Check. Cute accent? Check. Complete inability to impress a girl with his jokes? Check.
  • Plaid-shirt-wearing, skinny-tie-donning, sci-fi-loving former boy mayor/state auditor/current assistant city manager Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation.
  • Lindsay Dole from The Practice, particularly in the early seasons. She's cute, incredibly smart and eager to tackle the world of law.
  • The word "Adorkable" is used verbatim in this (scroll to the last paragraph) Rizzoli & Isles recap where the author is talking about Dr. Maura Isles. And she isn't exaggerating. Maura is socially awkward but highly intelligent and beautiful, in addition to coming with a geeky adorableness that Sasha Alexander absolutely perfects.
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures: Luke Smith, a genetically grown child who is "younger than he looks" can wire a cell phone into a spaceship computer, and is so adorably dorky that he's the first one to be kissed within the first series. In the books based on the series, Maria even calls him adorkable.
  • From The Sarah Silverman Program, Laura Silverman's portrayal of herself. Nice to the point of being a little awkward, infinitely patient with her near-psychopathic sister, seems to live to help others (mostly her sister, but she's also an RN).
  • Saved by the Bell: Samuel "Screech" Powers is a quirky, eccentric, goofy genius. He usually wears extremely loud and mismatched clothes, loves science and is a member of the chess team.
  • Both main characters of Selfie:
    • Eliza is an understated example, as she's usually fairly sexually forward and very attractive. However, in the episode "Un-Tag my Heart", the nervous way she tries to feel out her casual sex partner to see if he wants a deeper relationship, is very cute. "Would you ever want to, like, go outsiiide, with me?" She's not nearly as confident as she seems, and her insecurity just makes her more endearing.
    • Henry, on the other hand, is a more traditional example, he's nerdy-cute, dresses sort of like a dandy, isn't on Facebook (but is on LinkedIn), and is very into his PR job.
  • JohnSimm in Sex Traffic, with his cute glasses, klutziness, stutter, and darn niceness, fits the bill perfectly.
  • Sherlock:
    • Martin Freeman's John Watson, a Big Damn Hero in an oatmeal-coloured woolly jumper. Being much shorter than the dramatic and intimidating Sherlock also helps.
    • The dramatic and intimidating Sherlock himself actually has a moment of Adorkability, after John proves his complete willingness to lay down his life for him. Probably the only adorable thing Sherlock's ever done. Very unusual, and VERY sweet-at the same time awkward-since he didn't expect ANYONE to do it for him. Not even John, of all people. Which definitely proves that, despite the fact that Sherlock IS rude, he's probably one of the only guys who understands John.
    • Jim Moriarty seems to deliberately invoke this trope; being diminutive in stature, large-eyed, and Irish (with the sing-song accent to match) definitely helps. He makes ridiculous expressions and speaks in a very soft voice... only to charmingly follow it up with a creative, chilling threat. Luckily Sherlock doesn't let Moriarty kill his friends.
    • It happens AGAIN in Series 3, with Sherlock awkwardly admitting admiration for his friend, in an adorable way during his best man's speech. Awww. How sweet.
  • Ichabod from Sleepy Hollow. He's ridiculously educated and impossibly courteous and formal, even to Yolanda from Northstar customer support, to the point that he feels obligated to thank her for her assistance by entertaining her with a story that makes her cry.
  • Stargate Atlantis:
    • Fans of the show have been credited before with coining this term for Rodney McKay and the actor who plays him, David Hewlett. And he's not the first in the Stargate 'verse.
    • The term easily applies to Daniel Jackson, resident civilian Woobie, Mr. Fanservice, Cunning Linguist and ancient culture expert. He becomes more physically competent and appears far less geeky as the series goes on, however.
  • Malcolm Reed of Star Trek: Enterprise. He's quiet, reserved, socially awkward and a huge weapon geek. This particularly comes to the fore when he interacts with Trip Tucker, especially in later seasons when they have developed a proper friendship.
  • Peter Capaldi, a.k.a. Malcolm Tucker of The Thick of It. Listen to the commentaries, realize he's a huge geek with knobby knees, and your head asplode. It asplode even more when you learn that Malcolm Tucker's Girly Run isn't an act.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place:
    • Justin is a studious, intelligent nerd, has nerdy hobbies and likes comics and action figures. He desperately tries to look cool in front of girls, but what make them like him are usually his nerdy traits.
    • Justin's friend Zeke. He's nerdy, easygoing, kind of a Cloudcuckoolander and passionate about robots. He is also part of an "alien language" club and he and Justin often speak "alien" to each other.
    • Zeke's girlfriend Harper Finkle. She's cheerful, dorky, kind, a bit naive and known for her outrageous (and often ridiculous) fashion sense.

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