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Sep 5th 2014 at 12:15:32 PM •••

Why did Alternate Company Equivalent get deleted? Preserving it here.

  • The Seven Guns are basically the Justice League.
    • John Horus: Superman - The Paragon Flying Brick with a sun motif, unquestionably the most powerful member of the team.
    • Tom Noir: Batman - Crazy-Prepared Detective (his voice-activation phrase for his powers was "Bakerstreet"), with a night motif, considered by everyone to be the one person who could handle John, in spite of John being so much more powerful than Tom.
    • Laura Torch: Green Lantern - her powers (the scope of which we can only imagine) even get used by other characters, echoing how a GL power ring might change hands.
    • Zoe Jump: The Flash - Super Speed
    • Dominic Atlas Hyde: Martian Manhunter - Super Strength, shapeshifter, alternate leader.
    • Angel One: Hawkgirl - Flight
    • Kathryn Artemis: Wonder Woman - Amazon name, kind of straightforward role supplying basic firepower with few gimmicks or surprises. She's also the most militant member of the team and the most comfortable with the application of lethal violence; her character-establishing flashback doesn't deal with her particular tech at all, but rather with her worldview. This isn't the most common take on Wonder Woman, but it is a take that exists, particularly around the time of Infinite Crisis.

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Sep 5th 2014 at 12:28:10 PM •••

Laura Torch seems like a massive, massive stetch. Hyde is also shoehorned.

Still bad to delete it without a reason, but I can sorta see why.

May 30th 2017 at 11:28:22 AM •••

I can see parallels to Watchmen:

John Horus: Ozymandias - Seeks to save the world at any cost.

Tom Noir: Dr. Manhattan - Isolates himself.

Dominic Atlas Hyde: The Comedian - Loyal to the Government for the most part.

Zoe Jump: Nite Owl - An average person wanting to do right.

Angel One: Silk Spectre - Technically the Hot Chick.

Kathryn Artemis: Rorschach - Willing to kill those who she regards as scum.

Laura Torch: Captain Metropolis - Posthumous Character.

Edited by R.G.
Feb 15th 2014 at 8:12:11 AM •••

The page states that black summer is what would happen if the super heroes were too human, is it the right term? I mean, being clearly transhuman/posthuman. They are adealistic. probably too self rightous. I havent't read the other series of the beware the superman trilogy (super god and no hero), but the trilogy seems to be summed up as: -too idealistic super heroes -too cynical super heroes -totally alien super heroes rather than too human, inhuman and not human at all, which seems to lack precision, after all, the full range of behavior from the most calculated one to the most hot tempered one is fully human. If In no hero, the supers are treating sacing people as a trade, they are arguably being very humanly flawed by selfishness.

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