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8th Nov, 2019 08:30:00 AM

That wouldn’t really work. The problem is that Magic/Supernatural powers and Psychic powers are considered separate types of elements and powers in most media. Hell, sometimes, people who are immune to one are affected by the other.

8th Nov, 2019 09:12:20 AM

Not that one should get caught up on wording that way to begin with, but the trope name uses the word supernatural for a reason- it covers all types of supernatural, whether that be Functional Magic, Psychic Powers, Pure Energy, or any other weird forces.

8th Nov, 2019 10:45:38 AM

Point taken, but what about Gravity? It gets it’s own trope in Gravity Is Purple. By the broad definition of “supernatural” that you’ve just given, shouldn’t the mere ability to control gravity be considered supernatural in of itself? And if so, then why does it get it’s own separate trope?

8th Nov, 2019 02:02:24 PM

Color-Coded Wizardry or Color-Coded Elements could also work if the color is specific to the type of power.

8th Nov, 2019 02:52:56 PM

^^ The page itself mentions how gravity, specifically, is portrayed as having purple color. I.e it has its own reasons.

I'm not seeing any specific reasons for psychic powers to be purple, aside from being "supernatural".

9th Nov, 2019 01:00:37 PM

Again, the same could be said about gravity. Not to mention darkness.

Edited by MisterOM
9th Nov, 2019 01:26:04 PM

Purple Is the New Black is a thing more for coloring reasons and less because "darkness" is inherently associated with purple.

I personally don't see this as meaningfully different from Supernatural Is Purple — note that Pokemon associates the Ghost-type with purple as well. Re: Psylocke, sure she's a purple-themed psychic, as is the Purple Man, but many psychics in Marvel aren't associated with the color — Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Xavier, for example — and many characters who are aren't psychics, so you have to consider whether it's truly a trend within the work, a one-off, or because of other reasons for using purple in a design (eg. Graceful Ladies Like Purple, Secondary Color Nemesis).

You could try making a draft in TLP, but it would need a convincing argument (a well-explained reason for why it should be a separate trope and/or a hell of a lot of examples that can't be folded under Supernatural Is Purple) to be split.

9th Nov, 2019 01:26:40 PM

Supernatural Is Purple is the broader trope, and Purple Is Powerful and Color-Coded Elements the even broader tropes. The reason Gravity Is Purple is a sister trope rather than just a straight subtrope is because it's often depicted this way even with tech-based antigravity, or some kind of Swirly Energy Thingy quote-unquote 'natural' space phenomenon — the equivalent of Supernatural Is Purple being used consistently in this one strangely specific case for something that isn't necessarily supernatural. But Psychic Powers are always supernatural.

Edited by Unsung

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