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Here because, despite my claims to the contrary, I guess I really did love high school English class. Here, you can find me the repair shop and related areas. In real life I am a paleontologist.

Troping philosophy: generally a splitter. I believe that there is an optimal trope description length: 3-5 paragraphs, 300-500 words. Too short and you can't tell what the trope's about, too long and readers don't read it (and tend to misuse it).


I've created the following works pages:

Tropes launched:

Repair Shop:


To-do list:

TLP ideas:

  • Leave The Door Open- movie characters never close the door, even when it would make sense
  • The Jareth: Sexy, bishonen villain
  • My Name Is Rap: "My name is so-and-so and I'm here to say..."
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  • Born With Armor: A character enters the world wearing armor, which may be part of their body