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Berrenta MOD
14th May, 2019 07:32:09 AM

Suspended; permission granted to remove.

Edited by Berrenta
14th May, 2019 08:07:32 AM

Personally I'd like to have that page locked up, at least temporarily, and add new entries (and have the current entries cleaned up, too) through edit requests.

People natter, complain, argue with the preceding entries, nitpick and there is at least a borderline edit war over some entries of Ass Pull and Internet Backdraft.

14th May, 2019 08:53:02 AM

I'm asking for the permission to restore that paragraph.

As for the source, there has been at least one reviewer who made that point: To quote: "She executed people that wronged her and betrayed her, just like anybody else would have done. Was Tywin Lannister mad? Was Roose Bolton mad? Was Robert Baratheon mad? Was Ned Stark mad?".

I'm not entirely agree with his examples so I bring up the two most ruthless victors come to mind, namely Tywin and Aegon I, neither of whom are considered a tyrant or a maniac. Please understand that I don't wish I justify the killing, but rather want to point out the double standard in Dany's case that makes her Sanity Slippage unconvincing. After all, if the point is that Dany is now a worse ruler than those men, her actions should be exceptionally brutal rather than merely typical given the setting.

I agree that the part "Moreover, anything Daenerys does today could have been done back in the previous season, before the Battle of Ice and Fire. Given how Robert Baratheon tolerated the Sack of King's Landing, one can only wonder if her subordinates would dare to question her acts that much had they still needed her to fight the White Walkers." is quite biased. No objection to removing it.

14th May, 2019 08:57:39 AM

^We dont need to trope a random view from a youtube reviewer. Internet Backdraft is when most of the fandom is up in arms over that point. Plus him citing a bunch of mostly badguys who are listed under The Sociopath page of this site is not the best argument.

I honestly would like that ymmv page locked too. It's been a mess and trying to clean it has been difficult.

14th May, 2019 10:50:37 AM

Doesn't Internet Backdraft have a six month waiting period precisely because of issues like this?

14th May, 2019 11:13:48 AM

Which means that, for six months, anyway, the entry's validity is irrelevant.

14th May, 2019 11:25:02 AM

I'll remove the Internet Backdraft entry from the page and move it to the discussion page.

14th May, 2019 12:44:56 PM

No Internet Backdraft doesnt have a six month waiting period. Where did you get that idea from. We were thinking of giving it a week but never finalised that decision but six months is way too much for a reaction that supposed to be extreme and fast when Overshadowed by Controversy or another trope would fit better.

Its not on No Recent Examples, Please!

14th May, 2019 12:45:53 PM

Yeah, I haven't heard of it getting that treatment, either.

Definitely should have a waiting period of at least two weeks, though.

14th May, 2019 12:49:33 PM

Yeah a week or two sounds reasonable but six months sounds legit too much.

14th May, 2019 01:08:54 PM

I could have been mixing it up with something else like Broken Base maybe.

That said, my main point was to wonder whether Backdraft has such a limit, because if it did we're probably still within it regardless of length.

14th May, 2019 01:24:02 PM

Sorry about that then, I took it from you guys as our rule.

Two weeks — this sounds reasonable.

14th May, 2019 01:35:37 PM

I'm also in favor of cleaning up and then temporarily locking the YMMV page.

14th May, 2019 05:57:39 PM

I could've sworn it had a waiting period, but maybe I made the same mistake as sgamer and mixed it with Broken Base. Sorry, ya'll.


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