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My Superhero Academy V3: Reassembled (MSA Reboot, Superhero RP)

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Feb 13th 2021 at 11:24:38 AM

It is an age of heroes. From the day the Saint was first seen in newsreels back in '39 all those years ago, there have always been heroes. For decades, they've protected the world from superpowered criminals, mad scientists, nazi nitwits, alien invaders, and even the odd incursion from other dimensions. Regardless of their origins — whether they received their powers in some sort of accident, were born with their abilities, used tech to get by, or relied purely on their training and hard work — they have long vowed to protect the world and make it a better place.

However, in recent years, things have changed. In times gone by, most heroes began their careers well into adulthood, with only the occasional sidekicks being the exception. But as the decades went on, more and more young heroes began receiving their powers or beginning their careers younger and younger, often without the proper training or maturity to properly use them or not get themselves hurt. Or worse. And so a solution was reached. Founded by Saint Solutions, a series of schools for young heroes in training was established across the globe. Now, any young whippersnapper who wishes to become a hero or even just learn to control their powers goes to one of these schools. Staffed largely by experienced, older heroes, they're the perfect place to go for anyone who wishes to hone their skills and learn what it truly takes to become a hero.

But the best of them all is is none other than Saint Academy, located right in Super City, California. And it's President is none other than the original Superhero himself, The Saint. Blessed with great strength and speed as well as extended longevity, he still has a reputation as the world's greatest hero despite retiring a decade ago, but he nonetheless does his best to make the world a better place in his own way. And that includes molding brave new heroes that can help continue to protect the world in his absence.

However, the Saint’s absence on the world stage has caused a rift. While his retirement helped ease the transition into a Saintless world, it hasn’t been easy. More villains have come out of the woodwork, seeing the perfect excuse to cause havoc. Relations between humans and other races have become strained, turning what was mutual coexistence into an uneasy truce. Other heroes have tried to fill the void, but the most prolific have advocated a harder stance. Many care less about standing for something greater and more about protecting innocents, no matter the cost. What’s left is a world that’s stable, but could swing either way in a flash. Which way it goes depends on the next generation of heroes, and what they choose to stand for. What sort of world will the next age of protectors usher in? And what will they leave in their wake?

Assuming there's a world left standing.

Hey, everyone! In case you haven't guessed, this is a Superhero Highschool RP, inspired by such series as My Hero Academia and Avengers Academy. It's a full reboot of a couple old RP’s with the same name, so you don't need to have played the others to jump into this one.

Long story short, you are a new student attending their first year at Saint Academy (boarding school,) as a member of Class 1, with your goal to get a full license and learn how to be a Superhero. The school used to promote a very specific sort of hero, but as the mood of the Superhero community has changed, so has the school. These days, it’s more about giving you the tools and knowhow to become the sort of hero you want to be. Whether that’s a virtuous paragon who stands for a better tomorrow, a pragmatic bruiser who cares more about getting the job done, or anything in between. Some staff may advocate for one sort of hero or another, but what you choose to be is ultimately up to you.

Much of the school year will involve taking classes as well as attending various activities. Anything from field studies, to supervised missions, to even community service. But it won’t be a cakewalk. Various villains and anti-heroes have their eyes on the city and even the school with their own agendas in mind, and will stop at nothing to accomplish them. So you'd better be prepared.

There are also several types of students. First you've got those who got their powers in some sort of accident or experiment. These are some of the most common sort of students or heroes you'll see. Next up, you have those who were born with their powers. These can come with a physical mutation such as green skin, four arms, etc. The sky's the limit. Some students belong to another race, anywhere from demons to one of the numerous races born out of the Chaos Wave in the ‘40’s. Many of these come with innate powers and abilities that put them above most humans, even if it’s second nature for them. Then there are those who rely on tech. You might have someone who wears a suit of Powered Armor, or you could have someone who invented a belt that makes them shrink. And finally, there are those without any powers or real tech at all who make up for it with grit, gumption, and lots and lots of training. (Think Batman.)

  • Real Name:
  • Superhero Name:
  • Age: 15-16
  • Race:
  • Appearance: Again, self-explanatory. Mostly. A requirement for anyone who wishes to become a hero is to have their own costume. They don't have to make it themselves; they can design it and then Saint Solutions will make it for them. Think of it as an individualized school uniform.
  • Personality:
  • Powers: Self-explanatory. That said, try and keep your character from being too overpowered. Anyone with Superman level abilities is a no-no. This also includes time-travel abilities. Healing abilities are allowed, but can only be used after a fight for the sake of balance. Teleporation abilities too, but they shouldn’t let the heroes poof out of a cage or go past a barrier like that.
  • Gear: Also self-explanatory. This can include various equipment or whatnot that gives you your powers as well just any weapons or gadgets you have to assist you, like a Batarang or grappling hook. Both tech heroes and Badass Normals will want to make use of this.
  • Backstory: Mostly self-explanatory. The school is open to all sorts of students, but anyone attending must pass a preliminary exam and obtain a beginner’s license over the summer. Nothing too demanding, but it ensures you know the basics of herowork and allows you to go on field studies and supervised missions. It also lets you act as Superheroes independently without needing permission from school staff, though it’s meant to be used for emergency situations only. Anything like dismantling a crime ring or infiltrating a Supervillain lair is a no-no.
  • Miscellaneous: Anything you can think of that doesn't fit into any of the other categories.

Last but not least, some extra information about the world for your perusal.


MSA’s world resembles our world in a lot of ways, but differs in others. The big difference is in WWII, Hitler summoned a bunch of demons to Earth in a last-minute bid for power. This backfired and unleashed a Chaos Wave, tearing through the planet and turning roughly 10% of the population into nonhuman beings. Anywhere from werewolves, to cat people, elves, vampires, etc. Saint and the other heroes managed to calm the initial chaos and wave of riots, largely from Wavers who refused to accept their situation. But over the decades, the dozens of new races became an accepted if contested part of the world. Some of them went and created their own subcultures and communities, but many chose to remain in human society for better or worse.

What most people don’t know is even before the Wave, there had already been different races lurking about in secret, but they were so few in number that most didn’t notice them. Since then, they’ve been lumped together with the Wavers, with most not bothering to correct anyone or a vocal minority. Nowadays, about 80% of the world is still fully human, but the other 20& is either fully or partly nonhuman to some extent.

    The World 

MSA's world isn't the same as the one we know. Thanks to a combination of refugees from other dimensions, visitors from other planets, and once seemingly mythical races becoming distinct realities, non-humans have gradually become commonplace. At first, most races after the Chaos Wave were subject to mass discrimination and dehumanization, but over the years, there's been a lot of progress. Largely thanks to Superheroes of all different sorts popularizing freaks and weirdos over a grand total of 80 years. (And counting.)

Today, what was once the Supernatural is now simply natural, and the very term itself is seen as an offensive slur. It's not too uncommon to see an alien working at a supermarket or a demon flying overhead in the suburbs, or for a werewolf to be acting as a nature guide. There have even been whole new laws enacted to support and protect non-humans after Mc Carthy and HUAC sought to strip away their rights, though this does raise concerns from more conservative groups from time to time.

Of course, not everyone feels the same way about non-humans. There are still those who see such beings as unnatural. Unholy abominations that go against their very way of life. Others still live in isolated communities, largely kept away from the more fantastical parts of their world and being less receptive to anything that isn't 'normal'. With roughly 20% of the world's population having some Waver DNA, here are enough of them that every so often, some crazed group of radicals pops up, intent on returning things to the way they were before the Saint ushered in a new age. But as much as they want to, it's not so easy to turn back the clock, and Wavers are here to stay.

Additionally, the existence of Superheroes, Wavers, and ridiculously smart individuals has dramatically advanced the world’s technological standing. Towering skyscrapers, flying cars, and large blimps dot the world. Food and resources are much less scarce, and numerous non-lethal sources of energy have been discovered. Technology and discoveries previously undreamt of are now commonplace, and there's even a moon colony and spaceports to go with it. For better or worse, this world is much stranger and more advanced than our own. But maybe that's not such a bad thing.

  • 1938: Saint, the world's greatest hero, shows up on the scene. Right from the get-go, he espouses a highly idealistic worldview, setting the stage for the first generation of heroes and the next several decades to come.
  • 1939: Other heroes start appearing, following Saint's example.
  • 1940: The Protectors, a group made up of the world's most powerful or well known heroes, are formed
  • 1946: Hitler summons a demon horde in a last ditch effort to win WWII. This defeat leads to a number of demons surrendering or defecting to America and leads to the first batch of inter-dimensional refugees on Earth. However, most humans are still afraid of other races, and so they are confined to other districts and heavily discriminated against.
  • 1947-1951(Part 1): The appearance of demons also causes an unintended side effect. The spell Hitler used to summon the demons brought with it a raw, chaotic mass of abyssal energy. The Chaos Wave, as it would be called, flew out of Germany and spread across the rest of the world, covering the entire planet before it dissipated. Most humans were unaffected, but roughly 23 million or 10% of the global population were turned into other creatures or beasts, often resembling monsters or other races from folklore and legend. Chaos ensued, riots breaking out the world over as the planet struggled to handle this new development in the aftermath of WWII, with most of those affected acting out in fear and anger over their situation.
  • 1947-1951 (Part 2): Thankfully, the Saint and the other heroes soon brought things under control. The world had already gotten used to freaks and weirdos, and with the Protectors and other defenders breaking up numerous insurrections, making public appearances, and calming everyone as best they could, they were able to diffuse the unprecedented crisis. But those affected by the mass of energy would be forever changed, as would their descendants. All of the new races such as werewolves, vampires, centaurs, or the demons that started it all would be here to stay. The only way they could move forward was for the world to accept them as sentient beings deserving of basic rights. And those affected would have to come to terms with themselves as best they could.
  • 1952-1954: Mr Carthyism begins in earnest. Superheroes are heavily investigated by the US Government during the Red Scare. The ‘Wavers’, as they’re being called, also receive public backlash and are deliberately discriminated against, risking a war between the different subspeces of humanity.
  • 1955-1958: A parasitic alien race called the Godons invade Earth. Earth’s combined military and the hero population aren’t enough to defeat them. Even with the demons and Wavers chipping in, it still isn’t enough However, a much more friendly alien race called the Boffons decide to help Earth and fight off the Godons. With everyone working together, they manage to route the Godons and save the planet. Earth is ravaged in the process, but the Buffons help Earth rebuild, advancing their technology in the process. All of this leads to the publics’ faith in Superheroes restored and the demons and Wavers accepted by the general public. However, certain races or subcultures don’t feel safe among other normal humans, and begin forming settlements or enclaves where they can form their own identities and cultures in peace. Plans are made to start talks with other alien races and begin liaisons with other planets.
  • 1959-1968, Part 1: Earth continues to grow and progress. The Boffones along with scientific and mechanical geniuses like Dr.Reinbach and the hero Armada create new self-sustaining, non-lethal power sources as well as non-radioactive substitutes for nuclear weapons. The great powers aren’t willing to give up MAD that easily, but it at least ensures the Earth won’t become a radioactive wasteland. Hovercars become a thing, and work on inter-city teleportation begins. After reaching the moon in 1960, plans are established to begin the first colony there. Reinbach and other scientists begin to look into other dimensions and establish contact.
  • 1959-1968, Part 2: However, there are still some issues to be dealt with. While other races are beginning to be accepted, there is still some racial discrimination. Discrimination and hate crimes against Waver leads to interracial discrimination becoming out of focus, but it exists to an extent. As such, renowned civil rights activists such as MLK and Malcom X still exist, but there are also Wavers and demons speaking out for their own kind. This leads to President Kennedy ensuring and establishing rights for all races in 1963 before his assassination, both for ‘coloreds’ and for Wavers and Demons. During this time, work on the first colony on the moon begins is earnest and is halfway finished by the end of the decade. Communications with other species continue and plans are made to eventually allow other species and refugees to immigrate to Earth in exchange for technology and resources.
  • 1969-1974: President Nixon is elected into office. His tenure is heavily mixed, and human/waver relations go back and forth between improving and becoming volatile. Just as Watergate is in full swing, a breakthrough is made in interdimensional travel and contact is made with a parallel universe. However, said universe is a world where its’ entire Superhero population were Supervillains and had long conquered the world in its iron grip. With their own Superheroes and the US military, Earth is able to fend them off, which puts an early end to US involvement in Veitnam as they struggle to deal with it. However, near the end of the Mirror Earth War, Nixon attempts to surrender as a result of the sheer pressure that this war and Watergate have saddled him with. This does not work, but it ensures Nixon has no chance at saving face. Rather than resigning, he is impeached as soon as the war is done. This outcome also leads to interdimensional studies and relations being scaled back immensely out of fear that something like this could happen again.
  • 1975-1990, Part 1: Relations between other races continue to improve. Earth’s technology continues to advance. Laptops and the Internet are made public decades early, and teleportation stations between major cities are established. The first colony on the moon is completed in 1979, and select families start moving in. Immigrants and refugees from other worlds have begun moving to Earth in earnest and plans are made to send ambassadors and representatives to their home planets.
  • 1975-1990, Part 2: In the midst of all this progress, Saint leaves the Protectors and goes into semi-retirement, but doesn’t rest on his laurels. With backing from the UN, he establishes Saint Foundation, a worldwide organization dedicated to promoting and organizing Superheroes the world over and allowing them to do hero work as a full-time job. He also notices that Superheroes have started doing hero work younger and younger and getting themselves killed in the process, so he establishes the first Superhero school: Saint Academy. More of these schools are established the world over, but Saint Foundation’s schools are the most renowned. Additionally, all these young Superheroes getting themselves slaughtered leads to a law being passed that forces all Superheroes to get a license to do hero work, and that anyone under the age of 18 has to graduate from one of these schools to get it. By 1991, the rate of teenage Superhero deaths has decreased dramatically, largely due to having to attend such schools.
  • 1991-2001: By this point, things are better than ever. Saint Foundation and Superhero academies are in full swing, and Superheroes have long been revered as public icons. Space travel is becoming more and more of a norm, and Earth is in the baby steps of becoming known throughout the cosmos. A second colony is built on the moon. Tablets and Smart phones are made public. And Wavers, demons, and other races have largely been accepted by the public. Not that everyone is okay with this. A group called the Warriors of Earth begins attacking Wavers and spreading hate and distrust among the populace, declaring themselves defenders of the status quo and desperate to turn things back to how they used to be. They obtain enough traction from extremist and reactionary groups to gain some headway, but due partly to acceptance of other races as well as general incompetence and stupidity on the Warriors’ part, they soon fall into obscurity.
  • 2002-2010: Not much of note happens until 2020, at leas compared to previously. There are various advances and conflicts, but nothing out of the norm. There are also various alien races and other dimensions that attempt to invade, but Earth’s defenses are so advanced and Earth’s hero population so large and organized that northing gets off the ground. Not that there aren’t Supervillains and monsters still trying to wreck havoc or natural disasters to stop, but that’s been a way of life for the last several decades. Aside from the growing tensions between normal humans and everyone else, the most interesting thing of note occurs in 2010 when Saint suffers a near fatal blow from an experimental weapon fired by longtime arch-nemesis Leon Leopold. It isn’t enough to kill him, but it does weaken him. Seeing this as a sign, Saint goes into full retirement. He becomes the Principal of the original Saint Academy in Supercity, and he is still Principal as of 2020.
  • 2010-2020, Part 1: With the Saint’s retirement, the world has been struggling to cope. He still maintains a presence on the world stage, but with every year, his influence grows less and less. Instead, other heroes such as Gilgamesh and Armada have taken center stage, all with their own views on morality and how heroes should conduct themselves in society. The result is a relatively stable but less idealistic world. Heroes strive to maintain a sense of morality, but how far they should go for the sake of innocents or the greater good is constantly debated. Some attempt to hold onto the Saint’s example, while others adopt a more nuanced approach, willing to use lethal force if it means more lives will be saved.
  • 2010-2020, Part 2: Additionally, relations between humans and other races are largely stable, but there’s always been a low undercurrent of fear and suspicion, one that’s slowly been growing with the Saint’s retirement. The government is firmly democratic and serves the people, though certain self-interested actors seek to use and abuse it for their own ends. Corporations have gradually been gaining more power and influence, even bearing down on robot rights, but Armada and Interceptor’s efforts have kept them in check. World governments have been pulling back on their investments in space, but relations with other species and work on inter-solar system colonies continue, if slowly. The world isn’t the Golden Age that it was when Saint was leading the way, but it’s a world worth living in. If perhaps a tad less naive. But one wrong move - a bad call, a new top hero rejecting everything Saint stood for, or even enough madcap insanity that everyone’s unable to cope — is all it could take to tip it over the edge.

Think that’s it. Let me know if there are any questions about the RP you have, and I'll do my best to answer them. Here's the Sign-up sheet:


  1. Lambert Rudyard Lake, by Blueace
  2. Izzy 'Dizzy' Emerson, by Nixer
  3. Zachaia "Kaia" Elmsdotter, by NickTheSwing
  4. Rosabella Liden, by LilyTheLitten
  5. Alice L.Carol, by PossiblyQuiteInsane
  6. Brokk Ivaldison, by kagescorpionakki
  7. Mitzi Ria Naazoik Qhazots, by CenturyEye
  8. Nikolai Vargeist, by MichaelDj54
  9. James, by TheRealWren
  10. Mara Springwood, by furnacedoor
  11. César 'Seez' Baumgartner, by PresidentStalkeyes
  12. Pollux 'Lux' Grigoriani, by Noussibonne
  13. Dario Knight and Dohr'Mahn, by Wyn
  14. Robert "Rab" Ettin, by Booky

Anyone can join at any time pending GM approval.

Here's the RP.

Here's the Discussion thread. But most worldbuilding and discussions will probably be on the Discord.

And here's the Discord link. It's the main way to communicate, or talk about future arcs, so it's a must. If you don't have it, then I'm afraid I can't accept you.

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Doctor Who — Long Way Around:
Blueace Blue Reflection Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Blue Reflection
Feb 13th 2021 at 11:36:41 AM

  • Real Name: Lambert Rudyard Lake
  • Superhero Name: Ironheart Knight
  • Age: 16
  • Race: Human, as far as he knows. He may have done something to himself with his own training.
  • Appearance: Just a passing by knight, don't forget it. As far as a suit goes, he was planning on at least designing an armor, but he has to think about it. He brought a billowing midnight blue cloak in the meantime.
  • Personality: Normally he plays the role of a serious, brave, hard-working knight pretty well. Trying to be controlled and keep things at arm’s length. But he is while a kindhearted, honest guy as far as he tries to be, there is a fair amount of insecurities, and feels like he took way too big a responsibility. Even so, he feels he has to try and live up to it. Hides a silly sense of humor, with more appreciation for bad puns than he wants to admit, with rather unconvincing denials. Craftier than he seems with his nature, even if he is more reckless than one would think. There are some episodes of explosive rage, made worse by Deuil, but he tries to keep it under control.
  • Powers: Sword Mage: Lambert can release his magical energy into the air, so he can materialize it as swords. He generally needs to see a sword to work as a template, but has seen some interesting ones, with some powers such as a fire-shooting blade, Flamberge, or the wind cutting blade Zephyr. The weapons can be shot, reshaped and even fused. Most disappear into the air after use or breaking.
    • Enhancement: He has the ability to enhance his own body, to push his own body to move faster, be stronger and push his perception beyond human limits, effectively being able to face superhumans with a human body.
    • Beyond that, he is a skilled swordsman and fighter, a blacksmith and willing to learn any magic or knowledge he might find useful.
    • Weakness: Underneath it all, however, he is still human, which means catching him unaware could end with him severely hurt. Also, there is also a cost of power to keep spamming swords and buffing his own body. After a point, he might start damaging himself.

  • Gear: Arondight (Divided): The legendary blade Arondight, the sword of the infamous Knight of the Round Table Lancelot Du Lac. The sword, once great and boasting immense power and durability, was somehow divided in two, with their power comparatively diminished. Lambert renamed the blades Gloir (Glory) and Deuil (Mourning). The light emanating from both swords can envelop the wielder for different effects, although it can have unpredictable effects on them if they don’t know about it. It caused one of Lambert’s eyes to turn red, after all. The energy pulsing from them can be used to either sharpen them, send waves of energy or make the swords hit duller. Neither sword is individually as powerful as its former glory, so there are things that can’t be cut or can get past its defenses. The blades have their own magnetic attraction, as two parts of a whole, so as long as one is on hand, it can be used to bring the other or track them.
    • Arondight Gloir: Symbolizing the glory of one of the most famous knights. While it's hard to say if it's derived from the fae or it’s holy, Gloir, as the one reflecting the previous, untainted shine of the sword, can cut through curses and demonic powers, and the shining light can be used to protect from them.
    • Arondight Deuil: Deuil, on the other hand, is a cursed, fallen blade, symbolizing the fall of Lancelot brought by his own bouts of madness and the betrayal and tragedy brought by his romance with Guinevere and the fallout of that incident, including the death of his comrades by his hands. It’s made to hurt holy and purity-based enemies. It’s meant to be destructive, but it also can drive the wielder dangerously aggressive and, against certain enemies, as it’s marked with guilt and rage, it can act up and attempt to get the wielder killed. Gloir protects against the worst of it.
    • Medallion of Gwendoline: Gwendoline is a ghostly horse slumbering in a medal wielded by Lambert and given to him by his mother, as a trusty mount and companion. She has impressive power, speed, and endurance, and the ability to phase through solid matter. And even if she can’t talk, is smarter than most horses, even if she has a few habits that can cause problems and a bit of a cheeky attitude to most people.

  • Backstory: Lambert is the oldest son of Adrian Lake and Claire Allard-Lake, a notorious, wealthy couple living in the countryside near Cornwall. Ever since he was young, he was trained in the sword and some tricks of magic of their own. Claire gave him a certain medallion as a gift, to have a companion to keep him safe. But a trip around the isles lead to an incident where a now fourteen Lambert got separated from his group, he ended in the middle of a monster attack, leading him to the place the swords were resting. The moment Lambert took them, he knew what they were. Somehow, the sword of Sir Lancelot got divided. Nevertheless, what happened is kind of a blur to him. As he took the swords, which he named Gloir and Deuil due to the flooding emotions that hit him, he fought and defeated the monster, but the details were kind of a mystery to him. On that day, the young Lake knew what he should do. He started to learn the secrets of the blades, and although the experimentation has yielded some… unfortunate results (such as a red eye and his father having to knock him out at least once), he believes he can make things work. A few things led him to leave his home country, saying good-bye to his old crew and to his sister to see some adventure in America. May the Ironheart Knight find the right path.
  • Miscellaneous: He brought with him his pet cat, a British Shorthair called Charlie. He is a lot more affectionate with her than with most people.

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kkhohoho Deranged X-Mas Figure from The Insanity Pole Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Deranged X-Mas Figure
Enirboreh AKA Nixer from the domain of infinite floof. Relationship Status: Non-Canon
AKA Nixer
Feb 13th 2021 at 12:40:39 PM

  • Real Name: Izzy "Dizzy" Emerson
  • Superhero Name: Inertia
  • Age: 16
  • Race: Human (Empowered)
  • Appearance: 6'1 in height, incredibly lanky and with the appearance of having been stretched on a rack. Somewhat mussy hair and casual style, as if too lazy to care about her appearance too much. Often relaxed and laidback in disposition, her facial expressions minimal and occasionally seeming tired or outright lethargic. Her design for her superhero outfit is that of a skintight, full-bodied jumpsuit; fitted with small thrusters to help her steer whilst using her powers and also featuring a helmet and rebreather to let her breath in higher altitudes/potentially dangerous environments.
  • Personality: The immediate impression one would get from Izzy is one gangly and awkward, as the combination of her height and her spindly limbs often means she trips and falls over herself much more than one would expect. Similarly, she's clumsy and typically thoughtless with her words; speaking her mind bluntly and excessively sometimes and finding herself completely speechless despite her wishes not to be other times. Her laidback demeanour also means she typically comes across as careless or lazy, which is true to an extent—Izzy lacks a sense of urgency in most situations and truthfully feels disconnected in regards to her environment. In actuality, Izzy does in fact feel deeply and is moreso overwhelmed by stimuli; as such mentally shutting herself off from thinking too hard and thus stressing over the danger she puts herself in. As such, she doesn't typically notice her own injuries and tends to beeline straight towards the source of whatever problems she's facing—whether it be angrily reprimanding an aggressor or haphazardly launching herself towards a supervillain without much of a plan. Still, despite her preference not to think about things too hard (and her apparent idiocy at times), Izzy does in fact have moments where she opens up and reveals that she is in fact more aware of things than she lets on. But until she discovers her own drive to be her own hero, she's happy to just go with the flow—living with her head in the clouds and her feet off the ground, saving lives and helping others in whatever way she can along the way.
  • Powers:
    • Gravity Shifting: Through the Power of (probably) Science,™ Izzy is capable of completely redirecting her own personal gravity, which allows her to disobey the laws of physics and fall in basically any direction she wishes to. With a simple mental command, she can ‘switch off’ her adherence to Earth's gravity and begin to levitate in place, before picking a direction and creating an invisible gravity tunnel to pull herself along within it. Unfortunately, she cannot steer or move herself much once she's set a direction—she's falling, not flying—and apart from some vaguely meaningful wiggling and slight veering she has very little control in terms of avoiding obstacles. Thankfully she is able to shut off her gravity tunnels at any time, allowing her to hover in place again, but she still retains some momentum—meaning she can't handle tight turns without some incredibly precise timing. By tucking her body into a ball, she is able to speed up her omnidirectional falls to that of terminal velocity, and as long as she's picked up a decent amount of speed she can survive even direct impacts—the faster she's falling, the stronger an invisible gravity field generates around her that repels all oncoming obstacles. This does unfortunately mean that she suffers in closed spaces, often smacking into ceilings and walls, but it does theoretically allow her to survive a fall from any height: as long as her powers are switched on and she's built up enough speed, she'll come out of it with only a few bruises. In the cases where she does have something to land on, Izzy can stick to any angle of a surface and even jump on and leap off of it—alllowing her to run along walls and ceilings just as easily as she can the ground. Due to the way her gravity wells work, Izzy has a tendency to involuntarily pick up rubble and other small objects by accident whenever she uses her powers; albeit limited to a radius of 1.5 metres around her person. Though typically accidental, if she concentrates she can lift up to two people at a time along with herself—though she cannot lift anything that is heavier than this and doesn't fit inside her radius enough to begin floating.
  • Gear: At the moment, zip apart from her smartphone and Standard Teenage Amenities.™ She plans to make her eventual suit compact enough to store inside a rucksack, but beyond that her powers seem to cover most of her superhero needs by themselves.
  • Backstory: Born to a pair of scientists, Izzy was raised relatively normally as an only child whilst trying to duck around the worst of her parents' antics, as their penchant for bizarre and (frankly silly) experiments often ended up as a colossal embarrassment for her whenever they inevitably went haywire. Thankfully never having been a test subject herself (as they were hardly monsters), Izzy's powers regardless ended up originating as a byproduct of one of these very experiments—a prototypical chemical mixture that was intended to eventually be a prescribable medicine for latent superpower development. Mistaking this mixture for some kind of leftover soda, Izzy guzzled down the whole thing—evidently awakening her own dormant abilities in the process. Now with the bizarre power to shift her own personal gravity, Izzy has finally achieved her secretive child-like dream of being able to fly—she just hadn't imagined it to involve so much ungraceful flailing as it does in her case. Eager to further develop her powers and pursue the life of a real superhero, Izzy has set out to attend Saint Academy with the blessing of her parents; who have also graciously designed for her a theoretical suit that she hopes to eventually have assembled using the school's resources.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • As her given nickname would suggest, Izzy is often disoriented due to constantly shifting orientations and gravitational directions, and is in fact so used to floating around while relaxed that she's typically dizzy even when she's obeying Earth's gravity. This likely contributes even more to her ditzy reputation and clumsy nature, but it's not like she particularly cares either way.
    • Absolutely melts over any fluffy creature, animal, or even plush toy in her general vicinity. This combined her impulsive behaviour has gotten her into a fair lick of trouble before—mistakenly trying to adopt supposedly ‘stray’ cats and picking up other people's pet dogs without even asking so that she can cuddle them.
    • Though always having been tall for her age, Izzy's regular usage of her powers have caused her to suffer some of the side-effects of existing in a low-gravity environment—spinal decompression and some slight muscle atrophy making her even taller and skinnier than before.

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Feb 13th 2021 at 12:58:12 PM

  • Real Name: Zachaia "Kaia" Elmsdotter
  • Superhero Name: Lady Shapechanger
  • Age: 16-18?
  • Race: Half-Demon Half-Something Else
  • Appearance: Zachaia's appearance is subject to a lot of change, but by and large her favorite base form is a 6'4'' statuesque stunner of a woman, lithe and quite athletic and well developed. Her skin is quite pale looking, milky almost, and she seems to prefer a variety of black and red dresses that aren't always just dresses - owing to her powers, she's fond of creating clothes wholesale for herself to suit her needs. She has a beautiful face, long black hair, and icy blue eyes. She wears long gloves seemingly on her arms - which are actually just part of her power. Everyone who can see her can tell while beautiful there's something a little too beautiful about her. An unnaturality of it.
  • Personality: Ever since the "accident", Zachaia has taken on a personality akin to a flirtatious party girl - though with a definite selfish edge to it that indicates for her, her own enjoyment usually comes first. She's fundamentally amoral, and has been since the day she first discovered her true powers and nature. Some would go as far as pronouncing her "evil by nature". However, she is intelligent enough to realize her nature is not normal, and upon seeing what had become of her before, she made the decision to at least try and do right by others in the interest of not going down that path again. Even as flighty as she is, she's managed to stick by this path leading her to Saint Academy. But she's aware enough to try and push herself away from the things that would make her act out, knowing she has precisely zero impulse control and would go ahead and do these things again. She does remember a few things, but not everything. Such as what originally pushed her into supervillainy, and thus, what she wants to avoid.
  • Powers:
    • Absolute Shapeshifting: Zachaia has absolute control over her own biological functions and cells, to a level comparable with the Thing from Another World. She can among other things create deadly toxins within her body to use against her foes, turn her fingernails into deadly sharp weapons with the consistency of diamonds, and even take on much more monstrous forms. Her interpretation of a Healing Factor is also remarkably...grotesque. Her whole body is her weapon, which she can shape and grow as she pleases.
    • Miasma: Related to the above and somewhat independent of it, she has a deadly miasma she can generate. She can influence what poisonous factors it has, but even at a baseline her miasma is sickening and disorientating.
    • Demonic Nature: Being half a demon and half something significantly more monstrous, Zachaia possesses a connection to The Abyss, and can open portals leading there. For whatever reason she lacks the ability to teleport as she pleases, perhaps relating to her nature. She also owing to her demonic nature can infuse a demonic aura into other things.
    • Biological Infusion: Her powers aren't limited to just poison. She can very well generate tissue and infuse it into others. But regardless her intentions, being bonded to the tissues of such a creature as her tends not to end well.
  • Weaknesses: Zachaia is weak against chemical fire, and burning her forms with it tends to disrupt their cellular structure and force a retreat away from the fire. She's also VERY prone to bad decision making in her own interests when presented with something she wants.

  • Gear: .——-
  • Backstory: Zachaia was originally supposedly a normal girl engaged to her hunky boyfriend Chris Gardner. However, she was actually always what she was now, and the Chaos Wave that washed over the world had nothing to do with it. She just kept it secret because in her perspective, Chris would not be able to love a monster such as her if he knew the truth. They were in love as much as possible, and so when the Chaos Wave hit, Zachaia was devastated when Chris ended up one of those transformed - into a hamadryad, at that. The two were separated by the chaos, and when Zachaia got back to Chris, she was horrified to discover the man she loved was fully happy and comfortable, wanting to devote his life and work toward repairing the world's plants and ecosystem due to his new connection to the trees and wildlife. Zachaia decided then and there she would have her lover back as a human man - at any cost to Chris and the world around them. The Saint intervened when Zachaia's battle with Chris spilled over into a damaged city. Taking personal umbrage with The Saint's interference in what she considered a personal matter, Zachaia escalated things. Time and again she appeared, taking on various supervillain identities such as Lady Shapeshifter, Madame Cobra, and Proteanne. She even led for a time an iteration of the Lords of Evil, which would later be led by other prominent villains. It was in her tenure as Proteanne leading this iteration that she was defeated decisively and seemed gone...but in reality, she reformed with a good deal of her memories vanished. She laid low, and contemplated over time - deciding eventually she didn't want to go back to supervillainy. She wanted to get better. She tentatively tried in the modern day, some fifty years after her last appearance as a supervillain, to join a school for empowered young people. And was rather surprised when she was accepted - though with a degree of surveillance on her to make sure she doesn't backslide.

  • Miscellaneous:——

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Sign on for this After The End Fantasy RP.
LilyTheLitten Lord of All I Survey from Middle-of-Nowhere, Earth Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Lord of All I Survey
Feb 13th 2021 at 1:04:03 PM

  • Real Name: Rosabella Linden
  • Superhero Name: Nightshade
  • Age: 16
  • Race: Human
  • Appearance: Every rose has its thorns. Stands at 5'3. Her superhero outfit consists of a lavender shirt with long purple sleeves, purple pants, and violet boots with gold trim. She also has purple gloves with gold trim, a sheer lilac skirt worn over her pants, and a purple domino mask resembling a butterfly. The costume is made of a light, durable fabric that can withstand a surprising amount of damage.
  • Personality: Rosabella is well-mannered, unfailingly composed, incredibly graceful...and very no-nonsense. Aloof and distant, Rosa doesn't usually engage in anything social; when she does, she is terse, to the point, and cold. She pushes herself to succeed in everything she does and rarely gives up once she's set her mind to something—and then quietly takes herself to task should she not live up to her own high expectations. Rosa does legitimately want to help people (she would not be here otherwise) and she is capable of kindness and sympathy, but she has little patience for fools.note 
  • Powers: Chlorokinesis. The power to manipulate plants, including vines, moss, seeds, roots, and flowers. Rosa can cause flowers and other plants to bloom instantaneously, manipulate tree branches to use them as whip-like weapons, bring dead or withering plants back to life, and, perhaps most insidiously, release damaging toxins or pheromones from plants. Rosa can make plants grow anywhere that there's dirt to grow out of, so she's rarely defenseless.
  • Gear: A fancy white parasol. Doesn't look like much, but it's made from the same material as her costume, so it can serve as a makeshift shield.
  • Backstory:
    • Rosabella was born to a wealthy family in England alongside her younger twin brother, Alexander. From a young age, Rosa was put through strict tutoring in subjects such as math, English, and history, as well as whatever seemed "proper" for a young lady.note  Everything seemed normal until Rosa was six, which was when she accidentally revived a dead rose in the garden...and in doing so, nearly flooded the whole lawn with overgrowth.
    • From then on, Rosa was the favorite child. She received more attention, more gifts, more love. But with all that moreness came more expectations, more pressure. It also had the unintended side-effect of pushing Alex to the side, driving a wedge between the siblings that's never been resolved. When Rosa mentioned that she was considering being a superhero, her parents got her a costume and a plane ticket, sending her off to the best superhero school in the world. Part of her can't help but wonder if being a superhero is really what she wants, or just another expectation to fulfill.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • She is secretly fond of horror movies.
    • Despite the harsh lessons mentioned above, it should be noted that Rosa's parents do genuinely care for her and want her happy. It's just that their way of showing it involves putting a lot of pressure on her.

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"Anything can be a weapon if you use it wrong enough!"
PossiblyQuiteInsane He of the questionable sanity from the other side of the mirror Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
He of the questionable sanity
Feb 13th 2021 at 1:18:35 PM

  • Real Name: "Alice L. Carol" is the agreed upon individual name of the body piloted by Alice Lane and Carol Lang
  • Superhero Name: Mire
  • Age: 15 (Alice), 16 (Carol)
  • Race: "Mud... person... undead... what are we, Carol?" "How would I know?"
  • Appearance: Alice and Carol
    As their body is made of mud, they don't really have a defined appearance, instead taking on favored shapes based on who has primary control of the body.
    Alice's favored appearance is defined by short-cropped hair, modest "clothing", and a young face.
    Carol's favored appearance has long hair, exaggerated proportions, and usually a cowboy hat. She thinks they're stylish.
    Their "costume" simply takes the form of creating mud "body armor" around their preferred shape.
  • Personality:
    Alice is optimistic, cheerful, naive, and a complete doormat. She tends to go along with whatever anyone else says or does, even if it's at her expense. That said, going along with something that would hurt another is a boundary she won't cross. Unless the person in question is a criminal. Then they're fair game.
    Carol is shameless, flirty, headstrong, and more than a little sarcastic. She sees herself as a bit of a babysitter to her other half, despite only being a year older, but sometimes ends up being the one babysat.
    What both minds have in common is an extreme hatred for criminals and very little restraint when it comes to dealing with them.
  • Powers: Alice and Carol's body is made completely of mud. Or, more accurately, their core is a small ball of light that controls any mud within a three meter radius of it. They are able to shape this mud to their will and even harden it when they need to, and do to the nature of their powers, can increase their mass with any mud around them.
    However, if there is no mud in contact with their core to serve as a body, they go into hibernation and their core becomes corporeal. In this state, the core can be easily destroyed, killing them.
  • Gear: A pair of heavy rainboots, to prevent them from tracking mud everywhere
  • Backstory: Alice Lane and Carol Lang were the last two victims of the Sunrise Killer, a serial killer who stalked and killed high school girls on their way to school. The Killer attempted to dispose of their bodies by dumping them in a swamp rumored to be cursed. Unfortunately for him, the rumors were true, and hours later, a girl made of mud rose from the swamp and dug out the two corpses, dragging them back into town. This girl was the minds of both victims, trapped within the same body.
    The forensic evidence from the corpses was enough to bring the Sunrise Killer to justice, but the incident left the newly christened Alice L. Carol both traumatized and with a mission. To clean criminal scum off the streets and make sure what happened to them can't happen to anyone else. It was to this end that they acquired their beginner's license and set out to attend Saint Academy.
  • Miscellaneous: Despite their malleable form, Alice and Carol are quite literally stuck with each other, as they share the same core, making them one being with two minds. They aren't exactly thrilled about this, but have come to consider each other as sisters.

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Enough expository banter! Now we fight like men, and ladies, and ladies who dress like men! For Gilgamesh, it is morphing time!
kagescorpionakki Lamb and Wolf from Runeterra Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Lamb and Wolf
Feb 13th 2021 at 2:12:34 PM

  • Real Name: Brokk Ivaldison
  • Superhero Name: Forgemaster
  • Age: 16
  • Race: Dwarf
  • Appearance:
    • Civilian: A stout lad standing only 4' tall, already growing some impressive face fuzz despite his young age. Incredibly muscular for his short stature. Has short, dark brown hair and golden eyes.
    • Hero: Wears a set of finely-crafted bronze armor, including a face-covering helmet.
  • Personality: Happy-go-lucky, if a bit of a daydreamer. Brokk wholeheartedly enjoys helping others, and will offer to freely smith them things that might help. He likes to solve problems, and while he's willing to fight, he'll also accept a support role, being not much of a glory seeker. He would prefer to be remembered for what he created, rather than who he destroyed.
  • Powers:
    • Hardy: Dwarves are small, and a bit slow, but strong. Brokk is about four times stronger than an adult human, and his body is as tough as stone. He boasts a strong heat resistance, able to grab molten metals out of a forge with his bare hands. He's also about ten times heavier than you'd expect a man of his size to be.
    • Smith of Legend: He carries on the legacy of his ancestors, that of being a master blacksmith. Brokk can forge weapons and armor that surpass what is possible with normal metal. Anything he makes is stronger, more durable, and simply better than what a human could do with the same materials. They can even offer minor powers to the wielder, though as he's still learning, these are usually pretty weak and take a lot of time to make.
  • Gear:
    • Armor: Fine bronze armor, which can withstand blows from superhuman enemies as well as low caliber bullets with minimal damage. It slowly repairs itself when not worn.
    • Double Axe: A hefty two-handed, double-bladed axe, with an edge sharper than any mortal blade. Despite this, it is enchanted such that it will never kill an enemy, unless Brokk wills it, making it safe for use against minor and major villains alike.
    • Thunkers: A quiver of smaller hatchets, designed to be thrown. Impossibly aerodynamic, and will return to the quiver a few seconds after being thrown, giving Brokk effectively infinite ammo.
    • Ring of Thunder: An iron band on his right hand, which can discharge a small amount of electricity - effectively a magical taser. Brokk can charge his weapons with electricity as well.
  • Backstory: Brokk was born to one of the few nonhuman families that existed since before the so called 'Chaos Wave'. His family has long pretended to be humans with dwarfism, so as to blend in, but once nonhumans became a bit more prominent, they openly revealed the truth. Brokk's family are the Dwarves of Norse myth, descended from the master smiths who had forged many legendary artifacts. Including Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. Not content with mundane jewelery, the Dwarf clans began to assist the growing population of superheroes, crafting useful weapons and items for their use. Though a few went down a darker path, offering illicit weapons to villains, most remained loyal to the ideal the Saint had set forth.
    • Brokk hopes to follow in the footsteps of his family, and so attends Saint Academy in the hopes of either becoming a great hero himself, or creating a great hero through his craft. Either would satisfy him.
  • Miscellaneous: Unsurprisingly, he can appraise jewelry and other antiques quite well.

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Never one... Without the other.
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Tell Me, Have You Seen the Yellow Sign?
Feb 13th 2021 at 2:26:21 PM

  • Name: Princess Mitzi Ria Naazoik Qhazots
  • Superhero Sobriquets: 'Princess Mitzi'; the Revanchist note 
  • Age: 16
  • Ancestry: Goblin
  • Appearance: Mitzi is a green skinned, short humanoid with slit pupils, large pointed ears, a bushy tail, sharp teeth and claws on her hands and feet. In short: a well dressed, blond goblin. Mitzi dresses like a stock lady of adventure, and ties alot of bows on her clothing.
  • Personality: Mitzi Ria Naazoik Qhazots is an intense noble scion who really wants to know how things work and how people tick. And how these things can help her. Mitzi tends to approach challenges and dilemmas as performances in a talent show, and she revels in attention. Naturally, she tends to solve problems explosively. Her inner haminness and sense of humor comes out most in the middle of danger and violence or experimentation. One should not mistake this for foolishness. Mad science is her hobby. Etiquette, the classics, and ruthlessly eliminating obstacles were things she was trained to do.
  • Powers and Abilities: Artifice: Mitzi is a psychic with a specialty in technopathy. She complements this with an uncanny knack for tinkering and engineering.
    • Goblin Physiology: As a goblin, Mitzi is more or less a humanoid with mammalian anatomy but there are differences. Power-wise, her psychic abilities increase the more goblins are nearby. Her hearing can pinpoint people and things as accurately as human vision, and she can hear very low and very high frequency sounds. Mitzi can eat raw and even rancid things without issue. Also see (Stomach of Holding below).
    • Technical Wizardry: Mitzi can link with and bend machines to her will. And with parts or ingredients, Mitzi can very quickly whip up unlikely impossible devices and infusions. The more ramshackle magitek falls apart soon after use and has a chance of backfiring spectacularly, but she can build things like a vehicle out of trash cans, rubber bands, and a radiator or a ray gun from a laser pointer, some wires, and a fish bowl.
    • Stomach of Holding: Mitzi can swallow things—even things many times her apparent size—to store them more or less harmlessly. They don't weigh her down, but they'll be a bit sticky when she retrieves them.
  • Skills: As noted, Mitzi is proficient with tools and machines to the point of Machine Empathy before using psychic powers. She's talented in performance arts and mostly uses it day-to-day to be a Consummate Liar. And, naturally, Mitzi's very adept with artillery.
  • Equipment: Mitzi packed for an expedition to surface realms with potentially hostile locals and it shows. Some things that stand out are an old fashioned looking portable telescope; a 'briefcase' that stores specimens and samples; a rose gold baton that resembles a rapier; a satchel for supplies, tools, and equipment; and a flying boardnote  for transit. She often carries these in her fourth stomach. Yes, even the glider. Not sitting in her stomach is alot of money. Off campus, Mitzi has a rustic apartment in the industrial district that is sometimes a home/hideout and sometimes an off-campus laboratory and factory.
  • Backstory: Mitzi's the 7th child of a prominent political family. note  By her time, she got to grow up in a stable if 'used' society, and grow up wealthy. Her parents trained her in etiquette, humanities, military science, and staying one step ahead in cutthroat goblin politics. She's actually left goblin space and ventured into the properly human parts of the world before and often but either in very formalized settings or at a distance, like say, on top of a flying board. Mitzi is technically a hero attache (read: a legal spy/envoy in a given area). She's supposed to make her fellow goblins look good and boost their reputation, but she wouldn't mind picking up some scientific know-how and boosting her own reputation. There's also the vindicta. Mitzi has a genuine desire to do heroic deeds and, on the spot, defaults to saving people, but she knows the same almost ancestral hatred goblins have for their former neighbors who drove them into squalor and near starvation. This doesn't usually manifest in violence.
  • Brief on Goblins:
    • Mitzi's people kind of straddle the line of being involved in human society and staying hidden. They're known but are in the odd position of helping run a parallel society in US boundaries. And they were human once upon a time. Before the Wave, and, more importantly, before their ex-fellow humans exiled them. The otherworldly CHAOS affected Mitzi's people very visibly: they became (most commonly) green, beady-eyed, jagged toothed humanoids straight out of the goblin stories of old. They also got the voracious appetites that goblins would be known for. Their small size and newfound hardiness meant that they could respond uniquely. The state tended to pass them over while dealing with say, werewolves or demons who were much bigger and louder. The government hardly needed to intervene because civilians drove goblins out of most neighborhoods with homegrown mobs.
    • The goblins didn't start to build societies or explore the abilities that came with their change until after this period of fleeing, homelessness, and chaos. They had no Land of Faerie to live in and drifted on the edge of human society, sheltering in brownfields, derelict buildings, and most of all underground dugouts. Many goblins turned to raiding to meet their needs while others built structures (based on raided goods or the few who could recover their properties) until the age of Mccarthyism. They were outmatched by proactive government forces and the ones back 'home' had started to build their own economy. Though goblin raids are far from forgotten. (Some still accuse them of clearing the way for the Godons).
    • The goblin enclaves had developed a large pool of tinkering talent by the time of the Godons invasion such that they played a key role in reverse-engineering much of Godon and Buffon tech. By Mitzi's time the most successful enclave, the Veis Varqrulnote , had polished their old democracy and preferred to keep to themselves, trading covertly. Its stability but the kind that hangs on a knife edge. The surrounding humans and even other waivers remember the goblin raids. The goblins remember wavers being confined to ghettos after and during World War 2, finally being driven off, and the lean years. As importantly, they have started to drift culturally and live in a society they made, maintained, and have power in. ...except said society just happens to be in un-policed areas of the US. Its...complicated.
  • Miscellaneous: This may be a Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World superhero story to most of the class but its part of a long political campaign to Mitzi. She may harbor ambitions of being the Emperor Scientist to her father and mother's Action Politician.

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Look with century eyes... With our backs to the arch And the wreck of our kind We will stare straight ahead For the rest of our lives
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King among Xanas
Feb 13th 2021 at 6:33:50 PM

  • Real Name: Government Experiment H346-C. Marco Anderson
  • Superhero Name: Diabolic
  • Age: 15
  • Race: Human Mutate
  • Appearance: Tends to be able to morph into any appearance that suits their needs at any moment, but trends toward a charcoal black skin complexion and red eyes. Short cropped black hair and about middle tier in terms of height.
  • Personality: Almost robotic with an intense need to please those around him, through he is also falls easily to vice and pleasure.
  • Powers: Morphic Body (Blood)- Marco's entire body is made of a blood like substance referred to as 'Crimson', each cell of which contains the genetic makeup to recreate itself by absorbing in nutrients and calories to a certain point, once expanded to its maximum any further cell creation cannot be untaken until cells are lost. Marco can morph his body at will, forming weapons, armor, and other useful tools by 'crystalizing' parts of himself into a more solid form.
  • Gear: High calorie dehydrated snack bars, essentially miniature bars of high calorie mixture flash frozen into the smallest possible form, each containing at least three times the daily recommended amount of intake for a normal human.
  • Backstory: A former government experiment created in the image of the former villain Bloodmark, through a highly illegal experiment bits and pieces of Bloodmark were essentially erased and recoded in the attempt to make a completely compliant and immortal government agent for a black booked taskforce. Was found and freed during a raid on the lab by heroic forces aligned with aboveboard government agencies along with Bloodmark, who was disgusted by his 'son' and demanded he be taken away. After displaying a massive amount of talent one of the heroes who rescued him deciding to take him in and train him, getting him the full marks needed to enter into the academy.
  • Miscellaneous: While a bit naïve he is still aware of the world around him, and especially loves comedy acts. Through he is utterly unable to joke himself he finds people who are funny to be above and beyond all others.

Be better, because what is the harm in trying?
kkhohoho Deranged X-Mas Figure from The Insanity Pole Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Deranged X-Mas Figure
Feb 13th 2021 at 8:02:13 PM

Real Name: Mako Azuz

Superhero Name: Calamari

Age: 15

Race: Human Mutant

Appearance: Outside of costume Daniel is a tan lanky young man of average height with curly black hair and bright green eyes. His costume is a light blue sleeveless super suit with pink and white lines running down his sides and legs meant to evoke the image of simplified squid tentacles, with a pair of matching blue goggles to protect his eyes.

Personality: Mako is the embodiment of gesturing to your chest and saying the phrase "I keep all my emotions right here, and one day, I'll die." He is the uncontested master of compartmentalization. He's not monotone or robotic by any stretch of the imagination, he's just seems very low key and relaxed, able to shrug off almost anything like it's no big deal. He's all about staying mellow, but wonders occasionally whether or not he should try to be more invested in things. So far though he's decided it's probably fine to just not think about things though.


  • Squid Physiology: As his superhero name might suggest Mako's powers are based around his body's similarities to that of a squid.
    • Tentacles- Mako can morph each of his limbs into several squid-like tentacles. These tentacles are ideal for grappling as they have both suction cups, and a degree of super strength similar to that of regular humans with a massive adrenaline rush. (Able to lift up cars and toss boulders, etc)
    • Extreme Flexibility- Like most cephalopods Mako is able to squeeze himself into incredibly tight places, letting him slip under doorways and even hide in things as small as jars.
    • Propulsion- While unimpressive on dry land, Mako can use jet propulsion while swimming to give himself an incredible boost of speed, allowing him to outswim even professional athletes.
    • Ink jets- Mako can shoot a blast of watery ink from finger tips to blind or trip up his opponents.

Gear: Mako doesn't really carry and gear other than his costume.

Backstory: Mako's parents were both real estate agents in Florida specializing in beach front property, and together the two of them had the local beach house market completely cornered. Which meant they spent a lot of time showing houses, and despite having no shortage of money, they were both pretty cheap. And that meant that Mako as a young kid spent a lot of time poking around the shore a little ways off from whatever house was on the market that day. It was one of these days that he saw a squid that looked like it was trapped in some sort of bizarre oily goo. He knelt down to poke at it and try to get it out, but when he did his mind was filled with memories of the ocean, and he woke up in the sand an hour later with new powers and no idea why. As it turned out some company was working on reproducing the results of the chaos wave that created all the new races, and they had dumped a batch of flawed solution in the ocean that ended up fusing Mako's dna with that of the squid's. Getting superpowers from a magic chaos squid wasn't exactly on his bucket list, but he figured he might as well do something with it. Working a regular job sounded like it would bore him to death, so just like that he shrugged and decided he'd try to become a super hero, much to his parents' (who planned for him to take over the family business') chagrin.

Miscellaneous: I was really lost on how to justify his squid powers and went through several backstory variation to explain it away, so hopefully this one is fine.

kkhohoho Deranged X-Mas Figure from The Insanity Pole Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Deranged X-Mas Figure
MichaelDj54 Up on Melancholy Hill. from North of Normal, West of Weird
Up on Melancholy Hill.
Feb 14th 2021 at 12:10:12 AM

  • Real Name: Nikolai Vargeist
  • Superhero Name: TBD.
  • Age: 16
  • Race: Human
  • Appearance: This is about as close to the kid as he can get, sans the crystal circlet missing from his arm.
  • Personality: Curious would probably be the nicest word to describe Nikolai. As he's incredibly sheltered from the world and now has the capability of exploring it, he's very, very curious. IN addition, he's happy to a fault and since he has no real social training, he tends to come off as blunt, or perhaps even a little rude at times, but never intentionally. Always with a smile and always willing to learn something, even if it's just basic manners.
  • Powers: Nikolai's powers come from the Crystal Circlet that's wrapped around his wrist which contains an ancient spirit inside of it. As such, he's capable of shifting the crystal into whatever weapon he needs but evidently, with training, can become more than just weapons. In addition, the crystal construct is capable of firing beams of energy from any part of its surface, which takes a bit of energy from him as he and the spirit are tied spiritually. Besides that though, he's been taught and trained in the ways of many different weapon styles and hand to hand combat, so he's good even if he ends up losing his crystal.
  • Gear: A crystal circlet that looks like it's made out of Larimar stone, the source of his powers, shrunk to fit his hand.
  • Backstory: Coming from a family of well known "Demonic Crystal Hunters" that have lived in the underground of his home, Nikolai never knew the "topside" and only heard stories of it. After hunting his own Crystal Demon with his brother, Sergei, and sister, Yvonna, he was told that at that moment by his father, Dimitri, that the weight of that beast, and the family, rested on the three of their shoulders together. At that prospect however, Nikolai realized that the responsibility was quite a staggering thing, and suddenly began to doubt his skills in it as a hunter like his father, and his father before him. Fearing himself weak and unable to be even taught by his family, Nikolai went to the next logical extreme: He left the Underground he'd only known his entire life and began his journey to the topside, hoping to find someone up there that could help him grow stronger and become something his family would be proud of. After stumbling about for a day and being astounded by everything he came across, Nikolai discovered Saint Academy, and chose to come there with the intent on being a "HE-ROH", whatever that was.
  • Miscellaneous: The very first thing that Nikolai owned going to the Topside is an old CD player, which held someone's "Mix-Disk" in it, and as such has become absolutely fascinated with music by some band known as "30 Seconds To mars" and "Imagine Dragons", whatever those are.

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Deranged X-Mas Figure
TheRealWren Overlord Omega. Omega Overlord. Either one works from I...honestly have no idea.
Overlord Omega. Omega Overlord. Either one works
Feb 17th 2021 at 4:25:22 AM

Kind of undecided on a thing or two backstory-wise and probably going to make changes to it. If I need to make adjustments elsewhere though just let me know.

  • Real Name: James, CAHEI-329
  • Superhero Name: Super Silver Supporter.
  • Age: 15.
  • Race: Human (Altered/Artificial/Clone...?).
  • Appearance:James is...on the rather scrawny and small side, being only 5'4/162cm tall. His costume isn't much flashier, being a rather plain silver-grey suit with neon green tron-like lining and a cute cape-hood combo to go with it.

  • Personality: James usually tries to either get along with people as best as he can by being polite and wearing a smile...or staying out of their way to avoid annoying or upsetting them but overall tends to be cheerful and tries to be optimistic. On the other hand...he's really bad at noticing jokes, can be incredibly shy and nervous, quick to apologize if something could even slightly somehow be his fault and very easily pushed or ordered around.

  • Powers: Unless you count being able to take a few really hits and not kick the bucket, or kind of being able to see in the far as James can tell, he has no powers.

  • Gear: ...To make up for that though, James has a fair bit of gear. Whether it's magic or technology, most of it seems to not function properly if anyone else tries to use it, apparently as a security measure.

    • Zephair: To put it simply, jet-pack boots. In a bit more detail, they don't allow flight, they let James jump higher and somewhat glide through the air so he'll usually land safely if he needs to get down from a building or the like and getting down normally isn't an option.

    • Barrier Backpack: Doubling as both a backpack to hold supplies, snacks and other random things that might come in hand, there's a tiny generator that recharges from kinetic energy that creating a barrier of light that can protect him...and anyone nearby (the dome's range is...about a meter and a half around him) from...most things. It can short out and it won't let anything like projectiles or magic from leave the dome, meaning it's only good for defense.

    • Emergency-Emergency Kit: A rather handy-dandy box filled with quite a few things, such as flash-bangs to disorientate/distract foes (or even stun them temporarily if he's really lucky) to give his allies an opening or make a hasty retreat, a thread and needle to stitch and fix clothes, costumes and plenty of fancy bandages which while they're not going to bring back lost limbs or magically fix broken bones, they will quickly heal wounds and stabilize someone in a critical condition. Although considering patching someone up in the middle of a fight isn't exactly practical and they don't seem to activate in times of high stress or heightened adrenaline levels, they don't really work terribly well unless things are 'safe'.

    • Showstopper, V0.7F: A rather unassuming cane, this is James first...and only real weapon when it comes to self-defense and able to occasionally clobber someone and possibly immobilize them as it gives them quite a shock on contact. A bit of twisting turns it into an poor man's sniper rifle...but is lucky to do more than tickle, let alone stun.

  • Backstory: As the world continues to turn, there are some who are aware of the potentially precarious state of the world. With the Saint retiring, villains either new or old appearing to potentially threaten the peace and worries that even the slightest incident could lead to a domino effect and cause considerable chaos, there were those who who decided to take action.

    • They weren't entirely sure where to start, however, whether it was best to see if humanity could make make copies of heroes to help keep the peace if their numbers waned, how to counter the risk of today's champions becoming tomorrow's far worse harbingers of chaos, being slain or simply retiring. Some argued perhaps it would be best to make one almighty hero to single-handedly be seen as a potential 'successor' to the Saint. And a few said that it would be best at the very least, to create equipment that could close the gap.

    • It's clear that such different directions meant that funding and development towards different potential options was stretched thin, with experiments and testing being more failures rather than success, with James being the most recent 'success'. He's not entirely sure what he is, a test subject (volunteer or otherwise), cloned from the last 'success' or simply created with science, his memory of everything before his enrollment in the academy being blurred and fragmented.

    • With funding at somewhat of a standstill until the higher-up get satisfactory results, the researchers rationalized that Saint Academy would be both a good place to test James' potential and observe other heroes rather than him right into the fray and risk their time, effort and equipment.

  • Skills/Miscellaneous: While he isn't much of a fighter, James has a few more mundane skills, such as first aid, sewing and cooking.

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For the Horde!
Feb 17th 2021 at 5:29:05 PM

After reading the history of the setting, I'm honestly intrigued, still on the fence but considering joining.

When you mentioned the part about the aliens interfering in the 50's it made me consider signing up as one of those two species of aliens, either a Godon rebel/outcast, or a young Boffon super. Neither race was really described other than that the Godon are "parasitic." So what are the two races like? In case I wanted to sign up as one.

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kkhohoho Deranged X-Mas Figure from The Insanity Pole Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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Feb 17th 2021 at 6:19:51 PM

[up]The Godons are dictators and conquerors, but mostly out of necessity. They're green, hairy, bug-eyed insectoids who live through sucking the life out of other living beings or natural resources, and their very means of survival led to many of them becoming parasitic and self-centred by nature. After they sucked their own world dry, they had to look for other worlds to inhabit. Possessing ships and machines capable of laying whole worlds to waste and storing their nutrients for their own use, they scoured the cosmos for new worlds to consume, eventually landing on Earth. It was only with the help of the Boffones were they fended off. In the aftermath, the Godon's fleets were decimated and many of their machines were smashed to bits. With much of their power still gone, they scrounge the cosmos for whatever scraps they can find. They refuse to make an alliance with the Boffones, other races, or even Earth, purely out of stubbornness and pride. Even if their very survival is in question.

By contrast, the Boffone are much friendlier and eager to help others, though this too was born out of necessity. After a series of disasters such as global warming, overt pollution, and overpopulation, the different nations of the Boffones went to war out of desperation, near destroying each other in nuclear armageddon. It was only through the help of a more powerful and ancient race that they pulled themselves out of the ashes. Not much is known about this race, as any records or stories about them have been lost to the ages. What little details survived quickly transformed into legend and myth, as the devasted Boffones worshipped them like Gods.

Regardless of the details, they assisted the Boffones, giving them the means to pull themselves out of the mess they found themselves in and rise to new heights. The presence of these saviours and their subsequent deification led to the Boffones adopting their ways, devoting themselves to helping and saving others as they had been saved. By the time they got to the 20th century, the Boffones had raised themselves up, becoming one of the most benevolent and technologically advanced races in the cosmos. Their appearance had also changed dramatically, evolving from slimy humanoids to gelatinous blobs. They can take on a humanoid appearance, but they mostly get around by filling themselves into small mech-suits. Their default models are unarmed, but a fully armed suit can take out a whole battalion singlehanded.

When the Godons invaded Earth, it wasn't long before the Boffones got wind of it. Instinctively, they rushed to Earth's aid, and Earth was in no position to argue. With their help, Earh fended the Boffone's off, and the Boffones continued to lend their aid in rebuilding the planet and advancing it's tech to a level closer to their own. Humanity and the Boffones quickly established regular diplomatic relations, with some Boffones even immigrating to Earth out of curiosity.

Does that help?

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Doctor Who — Long Way Around:
Feb 17th 2021 at 6:35:04 PM

  • Real Name: Mara Springwood

  • Superhero Name: Echo

  • Age: 16

  • Race: Mirror Earth Human

  • Appearance: Mara is 5'6'', with shoulder-length brown hair. She has green eyes which are slightly too big for her face, rendering her gaze constantly intense. Her uniform consists of a high-collared jumpsuit with wide sleeves and an attached black hood, white boots, and a white miniskirt over the jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is primarily black, with a pattern of white diamonds radiating from the chest. She also frequently wears a black and white domino mask.

  • Personality: While she is not particularly talkative, Mara has a sharp, sarcastic sense of humor and a genuine interest in the well being of those around her. She is extremely committed to upholding the ideals of justice, freedom, and stability, a conviction which stems from life on Mirror Earth. These principles have led her to distrust of - and conflict with - those "heroes" who will cross any line in the name of saving the day. To her, this attitude will, at best, pave the way for the most unscrupulous to rise to power, and at worst, is simply an excuse for amoral sadists to call themselves heroes. She struggles with the dark nature of her powers, and though she tends to keep them as hidden as possible, she has a strict personal policy of asking for consent before using her abilities on anyone but an adversary.

  • Powers:
    • Dire Illusion: Mara can tap into the primal fears of the inhabitants of both Mirror and OG Earth to create simple illusions. These illusions are limited to common, surface-level fears, and while they can accurately simulate sights, sounds, and even smells, they are incorporeal and cannot be touched.

    • Waking Nightmare: Mara can focus her abilities on individuals, accessing their own unique fears and manifesting them. While still illusory, effects created in this way are highly realistic and can be felt, to the point of inducing pain (though this pain is only psychic in nature and cannot inflict physical injury). While this ability can be used to some extent at a distance, greater proximity increases both the complexity and the effectiveness of the illusion. If Mara is able to make sustained physical contact with the target, she can completely alter the target's surroundings into the embodiment of their deepest fears. Others can see and feel these effects, but the targeted nature of the ilusion means that they may not react as strongly.

    • Shared Fear: Mara remains especially attuned to the subconscious of those whom she has targeted most intensely with her powers. If she is asleep while a former target is having a nightmare, she is able to enter their dreams. While there, she is able to communicate with the target and influence the dream, although she cannot end the nightmare. Neither she nor her target can be harmed while in the dream space, and she cannot force the target to have a nightmare (at least, not directly).

  • Gear: Just the basics, and a now-retro wardrobe.

  • Backstory:
    • Mara was born in Mirror Earth Ohio in 1956, in a world under the thumb of powerful Supervillains. Her parents were longstanding members of a covert resistance movement against the world regime, and they raised her with the expectation that she would one day join them. Before that day could come, though, war broke out and threw Mirror Earth into even greater chaos. Mirror Earth's tyrants set about rooting out any and all internal resistance to the war effort, and Mara's parents began to fear that they would be caught and killed. In 1972, to protect Mara, they arranged for her and a dozen other children of local dissidents to escape Mirror Earth through a secret, hastily-opened portal to its less-dystopian counterpart, planning to meet them there when it was safe to do so. It was a good plan, in theory, but something went horribly wrong.

    • The link between the worlds was extremely unstable, and instead of being instantaneously transported between dimensions, the 13 children were set adrift in inter-dimensional space. Some arrived at their destination within hours of the intended time. Others were not so lucky, and appeared days, months, or even years later, though for them almost no time at all had passed. Mara was unluckiest of all; she arrived on Earth in 2020, nearly 50 years after she had departed.

    • Though she wasn't conscious of it at the time, Mara's time adrift left her vulnerable to the collective psychic outcry of the citizens of Original and Mirror Earth. In what felt to her like a split second, she experienced the deepest psychic wounds of two worlds at war - the fears and traumas of every person alive during her journey between worlds. And when she arrived on Earth in the present day, the echoes of those wounds remained as weapons to be wielded.

    • In the time she had been gone, everything had changed. Her parents had successfully fled to Earth only a year after her departure, and were now in their 90s. Most alarmingly to Mara, they had another chid, her younger brother, who was now married and in his 40s. Though their homes were open to her, they clearly feared her for the sinister powers she had acquired, and she herself feared that this world could easily become the one she had left behind. She needed to prove herself, and to learn how to exist in this strange new world; Saint Academy was the only logical choice.

Feb 17th 2021 at 6:35:32 PM

Let me know if any of that is too much and I'm happy to scale down.

kkhohoho Deranged X-Mas Figure from The Insanity Pole Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Deranged X-Mas Figure
Feb 17th 2021 at 6:51:08 PM

[up]Nah, it's good. Accepted.

Edited by kkhohoho on Feb 17th 2021 at 8:53:07 AM

Doctor Who — Long Way Around:
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For the Horde!
Feb 17th 2021 at 7:00:38 PM

Ah, I see. So it seems like the Godon are fundamentally incapable of being good while the Boffones are shapeshifters, and we already have a shapeshifter character. Never mind then.

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Feb 17th 2021 at 7:32:55 PM

I'm considering joining; what sort of tone do you think you'd be going for? I ask because I think I ended up dropping out of your other RP because I went into it with the wrong expectations and made a character who didn't really want to be there, which bogged me down. Bit of a recurring issue for me in general. I do have an idea, but their character might be too silly if you're going for something more serious, so there's that as well.

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