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Welcome to my trope page. I am a very quiet person, so don't expect much wordiness here. I go by kagescorpionakki or less commonly ScorpionWins, so if you see someone with that handle on another site then it's probably me. I generally don't try to hate people (except really stupid political pundits) so even if we get in an argument, don't hesitate to approach me on something entirely different, as I probably won't hold a grudge. Hell, if your argument is persuasive enough I might just change my mind on the topic.


  • Some other accounts of mine:
    • Discord: Kagescorpionakki#3463
    • Spacebattles: KagedScorpion
    • Skype: KageTheKing

    Things I Like 

    Graffiti Wall for Vandals 

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