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This page used to be filled with the immature ramblings and half baked boasting of Nick the Swing, since then, I have decided to become less of a whiny little bitch and grow up.

Real tropes will now be added here.




Hey, man. - Schitzo

  • Hey Schitzo.

You do realise that the words "Nick" and "Swing" don't really rhyme, right? - Ajardoor

  • Yeah, I do not know what I was thinking when I chose this username.
    • Hey, I think his username is a pretty cool guy, eh sounds like an Awesome Mc Cool Name and doesn't afraid of anything… In fact... Renagade
    • Maybe you were trying to parody Nicolas the Slide? - Speedchesser
    • And Speedchaser is correct!

I'm not sure if I agree with your interests or somesuch, but I think I like your style. - [[Rexila]]

  • Uhh, thanks, Rexila...

HA HA HA, OH WOW - Altimeter

An incredible GM who, unlike some, knows there are lines that shouldn't be crossed, I.E. treat your players with respect, Stop Moving The Goal Posts and the like. He sets a standard, sticks with it, and has a no trolls policy. Just don't ever say he can't write a villain... -Dragon 573

He can't write a villain.

A GM who taught me what i needed to know and insert amount of time later, i'm G Ming and R Ping like some of the best of them... of course that last bit was a bit exaggerated, but still. - InfiniteParagon

A nice guy who has potential but still has a ways to go before he can properly utilize it. - Zelenal

You know what? You're an alright guy. Really sorry about the way I treated you before. -Bindlestick

Ahahaha...! Thanks for the award xD! - Akiyoshi <<|The Contributors|>>