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Reboot/Remake/Sequel thread.

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unknowing from somewhere..
Jan 9th 2021 at 9:44:02 PM

Hello everyone, I make this thread because as we know it, remake,reboots and sequels of series are getting more comon, from samurai jack finally having a final season, to powerfull girls to carmen san diego and we are often wonder who would be next, if any series should be and why, so this is the play to talk about it.

I will start with a series I think it should be remake: capitan planet, everyone favorite cheesy green aseop hero, why? maybe because time happen and I feel the hatred toward cheesy green aseop have fade away, part because with the rise of mileenials people could be more receptive, especially as climate change become more and more of a issue present day, the issue is the series was painfully 90 in every single thing, from his cheesiness, from his villians, the series would pretty much require a sensibilty upgrade to work but I feel it is worth it.

So, what series you should feel it may return and why?(or dont).

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Berrenta MOD Remakes on the way from Texas Relationship Status: Can't buy me love
Remakes on the way
Jan 9th 2021 at 9:57:26 PM


General threads like this are better off in Yack Fest. Here, I'll move the thread over.

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ReikoKazama New Horizons, Nitro-Fueled, kpop and more from Tasmania, Australia Relationship Status: He makes me feel like I have a heart
New Horizons, Nitro-Fueled, kpop and more
Feb 11th 2021 at 4:54:00 AM

A month and a day late to the party but Bloody Roar. It had so much potential - I mean, a fighting game where the characters can transform into animals? That's so cool and unique! - but then 4 happened and Hudson Soft got bought out by Konami who refuse to do anything with the IP at all, much less acknowledge it exists. I already listed my headcanon cast for a hypothetical new installment in the "post your random thoughts" thread but then there's also this unofficial dub of 2? Which actually includes one of my choices funnily enough.

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ChicoTheParakeet chirp from a bird cage
Feb 12th 2021 at 8:34:35 PM

As someone who used to love anime, I adore reinterpretation. The problem is that large corporations use properties to bank on nostalgia while using technology to hook their audience. The final product is frustrating and corrupt.

I won't deny that some of my favourite pieces of media fall under these categories. Attack on Titan, Scott Snyder's Batman run, Castlevania, the Clone Wars, Deadpool, Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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Merseyuser1 from Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Feb 13th 2021 at 4:52:50 AM

Do you ever think Series.Greys Anatomy would get a full Continuity Reboot, perhaps with someone like Madelaine Petsch or Kaitlyn Dever as Meredith Grey (but Younger and Hipper, but not Totally Radical, just young enough without it being too Artistic License Medicine for Willing Suspension of Disbelief purposes), with an Adaptational Backstory Change and some Canon Foreigner characters.

But would making it Darker and Edgier be an Audience-Alienating Premise?

Irene Questige Class from Friend Code: 1203-9265-8784 and 4571-1389-1915 Relationship Status: It's complicated
Questige Class
Feb 13th 2021 at 1:33:51 PM

Quest 64 is one I've wanted a remake for for quite a while now. ...I'm going to be editing it every idea I have. It's a long list.

  • For Grand Abbot's sake, the item menu needs a massive rehaul. I'm thinking a larger list similar to Final Fantasy, but it actually lists the items times x in a similar way too. So either a drop down menu, or it still is side scrolling, but with just way less items. With only around 20 items, it's not that bad.
    • Key Items and Wings could have their own sections.
    • Likewise, equipment. Like, seriously, that would improve the game a lot. Quest RPG really added some cool stuff.
  • Quest RPG upgraded the magic so it's super useful. It does better damage and MP rises faster.
As does Agility. HP should be the 64 versions. Same with Defense. That was none take hours on end to rise. Monsters re-balanced a bit. The enemies once you hit Blue Cave hit a bit too hard. Walking Water could be slightly nerfed or ** Scorpion/Mimic could be a bit less attack power, same with others like Pixie, Grangach, and Fish Man. Solvaring's a bit weaker with like half the defense. This is good. Keep it that way. Kobold could use a bit less attack power too. 7 with Fireball and Cyclone hits you very hard early on. Maybe throw it down to a 6 or 5 instead. It's mostly fair otherwise.
  • Physical attacks don't seem too bad, except Spriggan's and Pin Head's who does severely low damage for where they are. That could be doubled in power for sure.
  • Readable signs. More dialogue. A lottery(with a sound test), just the general stuff to make it more fun.
  • A smaller thing, but when attacking an enemy, you get MP back too slowly. This makes it unbearable at times. Hitting an enemy successfully should net you 2 MP, and doing nothing in battle should get you back 1. This balances it out better and makes magic more usable. You get drained of it way too fast. Also, the rate of you getting it back could be slightly increased. It's decent in Quest 64, but takes a lot longer in Eltale Monsters, and that's no good.
  • I'm not seeing much from the Hard Mode I've played that feels like a good idea. Healing Lv 2 being the upgraded JP version is good though. Healing Lv 1 could heal a bit more than 4 HP from the start. It's just a tedious thing to try and get back to full HP at that point. So upping that a bit is a good idea. It's close to 1/4 Healing Lvl 2 is, so upping it a bit more is good.
    • Ultimate Wind needs a damage boost. Like, double the current power is enough.
    • I'd get rid of some of the Level 2 variants of the spells and make that default. Silence Lv 2 makes more sense as a Level 2 spell, not a Level 3 spell. Likewise, with the MP thing up above, making spells cost more is good too. Some are fine, like the basic 3 spells per element don't get really overpowered even with 3 MP used per hit.
    • Ice Wall needs a bigger range, that's for sure.
    • As do Wind Bomb and Hot Steam Lv 1 and Lv 2. Yes, this means you get hit more.
    • Homing Arrow needs a clear damage upping, but of course, that means the monsters do the same. Good thing grinding is plausible, but you can also lower an enemy's attack stat, so...
    • Rolling Rock Lv 2 should have two rocks come out(not doable yet even with gamesharking/modding, due to odd programming).
    • Water Pillar itself is meaningless when using Lv 2 or 3 besides hitting a flying Enemy or a bunch of them. Make it so it hits the same amount of times per level to make it more useful. Again, a few enemies use the spell, but you'll just have to actually raise defense once in a while, you know?
    • Rock is a difficult one. Having more rocks fly out like Fire Ball is good(not doable via modding yet, but), but maybe status effects like applying Weakness Lv 1 sometimes, due to it shattering one's defenses. Rock Lv 3 could apply Weakness Lv 2.
    • Compression should hit all enemies. Easily.
    • Frozen and Restricted status are identical. This should be reprogrammed. Being Frozen prevents them from moving, but not from attacking if possible. Restricted is a full freeze instead. BTW, Restriction being "hits everyone" for its default might be a bit much if you fix it up like this.
    • Ice Knife hitting all enemies might not be a bad idea. Would need a MP update.
    • Magic Barrier should last 3 turns at least, but it also shouldn't block Silence in return(like the Gameboy game), and it could work a bit less often in return.
    • But yeah, generally, spells need to cost more in some cases. Unfortunately game is programmed poorly, so.
  • More bosses. Lavaar, Dragon, Shannon, to name a few. The last one would be a great thing to put in, even if it's a challenge for after-game. And she'd be tougher than Mammon. First one could be a thing at any time, with increasing stats per win. Losing just resets you before the fight, but with items gone if used. Dragon is in Cull Hazard and would be right before the final stretch where it's nothing but Blood Jells. Other areas with no bosses are Blue Cave and Glencoe Forest. Could justify someone there. Glencoe could throw in Leonardo as a mini-boss perhaps. Blue Cave, I dunno. Maybe Epona as a challenge fight too?
  • There's actually a lot of plausible spells by doing different elements. Fire > Water > Wind and Fire > Wind > Water for instance. Extinction is one, but why not another?
  • More monsters, obviously. Where's the traditional bee/wasp monster? The Chimera? A freaking Rat? It could use some much needed unique stuff.
  • One idea I've found of interest is how to do party members;
    • First, they don't work as their own A.I. It should let you switch between them, but not as a completely free action. You already came move around in battle super freely. Switching out should mean you don't have a straight action yet. You could get an item to change that, but you can still make this work. For instance, they get a defense boost that turn, and can already dodge most attacks.
    • Kiliac and Flora were meant to join you in the beta. You can add Leonardo too.
    • If we were to add Monsters as an idea, I think they'd work fine as A.I. only, though. They only do a few attacks and can easily be revived afterwards with 1 HP, like a lot of RPG's.
  • With that in mind, your Magic, Healing-wise, or other things like Spirit Armor, should be able to help your teammates. This would use more MP, which is good.
    • Monsters, if you can't control them, have infinite MP like normal. They just target someone else. Recruiting one should give you their item automatically(and all monsters get items this time around or a drop in general. If Spirit Gemstones stay, they get that).
    • Monsters should also slowly grow better just like you. Some could start with about 10% stats, probably where if they have 50 or less, they start at full stats otherwise.
    • With Kiliac, Flora, and maybe later on Leonardo, they need something worth specializing in. They could get new spells, including boss-like ones too.
  • Speaking of bosses, a lot of them have no good reason to have dispel magic on everything. Shilf's projectile move can remove it, so it's worthwhile to use your tools against. That's kind of the only case where stretch is impossible. Beigis' laser hits for about 10 more damage, but doesn't dispel anything.
  • Keep the Up/Left/Right/Down spell menu. It's ingenious.
  • Basic story thing; do something with Lord Bart. Don't need to be harsh like Quest RPG, but resolve his plot. Nothing is resolved in the 64 versions. He literally is still laying on the ground.
    • Also, aftermath of the world. More bosses, etc. afterwards. You could challenge bosses again who are harder with more attacks. Have some be revived with some silly idea you were able to bring them back thanks to the Eltale Book, for instance. Mammon aside, anyway. Or maybe he is back, but no longer evil, finally see free(Japanese version suggests he was corrupted by mankind, but also a spirit given form thanks to them too. Hard to say what his new role is).
    • With new characters, change the specific weapon types. Flora could use a Bow for instance.
    • You should have some indicator where a spell will hit. It's basically a 3D strategy rpg, but more open.
    • Avalanche obviously would show a giant circle of where it can hit, but it's too randomized otherwise.
  • Speaking of items, more. Including other spells(like Soul Searcher Lv 2, or just typical damage ones. This could fill it out well).
    • Maps for dungeons. Yes. Like, really, they need 'em. Even if some have mini-maps like Brannoch Castle and World of Mammon. Most places are one "giant" spot. No different from the regular maps either.
    • You can mark the map like the JP version. So your compass is remotely useful.
  • Critical Hits, Stats go up with an aura/sphere around to note which one, stats go up a bit faster, battle ring is more rounded off.
  • Items can drop multiples of each. Perhaps proper money too?
  • Increased projectiles at 50 in each element, or just 50 in their respective element. Going down one element helps. Wouldn't affect "literally hit everyone at once" spells, of course. But, say, that Water Pillar Lvl 3 idea would hit 4 times instead of 3, due to 1.5 times. Or 5 instead of 3. Depends if you round up or down.
  • Riding vehicles(horse?) would really help. Summon it, get to a place faster. Of course, it'd have to have limitations, like you couldn't do so in your general dungeon itself, save perhaps forests, or they'd get tired and you had to wait it out. Just so you can't dodge all battles entirely. Speaking of, I think the regular encounters are a great and classic way to do it. "Seeing the enemy" is nice, but it would actually take the game too far. In a similar way, the lack of turn-based ruins what makes the game work just right. A spin-off as an adventure rpg would be cool though.
  • HUD control. If only cause it's a nice option as is. Or changing where things are, in case you wanted to show off pictures. Seems silly, but hey. Likewise, speaking of maps, you should be able to view a map on the HUD too. Now the real question is how much is it filled out. Do you need a map item in a treasure chest? That could be a cool key item. Zelda does it well, and it's super useful for players who's played few times or less.

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BlackCoyote Often mistaken for male. from The Amber Planet Relationship Status: I like big bots and I can not lie
Often mistaken for male.
Feb 13th 2021 at 11:13:39 PM

I would almost literally kill a man for an Exosquad reboot. They wouldn't even need to change the plot all that much; it was already pretty heavy for a 90s cartoon, so it would fit in pretty nicely with today's "Darker and Edgier" fare - just update the character and vehicle designs and employ some slick animation to make the fight/dogfighting scenes really pop...

And resolve that bloody cliffhanger somehow.

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Synchronicity god-touched Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
Feb 19th 2021 at 2:45:12 PM

Do you ever think Series.Greys Anatomy would get a full Continuity Reboot

Not in the next ten years, and probably not starring those names.

A long-delayed season 3 I would kill a man for is Pushing Daisies.

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DivineFlame100 Atelier Sucrose: The Alchemist of Teyvat
Atelier Sucrose: The Alchemist of Teyvat
Feb 20th 2021 at 5:45:53 AM

My apologies, but I don't quite understand the intent of this thread. Are we talking about confirmed sequels/remakes? Or are we speculating on works that need a sequel/remake?

Edited by DivineFlame100 on Feb 20th 2021 at 6:10:31 AM

ReikoKazama New Horizons, Nitro-Fueled, kpop and more from Tasmania, Australia Relationship Status: He makes me feel like I have a heart
New Horizons, Nitro-Fueled, kpop and more
Feb 20th 2021 at 6:19:37 AM

Um. Judging by what I can decipher from the OP, the latter.

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