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Feb 13th 2020 at 5:16:44 AM

Hotland - Theater

The party arrives at the theater, and the audience cheers for them onstage. Ralsei tries to take a seat, but yet another forcefield blocks the way. Even the exit up ahead is blocked.

"Oh great, now we're the stars of his show?"

The audience lights dim, and the music starts to play. Ralsei looks up and sees Mettaton dressed as a princess — the same dress that he wore in the very first Reboot season. The robot greets the audience from the top of the tower, then wheels himself down and begins to sing.

Oh my love
You're almost there
Dragon Ball
Is just somewhere

Ralsei, not wanting to embarrass himself by just standing there, decides to dance along with him.

You've cleared them all
But there's one
That's still unsolved

Know the rules
To this puzzle
One wrong move
And then no Ball for you

Hurry up
Or you'll get burned
Tick tock tick
Your timer's starting now!

Well then, I wish you the best of luck in my final challenge! Toodles!

Mettaton presses a button on the remote control and activates the trapdoor underneath the party.

Hotland - Multicolor Tile Puzzle

Ralsei screams as he falls into the puzzle room. Up ahead is a conveyor belt that forces everyone to go in single file and start on the pink tile. On the other side is the Dragon Ball, protected in a high-tech case that can't be opened until the puzzle is cleared. More forcefields surround it for good measure.

Ralsei gets up, checks if everyone's okay, and Mettaton soon joins them.

You've only 30 seconds to get the Dragon Ball or else that firewall behind you will burn you all!... Except for you, Alex.

He presses another button and a literal wall of fire activates behind the team and starts moving towards them.

I shall also be watching over your progress! No flying or skipping over the tiles, or else you'll be punished!

And so the timer begins for real.

"One of us must lead us through the puzzle and another must carry Alex across the blue tiles, ASAP!"

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TabbyGirl4 Blast to the Past from The Nowhere Islands Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Blast to the Past
Feb 13th 2020 at 6:02:48 AM

The Final Test

   "Whaaatt thheee hellll..."   

The floor under their feet is pulled from under them and falls down into an obstacle course with lots of fire. Tabby falls on top of Ralsei, she gets up and apologizes.

   "Finally, this whole shit is almost over, I got my eyes on the prize."   

   "Sorry Ral. "   

He accepts her apology and then they examine the puzzle. Tabby gets a headache.

   "My foresight is going all tingly and I have a bad feeling that shady Morgrem is going to sabotage this. It's not that reliable but I feel this way certainly."   

   "These damn psychics piss me off. Why would they shut up about the future?!"   

   "Quit complaining and let's get a move on before this fucking wall burns us!"   

Tabby grabs Susie's hand forcefully as they make it to the first part of the puzzle.

   "The rest of us will lead the puzzle. Susie, please go carry Alex across the tiles since you're the strongest one here."   

   "Me? Why me?"   

   "Fine...I'll do it."   

   "Great! Thank you."   

   "I will certainly thrash that smug bastard for you if he decided to come around."   

She lifts up her axe.

   "Thanks again..."   

They then go pressing on tiles. Tabby comes across a red one and bumps into it like a solid wall.

   "RED! THIS ONE IS RED! "   

She marks the rule of the red tile into a notebook of hers and shows it to the rest of the group.

   "I don't know the rules of the puzzle since of my terrible short term memory but I figure them out soon with this notebook I have. I have 4 more colors to write the rules about to go. That's Yellow, Orange, Purple & Blue."   


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Feb 13th 2020 at 7:16:59 AM

The Winter's End, District 1 Outpost

Both King and Forte have finally returned to their home.

"I'm sorry for dragging you to deal with my troubles."

"It's okay, Yellow."

"Let's have a drink before we continue."

King brews three glasses of orange juices with a cherry and cream on top of it for Forte, Ribbon and herself. She then takes out a green crest, which is the same symbol as the cafe's logo.

"Have you heard of the Winter Sign?"

"Even at this day, I'm still figuring what it means to us. Is it meant to be a shield to provide a shelter for us?"

"I wish it's just that simple. Interested in hearing a story?"

"Go for it."

King waits for a minute before starting to tell the story. She also doesn't seem to be happy at all, as if she's troubled by something for years.

"Long ago, there's a young girl who's still getting used to a new school. She used to be alone until a classmate of her encouraged her and became her first friend, and another classmate lent her close friend's homework to the new girl. It's a warmth in an uncaring world, an end to a winter. Everything changes because of an act of altruism by the first girl..."

"She died saving a cat from a car crash."

"Ever since that moment, the transfer student cannot accept her friend's death. She begins to dream of miracles and magic. She repeated the same dream for at least a hundred times. She cannot accept that magic doesn't exist, she cannot accept that she lives in the reality. She cannot get over her futility and inability to accept the inevitable death, and she brought her suffering on herself!"

"...and this symbol exist as a cautionary tale for all of us. We live in the reality. If miracles and magic were real, we wouldn't be here. At the same time, this is what makes us humans. We're weak, and we'll one day die and-"


Just as King is about to cry, Forte suddenly interrupt King's story by slapping her in the face.

"That bloody hurts!"

"But Yellow, if we could accept what we cannot change and focus on what we can do, to be compassionate to the living, to give them a shelter, using every second to help each other like how you adopted me, the winter of death will soon end. And this... is my definition of what the sign means!"

"Forte... you..."

"If miracles and magic were fake, then from now on, we make it real together. We're the Winter's End, and together, we put an end to the uncaring winter."

She then gives King a brief hug and wipes her tears with a handkerchief.

"I was wrong about you all along. You really have matured, more mature than I am."

Can you beat Airman?
TroperNo9001 COOLSKELETON95 from Snowdin Relationship Status: Sharing a spaghetti noodle
Feb 13th 2020 at 8:40:52 AM

Hotland - Multicolor Tile Puzzle

Ralsei follows Tabby through the puzzle and turns left at the first red tile. He steps on a green one, which makes an alarm sound, then an orange one. He coughs as it releases a strong orange scent, and he slides across a purple tile and into a blue one.

"This must be a water tile!" He sniffs his robes and gets out of it. "As long as you smell like lemons, the piranhas won't bite you!"

He accidentally steps on a yellow tile and gets zapped, sending him backwards to the last one he stepped on.

"Right behind you!" he says as he catches up with Tabby.

Power's Art School

"First, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?" asks Paper.

Blue Pearl looks at her through her Blinding Bangs and hesitates a little, but smiles and tells her her backstory.

"Well, I used to serve my Diamond for many eons, but after Steven persuaded White Diamond to change the way Homeworld treats us for the better, he and the Crystal Gems started Little Homeschool so we can learn how to live like the citizens on Earth. I'm also good friends with Yellow Pearl, and while she didn't agree with my passion for leisurely drawing at first, she enjoys modeling for my sketches."

"I see... I'm sure you two are having fun there now that Gems don't have to follow what they're made for!"

"Oh, of course, we are. Also, you might be wondering who nominated me in that one season. My Diamond ordered me to fight after hearing that Yellow Diamond sent her Pearl there, too... but that's all I remember. I vaguely recall winning, but not what I did there or in the Battle Royale two seasons after that..."

Paper just nods at the explanation. She's reminded of that time when Blue discovered her rather... unusual family in the former and got involved in a Love Triangle in the latter. She theorizes that Blue's "family" was an adoptive one since Gems are made artificially, but that doesn't matter in the interview.

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Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Distortion World Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Feb 13th 2020 at 10:59:31 AM

Hotland - Theater

Aaron and Alex waved at the crowd once they reached the theater. Then Mettaton dressed as a princess, showed up and started to sing.

"So there's only one challenge left and we'll have to learn the rules by ourselves..."

Suddenly, the floor under them disappeared.

"What th-" Tokage exclaimed before they fell into a puzzle room.

"Ooow... Is everyone okay?"

"Alex... Can't breath..." Aaron gasped.

"Whoops!" Alex exclaimed when he noticed that he was sitting on the Lucario.

They noticed the fire wall behind them. Tokage rolled his eyes.

"Between that, Morgan certainly plotting against us and the heat of this place... I'm really not lucky."

"Look other here! That must be the Dragon Ball! Let's hurry!"

"Yeah! But... why exactly did someone need to carrying me through the blue title?"

"We'll find out later, climb on Susie's back when we'll step on them!"

Alex scratched his hat a bit confused before following Susie while Aaron and Tokage followed Tabby and Ralsei finding out about the tiles.

As they were testing the tiles with them, Tokage and Aaron turned back to Alex as soon as they heard his scream when Ralsei stepped into the first blue tile. He was clinging on to Susie's back, shaking like a leaf and pointing at the blue tiles.


"Don't worry! Hold on tight to Susie and you'll be fine! Don't think about it and Don't look the bue tiles!" Aaron tried to reassure him from afar.

"Sorry for the inconvenience Susie. Just make sure he doesn't touch the water at all." Tokage Added.

Alex gulped and closed his eyes, clinging on Susie and almost smothering her in the process.

"Oh nononono... Please tell me when it'll be over..."

Hotland-Third Level

Morgan smirked upon seeing how hard this last challenge seemed to be. He was especially glad to see Alex panicking over water.

   "Man, things are getting interesting. But personally I find it to be quite a disappointing finale..."   

He then turned to the mini-Mettaton.

   "I'm not someone who compliment people, but that show is quite fun. However... I find it's lacking some things. I mean, where's the action? The drama? The music? The bloodshed?"   

Morgan put his hand on his chest.    "I don't know about ya, but I know how to improve that little show of yours, I've been doing that for quite a while. People are freaks. I'm sure they won't mind a little twist and a bit more violence, wouldn't you agree?"   

Distortion World

It happened too fast.

Mewtwo remembered how he was struggling to drive the ship while avoiding the platforms at high speed, with the Dark Star following close by.

He remembered how he was somehow angry as Giegue was panicking him next to him. He was screaming at the top of his lung, calling desesperately his mother's name. Mewtwo didn't knew why, but it greatly pained him to see the usually calm alien in such a state.

He remembered how he clenched his teeth when he did a dangerous looping, trying to avoid a platform, only for going straight for another one instead. He remembered when he actually panicked as well and hugged the terrified Giegue and how they both screamed when the ship crashed down.

And now there he was. He was breathing heavily, still hugging Giegue. The alien had his eyes closed, filled with tears and was begging him to not let go. In normal time, Mewtwo would have ignored that, bbut deep down, he felt something he didn't felt since he a very long time.

   "I noticed that you and Giegue kept getting closer and closer. What was but a simple frienship was slowly starting to evolve. This is another reason why I did this. In stressfull situation like this, I noticed than most living beings would get closer between each other if they were to survive."   

"What do you mean, you bastard? You almost killed us with your magic! Do you know how much Giegue was terrified inside?" Mewtwo roared before realising something.

The Dark Star was right. Over the past few days, he was bonding with Giegue more than he did with even Deoxys. It reminded him of Helen, and how he truly cared about her. Just like with her in the past, he was also caring about Giegue.

"...What is this feeling..."

   "Love. Brotherly love to be more specific. Like with the nominators 6k1 and Dave"    the Dark Star replied as it left.

Mewtwo turned back his attention on Giegue, who was still shaking in fear. He smiled and caressed his cheeks.

"H-Hey, Giegue... I'm here. It's over now..." he muttered to him.

Giegue opened up his eyes. "Me-Mewtwo...?"

"Yes, I'm here. I'll keep you safe. Everything will be okay now..."

Mewtwo gently kissed Giegue on the cheek and did his best to reassure him. The alien remebered when he watched 6k1 comforting Dave right after Dory "killed" Tier 0. Back then, he wished he could one day felt the love they shared.

The alien smiled gently, emotions overflowing him as he realised this was just happening and ended up crying in Mewtwo's arms.

They weren't just friends. They were brothers.

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Smiley100P My fren drew me this 0w0
My fren drew me this 0w0
Feb 13th 2020 at 2:07:57 PM

"Look, Elliot, I get you want your friends back, but you can't enlist my help. I know you can't do it. You lost. You had no chance to win that damn battle anyway."
"I want to bring your family back as well, Sigma. You know this."
"...I feel like we had this conversation already, Elliot."
"You do?"
"Never mind. Whatever the case, don't call me to join again, alright? I've made up my mind. Though I have no reason to stop you. Go chase that fucking goose."
"...Have you always been this bitter, Sigma?"
There was a pause in the recording.
"You fucking know what, Elliot? Do you know how fucking hard I fought to protect my goddamn family? I took every precaution,fought tooth and nail, and still failed. At least, unlike you, I fucking live with it."
"Look, these things we're chasing can give me a single wish. You can do a shit ton with a single wish powered by the Dragon Balls. There are people out there who want to destroy the multiverse like a fucking maniac. The balls can do that. There are people who have brought back individuals, planets, made themselves immortal, traveled through time.. I think.. But in any case, it's not just going to be a flop. I'm certainly not going to make you join, but... It'd be nice if you'd look up the dragon balls. And besides... All of your faliures were based on factors outside of your control, right?"
A sigh.
"Not entirely..."

Underground somewhere in the eastern hemisphere, Earth Panem

A woman sat on the side of her throne, listening in on the above conversation. Smirking, her previously orange eyes turned a glowing purple.

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Feb 13th 2020 at 3:14:40 PM

Lessons of Evil

??? was seen training in his room, summoning 4 dark energy whips from his body to fight off a group of 10 trainer bots.

???:    Must... Concentrate. This is a necessary test, remember. If you bungle it, you are an automatic failure.   

He lashed out at 5 of them, destroying each in quick succession, before rushing quickly towards other 3 and slicing them in half. The last two, which he decided to ignore in favor of destroying the individually working others, teamed up, and managed to get the upper hand overwhelming with solid teamwork, however. Forcing him to unleash an energy wave to take them out, which left him tired.

???:    Argh, how did this happen?! I am better than this!   

His self-contained question was answered by his master.

Mr. Mind:    You've once again underestimated the power of teamwork... Your enemies will fall easily when apart, but if you carelessly let even 2 team up out of arrogance that you can defeat them easily they'll either defeat you or force you into a Pyrrhic Victory. If you are to succeed against the Nominators and the heroes of all words, you must have all the cards in your favor.   

???:    Let me guess, or else I'll fail like Timewrecker did.   

Mr. Mind:    That is correct, however, you shall know Timewrecker had other things that he messed up at and caused his downfall. Luckily that won't be a problem with us. I'll give you one last advice for today, make sure you don't let anything get out of your sight... Because even if weak opponents who don't get along is all you have left, together they can come to an agreement to be rid of the greater evil, that could be you.   

???:    I guess that means even Scipion and Zorua could prove troublesome if they aren't taken care of.   

Mr. Mind:    Yes. That will be it, for today my apprentice. Put my lessons into practice and you will always succeed.   

Mind then crawled away to a different location to attend some business, while ??? reflected on the lesson he just learned today.

The Demon King of Time.
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Feb 13th 2020 at 5:33:58 PM

City 17

As a Combine patrol unit was on the prowl, they stumble upon a shiny, orange ball with seven stars. They pick it up and take it back to the Citadel to be examined, not knowing that it's the seventh Dragon Ball.

TabbyGirl4 Blast to the Past from The Nowhere Islands Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Blast to the Past
Feb 13th 2020 at 6:49:33 PM


   "Thanks Ral,you got all of those on my list now. For now,Imma be carious."   

She goes through the tiles until she's halfway to the end to look back a struggling Susie.

   "Man,how much does this guy weigh?"   

   "I need somebody to help Susie. I have to be the one ahead so I can grab it. We can do it!"   

She visibly smiles,it's been a long time since she has done that.

Meanwhile,Susie gets some help from someone for carrying him.


Wake up

Pecan's eyes flutter open as she wakes up in a room familiar to her,she lifts up her left arm which has been robotized. She freaks out at the sight of it.

"Oh no no no. I look like a freak."

She looks at the rest of her body and freaks out even more.

   "Oh good, You're awake. God I'm relived to be free of those seizures."   

"YOU! Tell me what happened to my body and why am I an triple amputee?!"

   "Remember when you were in the Arena? Oh wait we wiped your memories. A tribute named Huntress chopped off all but one of your limbs so we replaced them with cybernetics. Hopefully it's temporary if we find a way to get your organic limbs back."   

"I'm a cyborg freak."

   "What? No you're not! You're the most wonderful person I met and the person I want to be but sadly can't. You're not a freak."   

"Thank you but I don't need your encouragement."

   "Yes you do! Shut up. Come on and let's get used to your new prosthetic limbs."   


Parallel Pecan holds onto Pecan as they walk out of her ward and meet with everyone else.

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Feb 13th 2020 at 8:44:11 PM

Hotland - Spider Bake Sale

Mini-Mettaton tries getting Morgan off his back and listens to his review of the show. He can't help but agree with him, but he can sense that he might have a trick up his sleeves like a certain golden flower. But what's a good show... without a plot twist?

Alright, I'll let you in on a secret. The green tiles are supposed to summon a monster for them to fight, but I deactivated that function to lessen the burden on them. Also, one more song, coming right up!

He watches the team on Morgan's portal and sends a signal to the original Mettaton to play this song. Mini-Mettaton then checks the timer. 15 seconds left...

Power's Art School

"So, why did 6001 recommend you, anyway?"

"I was at my house in Little Homeworld when she called me about the job opening after asking Professor Pearl if the former can contact me. I then said that I would like to work at your school to apply what I've learned in my studies. 6k1 also asked me if I could be her 'honorary tribute'. I was confused at first, but she explained to me that she's willing to nominate me in a future season after hearing about my departure from Homeworld."

"So basically, she didn't nominate you back then because of your loyalty to your Diamond, but changed her mind after you sided with the Crystal Gems."

"That is correct, and it's not just me. Blue Diamond also helped Steven in his cause after realizing that she mistreated Pink Diamond for thousands of years."

"So does that mean that 6k1 might also want to nominate her?"

"Maybe, but she fought in the Games before, so I doubt that."

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Smiley100P My fren drew me this 0w0
My fren drew me this 0w0
Feb 14th 2020 at 5:06:49 AM

The Fifth Vessel

"Hey, Vio." Rose said as she sat by her accross a dining table.
"Yeah, Rose?" Violet asked.
"...What should we do for Valentines Day?"
"It's not Valentines Day?"
"It is according to this shit," Elliot said as he revealed the results of a google search, "Apparently, there's this whole time magic thing or whatever and i dunno but yeah it's fucking valentines day. I'm gonna see if anyone's available to just hang out with. ...Matter of fact, I haven't seen 2.0 in a while. Or Zoe. I'm gonna call some numbers."
He proceeded to do just that, texting the numbers of every nominator he knows about to see if they're available for Valentines' Day.
"...So, you wanna hold the party here or somewhere else?" Elliot asked after a moment.

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TroperNo9001 COOLSKELETON95 from Snowdin Relationship Status: Sharing a spaghetti noodle
Feb 14th 2020 at 5:20:53 AM

Power's Art School

"Excuse me, Paper Stroke, but is that Professor Garnet... and the other Crystal Gems?"

Blue Pearl points at the TV behind Paper. The latter turns her head and sees Garnet use her Future Vision to avoid setting off a trap in Divine Windy's cup shuffling game. Meanwhile, Alt!Amethyst and Peridot make The Man With No Name flinch while Alt!Lapis, Jamie, Lars, and Emerald get their licenses to kill in the Cornucopia.

"Don't worry Blue, I'm sure their counterparts back in your universe are at home, cheering for Garnet!... Other than Emerald, that is."

Later that day, Alt!Jazuli and Laremmy race each other on a planet's ring while Alt!Amedot avoids the trap that Sans Giovanna set up. Meanwhile, an election on who gets to be the President of the Arena is held between Marinette, Luka, Linguini, and Garnet. The Gem fusion predicts how the votes will go and steps down upon learning that Linguini will win.

"She may have lost, but I hope she gets along with the alternate Crystal Gems, I guess..."

"But right now, let's focus on your interview."

The Database Library, Basement

6k1, who's now merged with her clone after finishing her interview, keeps tabs on the chefs. While Linguini miraculously escapes from being killed by Movie!Robotnik when his blood splashes on his eyes, causing Robotnik to stumble and impale himself on a broken Valentine's pole, Colette sets off an explosive that destroys the Wii U and kills Giorno, Trish, and Fuyuhiko, losing her hearing in the process.

"Ouch... I'm so sorry, Psyche..."

Later that day, Juliet approaches Colette and tries the latter's meal, which is on the menu for Rémy's bistro, La Ratatouille. After enjoying the meal, Juliet compliments the chef in sign language and shakes her hand, not knowing that Colette didn't wash after cooking.

"If the health inspector's watching this, she'll be fired!"

6k1 then sees Linguini win the elections and claps for him. She doubts if he's qualified enough to be President, but hopes for the best for him.

Suddenly, she gets a text message from... Elliot? It's been a long time since he last talked to her, but is he asking for... a Valentine's hangout?

She replies: I'm sorry, but I'm too busy to make any plans for this "special" day, so I just nominated a couple for this holiday-themed season. I hope you're doing okay after that Voidlands trip, and I also sent a Pokémon team to Hotland to help Tabby find the Dragon Ball. No word from them yet, but I hope they succeed in retrieving it!

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Smiley100P My fren drew me this 0w0
My fren drew me this 0w0
Feb 14th 2020 at 6:01:34 AM

The fifth Vessel

Elliot replied to 6k1.
Alright, thats ok.
And its really nice that you're going out of your way that you're doing this for me!!
i wanna help you guys with the last two balls tho
still owe you guys all a solid

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Oggy123 Two cutie pies from Jakarta, Indonesia
Two cutie pies
Feb 14th 2020 at 6:53:58 AM

The Star Angel Palace

Mr. Star rests in his newly-remodeled palace, previously damaged after an unknown event. He hears a call from Kirby, and he flies out and into the place.

The Spacepod

Kirby asks help for Ness' situation.

"Hmmm... well, i got this badge.

Mr. Star shows him a Dedede-shaped badge.

"Dedede uses this to revive his friends. Now i use this to Ness, and..."

Mr. Star does so, and Ness springs back to life.


"Oh, i have another season we should join!"

Mr. Star then takes Kirby, Ribbon, Ness, and Paula into the Arena for the Valentine's season.

Outside, the snow has started to slightly subside.

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Nintendo's cutest couple
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Feb 14th 2020 at 9:20:19 AM

The Database Library, Basement

Alright, I'll let you know when we find their locations.

Power's Art School

"So... why should I hire you as an art teacher?"

"Oh... I'm friendly, can follow instructions and meet deadlines, and am skilled in both digital and traditional art, but more on the former. As you have seen in my portfolio, I specialize in drawing humans and Gems, but I'm willing to learn how to draw other subjects, too. They may be just sketches, but I take great care in smoothening my outlines."

Paper nods at Blue's artistic talent.

"Our school primarily focuses on traditional art, but we also offer courses on digital art. As for your specialty, you can say that you're talented in drawing humanoid figures. Many students still struggle with getting the proportions right, and if I hire you, I'm sure you can help them improve in that field. Also, it takes great coordination to outline quickly yet smoothly, and it shows in your artwork. Just keep practicing, and you will go a long way."

Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Distortion World Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Feb 14th 2020 at 10:24:30 AM

Hotland - Spider Bake Sale

Morgan snickered.

   "Monsters? I got exactly that! I already planned everything Trust me, we won't disappoint, we never do..."    he said.

   "But first, let's see if those idiots will actually reach that weird looking ball before they cook alive..."   

Hotland - Multicolor Tile Puzzle

Seeing how Susie was struggling with Alex who was still shaking like a leaf, Aaron ran to her and helped her carrying the Charmeleon.

"Hurry up! The fire wall is getting closer!" Tokage exclaimed as the party got closer and closer to the Dragon Ball

Panem, near the Arena.

Clyde was silently watching from the other side of the forcefield as a giant crab crushed Susie Kujo to death. Scipion was visibly not in the arena at all. The Shuppet was intrigated by the various deaths, but quickly left the arena, resuming his search.

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VengefulBale Oma Zi-O from The Future Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Oma Zi-O
Feb 14th 2020 at 9:10:45 PM

Dashed Hopes and Dreams

Bale excitedly rushed in to nominate his group tributes.

MG: What has you so excited about this Season, dude?

Bale: It's valentine Season, and you know what that means!

MG: Aw, shoot, let me guess... Ships?

MD: Of course!

MG: Nobody asked you for that!

MD: Sorry.

Bale: That's right, we'll be seeing some of my favorite ships, I can't wait to see how well they'll fare!

2 Updates Later...

A sound was heard in the control room as Bale smashed a monitor screen into dust.


MD: Jeez, do you think he is dealing with the fallout of internet backlash?

MG: No, you plush fool. He is angry that once again his tributes died without fanfare.

MD: Owie! That sucks harder than a leech.

The Demon King of Time.
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Feb 14th 2020 at 9:48:03 PM

Hotland - Multicolor Tile Puzzle

Ralsei continues following Tabby's lead and watches his steps without looking back. He then walks along the green path, but has a bad gut feeling about it. The timer just continues ticking. 5... 4... 3...

The Database Library, Basement

6k1 continues watching. While Colette accidentally discovers some Vegimals while looking for ingredients, Linguini does an art collab with Marinette, Luka, and a box of chocolates and makes a new poster for the bistro. The next day, however, Juliet goes on Facebook to complain on the official page of La Ratatouille about how Colette prepared her meal. She gets blocked in response, so she hunts down Colette and kills her.

"Poor Linguini..." says 6k1 as he desperately tries to learn how to use the Reraise spell to revive his mentor and also Marinette and Luka, who were somehow betrayed by the box of chocolates. "If only Rémy were here to help him keep going..."

Power's Art School

"Last but not least, what do you consider to be your weakness, if you don't mind me asking? After all, Gems are not flawless, as White Diamond learned the hard way."

"Um... I'm quiet and a little bit shy... but I've been learning to socialize with others."

Suddenly, Blue gasps and puts a hand to her mouth.

"Are you alright?"

Again, the Gem points at the TV. Paper sees the Alt Crystal Gems poofing after bursting into massive fits of laughter, leaving their gemstones behind.

"Yes... I'm okay... It's just that I get easily frightened, too..."

Meanwhile, Princess Cookie asks Garnet if the latter's even a Gem, given her shoulder width, but instead she tells her, "no, I'm a monster." Then, the Gem fusion kills Ciri in a fight, then finds a microphone and taunts, "hey Eredars, Ciri screamed real good before she died!"

Blue remains frozen in place. A single tear rolls down her face.

"Blue Pearl, I'll finish the interview already so you can calm yourself down from this. I'll let you know if you land the job. Thank you very much for your time."

Paper gives her a reassuring smile before deactivating the communicator.

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TabbyGirl4 Blast to the Past from The Nowhere Islands Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Blast to the Past
Feb 15th 2020 at 8:23:21 AM

At last!

Tabby waits for Ralsei,the last one to cross the maze, to finally crossing the green path.

   "Come on,Ral! You can do it! Hurry or and you're going to die!"   

   "Don't make him stressed out as he already is,I can do that for you."   

   "Thanks but I'm fine."   

Finally Ralsei joins the others at the end of the maze.

Tabby walks up to where the Ball is but she is electrocuted by the force field surrounding it.

   "Well,sir? Do we get our Dragonball or not? We earned it."   

She charges a energy ball at Mettaton with rage on her face.

   "Surely I'll make you a damsel in distress if you don't give us our Dragonball,princess."   

   "Man,you're acting like a ass."   

"I'm Mary Poppins, Y'all!" -Yondu,2017
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Feb 15th 2020 at 8:42:19 AM

Power's Art School, Night 2 - Day 4

Paper continues observing Garnet while she reviews Blue's responses to her questions. The fusion finds Divine Windy again and bests her in another fight, with the gods turning Windy into a constellation to honor her valiance. Garnet then takes a break the next day by catching a goldfish in a scooping game and naming it after Steven.

The art clone thinks back to the interview. Blue Pearl has a lot of potential to be part of the school, but her skittishness might hinder her if scary tributes visit the school. On the upside, the other staff should be able to back Blue up in case of threats. And if she can shapeshift like Pearl, then she's of great help since she can transform into the target species to assist students without hands.

After making her final decision, Paper checks on Garnet again. The fusion does a ventriloquist act for Kirby and Ribbon using dummies of them, then tells Kylo and Rey a bad pun. However, they find the pun so bad they slash her with their lightsabers and shatter Ruby's and Sapphire's gemstones.

Paper winces at the sight. She just hopes that 6k1 still revives Garnet even if she's not her tribute this season. She's still thinking of hiring her, but she would have to negotiate with her to avoid schedule conflicts with Little Homeschool. But for now, she has to comfort Blue, so she activates the communicator to console her.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine... I'm now doing yoga to help me cope with that, like what she taught me in class."

"Good for you. The school is still busy at the moment, so we'll notify you of your interview results after the season."

The Database Library, Basement, Day 5

"Well that Feast was earlier than expected..."

6k1's still concerned about Linguini. His cooking got worse after losing Colette, and he was lucky to have escaped death two more times by dodging a falling cement block and throwing Daisy into the spiked cage's walls in a wrestling match. He also had an argument with his best friend Kaguya, and after having his spaghetti stolen by Nicole, he tried to comprehend how Karkat got a math question hilariously wrong, but couldn't wrap his head around it.

6k1 also shields her eyes from Kylo and Rey's death from artificial parasites. Feeling that Ichi's mood was soured by that, she tries cheering him up by sending him this still from a footage of Twinkle Sprinkle's home universe.

Heh, try finding Power— I mean Paper Coke in the crowd, and tell Pow-Pow about it!

Hotland - Multicolor Tile Puzzle

Mettaton quickly presses the button to deactivate the forcefields and open the case.

Congratulations, everyone! You've truly earned your reward! I know all of you are tired from all these challenges, so why don't you come and stay at MTT Resort — Hotland's biggest apartment-building turned hotel! We've got sumptuous meals, world-class entertainment, and the comfiest and most luxurious hotel rooms for our beloved guests!

"Thanks for the offer," says Ralsei while panting, "but Tabby has to give the Ball to Billy now."

Alright then, I'll go call Alphys to summon the portal for her!

And the portal back to Tabby's base opens in front of the team. Mettaton's other offer still stands.

"Now hurry into the portal before that Morgrem catches you!"


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Underground Bunker

"Welp, least they lasted longer than Ares and Aphrodite did last V-Day season... Hmm?"

Looking at the screenshot that 6k1 sent him, he chuckles before rubbing his crystal ball and showing it to Power.

"Of all the universes to have an alternate version of you, I wasn't expecting the stick figure one to be one of 'em."

TroperNo9001 COOLSKELETON95 from Snowdin Relationship Status: Sharing a spaghetti noodle
Feb 15th 2020 at 9:24:44 AM

Power's Home

"Oh Celestia, really?! You'll never know if that alt becomes my backup in the Nominator Games!"

She also updates him on the reference letters.

"I still need to find a backup mind reader if Garnet doesn't get hired, provided that she's revived, of course."

Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Distortion World Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Feb 15th 2020 at 9:27:02 AM

Hotland - Multicolor Tile Puzzle

They were all exhausted, but at last they did it, everyone reached the end of the maze.

Mettaton opened the case and the portal leading to Tabby's base appeared.

"An hotel? Why not? I think everyone is tired." Aaron said, panting.

Althought he too was exhausted, Tokage still stood on his guard. Out of all the Rescue Squad, he was the one who knew Morgan better. There was no way he was just here by accident.

Suddenly, he felt something coming right for Tabby. Tokage ran as fast as he could and pushed her out of the way right before sharp hairs could pierce her head. The hairs pierced the Dragon Ball, before bringing it back to Morgan.

   "Really? You managed to save that little bitch? You just had to ruin my fun, Tokage..."   

"You'd better give us that ball now. Morgan." the Grovyle growled.

   "And why exactly should I do that in the first place?"    Morgan laughed.

"We need it to being back a nominator's friends back to life!!" Alex shouted, before covering his mouth, realising what he just did.

Morgan's smile became even more larger.    "A nominator... Another one? That's an even better reason to keep that shit away from you, scumbags!"   

"Don't try anything funny, Morgan. I don't know why you're doing this but you're alone. You don't stand a chance. We can still try to settle this peacefully."

Morgan spitted on the floor in response.

   "Do what you want. But I think you'll going to say bye-bye to that ball!"   

"There's no point talking to that bastard. I'm going to end this!"

Tokage summoned his leaf blades and ran towards Morgan. The Morgrem simply sighed mockingly before smirking as a pink portal, leading to the end of the CORE appeared right behind him before escaping inside.

"DAMNIT! Get back here, you coward!!" Tokage yelled as he chased after Morgan.

"Tokage wait! Hurry, we must get back the ball!!"

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"If your stick figure self ever appears in the Games, Pow-Pow, I'll eat my hat with a side of crow. And, well, best 'o luck finding that backup mind reader."

TroperNo9001 COOLSKELETON95 from Snowdin Relationship Status: Sharing a spaghetti noodle
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Power's Home

"And happy late Hearts and Hooves Day from here... in the platonic sense. S'just that they put so much emphasis on romance that the other kinds of love are overlooked."

Hotland - Multicolor Tile Puzzle

Suddenly, Morgan shows up and steals the Dragon Ball from the team.

What a twist, everyone! I left my mini-me back at the Spider Bake Sale to watch over Morgan, but he must've told him the secret about the green tiles! I disabled them to make it slightly easier for you, but this monster was summoned, anyway!

Ralsei gasps. "I knew something was up with that guy..."

Morgan then escapes to the CORE, with Tokage going after him.

I'll go help him get the Ball back! I still have enough battery power!

Mettaton follows them in. Ralsei then uses his remaining magic to heal Aaron and Alex.

"Go on ahead and help your partner. I'm too tired to accompany you, so I'll be going to the hotel. See you around."

He hugs the former from behind and the latter in front, then waits for Kris and Susie to decide if they want to join him.


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