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NAME: Elliot Hecking Shibe (Formerly known as Smiley "infinitely dorky trashwad" 100P, I'd change my username if i could haha)
AGE: Recently turned 18, actually.
SEX/gender: M
WHY YOU ARE HERE: this site actually managed to enhance my life+hgs
RELIGION: Atheist.
POLITICS: not sure
OTHER CONTROVERSY: *@#& you form
OTHER: I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning autistic writer. Do your research.

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Favorite Works

    Anime and Manga 
  • absolutely nothing. I shall never be sucked into the vortex of anime haha

    Comic Books 

    Fan Fiction 



    Live-Action TV 

    Video Games 

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

Pages I started myself

  • Exvulnerum
  • 12 (It's actually called Twelve but the formatting is e h)
...Impressive, I know.

Favorite Quotes

    Tv Tropes Forums 
  • This entire conversation from the Hunger Games Simulation topicnote :
    ME: Oh, my god
    ME: Yes Silverstream you can have your Lemonade Stand
    ME: Provided that actually is lemonade lol
    Jedi Ninja Kat: Silverstream, just give me a second to remind you... you're a CAT.
    SILVERSTREAM: Well, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
    Jedi Ninja Kat: If life gives you Graystripe, die while having his children and then resurrect yourself to compete in a televised fight to the death.
    SILVERSTREAM: I loved him ok
    SILVERSTREAM: Although that does describe my situation ok
    SILVERSTREAM: Did I say "loved" in a past-tense? I meant love- present tense.
    SILVERSTREAM: ...If I get through this, Graystripe's gonna be very surprised, am I right?
    SILVERSTREAM: Anyone? Am I right?
    LIFE: No you must be shipped with her graystripe
    SILVERSTREAM: It's fine, love; My spirit is still intact and I'll be in Star Clan about as long as you will; trust me.
    LIFE: Besides, Smiley and Kat both like it
    ME: Uh I'm not so sure about kat

"Even Pokémon GO used by extensive russian-linked meddling effort"
-Some CNN article, apparently

Ichabod: I wish for tomorrow to be a great day to spend with friends!
Barnaby: That sounds nice, Ick. I just wish... [kinda quietly] I really wish that I... [Under his breath I think] could always be as happy as you.
Ichabod: What's that?
Barnaby: Uh... I wish I could fly.
Ichabod: Whoa, Barnaby, that's a good one! I think it's nice to have dreams, gives you something to look forward to.
Ichabod: If you don't give up on it, I'm pretty sure you'll fly to the moon someday!
Ichabod the Optimistic Canine

I said I was a writer up above so Here We gooooo

Smileverse is this crappy little hUGE crossover fanfic I wrote. It's hosted on scratch and on "Hiatus". It's typed on an Alpha Smart which is currently in an unknown location and out of batteries. The series so far has 58 chapters (2 joke chapters) on a tiny cliffhanger with lOTS of loose plot threads. It can be read here if you want to die of cringe.
However, I plan to reboot it by taking advantage of the events of Avengers: Infinity War.

Well, quite a bit is to be said about this. It was going to be a webcomic, but my drawing skills were shit back then and I made it into a book but my storytelling skills were indecent and now it's a webcomic again.
...I'll just go ahead and announce it on my deviantart page soon because i need to work on this lmao
Oh here it is

    Locket Watch 
My 2018 NaNoWriMo novel that I plan to write in the span of a month.

June, July, and August were once ordinary housecats... Until they found something they were destined to, and something that would shape the future- and the past.
June, a beautiful Russian blue, was still visiting the small shrine she made of her lover, who had been euthanized in a kill shelter over a month ago, and all he did was meet her at the wrong time. But she had noticed something about the locket, already labeled with a heart, she stored his picture in, and she was suddenly filled with hope.
July, a solid black cat, had been running since the day they left their mother's custody, yet they had done nothing wrong to the humans who want them burned at the stake, and truly questions the discrimination against their pelt color and agender status. They just want to run as far as they could, and would soon find the ticket in a pendant with a red diamond...
August, a ragged orange tabby, didn't think his little mistakes would pile up, but suddenly he wakes up one day and he's homeless. It was hard to get by each day, at least until he finds a silver trinket marked with a spade floating in the river...
Three lives have suddenly been ripped from temporal monotony. Three lives had realized that magic was real. Three lives... would in their journeys find themselves.

....I failed miserably but Im gonna try this shit again this year :D

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