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  • Evil Is Sexy: Just look at Adult Neene/"Coffin Princess Amane". Granted, she might have time to grow, but still.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Takao seems to show mercy to mooks while indifferently cutting down civilians to pieces. It turns out that the ones he killed are probably already dead and have been turned into Uro.
  • Iron Woobie: Riku, past Neene disappearance. Shit still hits the fan, but for first time in his life, he rises back.
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  • Jerkass Woobie: Takao, easily. First he was held in contention by his clan for selfishly reviving his dead mother with a Coffin Princess cocoon, and then he teamed up with Karasawa to steal the second one so everyone would stop fighting over it. Not only did this not go according to plan and cause Karasawa to think he betrayed him, he ended up witnessing his surrogate mother 'die' while haunted by nightmares of the destruction of his home and being devoured by his former family. Years later, Karasawa has his revenge and ruins Takao's new life, forcing him to the point where he ultimately takes to killing Jinkei users to try to bring back Julie, only to get the innocent Yui killed and the world trying to make him public enemy number one as everything just gets worse and worse for him. Several characters can't help but note his tragic life, even willing to throw his childhood friend Rena into being a Coffin Princess just to reach Julie. He even specifically tries to perform a Heroic Sacrifice of taking over the Embryo's core so that Riku has the opportunity to destroy it and him in one fell swoop just to end it all - but being saved helps put him into position by owing the favor and saving Riku's future not long thereafter.
  • Magnificent Bastard:
    • Takao Mishima, born as Ryuusei Takao, used to be a child living on Hatsumi Island, taking care of the local Coffin Princess Julie. Forced by his family to betray his then-friend Shirou Karasawa, Takao later helps him to bring back his deceased girlfriend as a Coffin Princess. Becoming the only survivor of the destruction of the island at Shirou's hands, Takao is betrayed and framed as a murderer by him. He becomes the feared Jinki Hunter, killing members of F.L.A.G and infected humans before their transformation. Meeting a girl who admires him, Takao starts to care for her, even comforting her after she is lethally hurt by Kanshuus. He allies with his former enemy Riku Amami to avenge her, and they manage to defeat Shirou together. After the Coffin Princess Amane endangers the world, Takao works with the spirits of the people from Hatsume Island to convince Rene Arisugawa to become another Princess as a way to counter Amane, succeeding and personally dealing the final blow. Betrayed by the spirits, Takao is willing to be killed to save the world, and in the epilogue, Takao is determined to save Riku from himself, just as Riku did for him.
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    • Born Amane Sasamori, Amane Amami is Riku Amami's adoptive sister and first love. A kind teenager forced into becoming a Coffin Princess for multiple reasons and becoming aware of the real nature of humanity and the corruption inside the World Embryo, she decides to absorb humanity inside a virtual paradise. To do so, she manipulates her family and sends a baby version of herself, later known as Neene, to them, hoping that she becomes strong enough to take control of her. Suceeding, Amane takes control of Neene's body and tries to cause the destruction of the world while faking a villainous personality. After the fate of humanity is decided in a game, The Coffin Princess cheats by forcing F.L.A.G. members into fighting their traumas before revealing that it was just a trap to capture Jinki users. Stopped only by Takao and Rene, who interrupt her duel with Riku, she apologizes to him for all the pain that she caused to him before ensuring Neene's survival, knowing that she would be vital to save humanity.
    • A Consummate Liar since childhood despite his kindness, Suraga, alias of Riku Amami himself, is the newest threat to humanity after Shirou and the above mentioned Coffin Princess. Having lost all hope after his beloved lose her memories and determined to get them back by using the Kanshuu, Suraga causes multiple controlled Kanshuu outbreaks, knowing that his former friends will stop them and return the victims back to normality. Having lied to the world itself by his own words, Suraga's attacks becomes a routine menace in the new world. After his plan is eventually discovered by the remaining Coffin Princesses, they use Takao to force him to confess his plan before helping him to—after lots of losses—get his happy family back.
  • Moment of Awesome: Riku has a lot of these:
    • Riku vs. Kanshuu in the building under construction, when he realises the Kanshuu can't attack Nene. Followed immediately afterwards by the Trope's deconstruction, when Riku (almost) dies. Then reinstated and doubled when Nene revives him as Kanshuu-Riku and he goes into Superpowered Evil Side mode.
    • The fight at Riku's school where he consciously blows up part of the building as a diversion.
    • Tougo has one when he uses the Jinki gun to snipe down and kill Karasawa.
    • Nene turning Ende's missiles into inoffensive... pillows.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Averted when Riku sees the people Takao has killed inside the NEFT building, after initially thinking Takao could help him.
    • Played straight with Takao, who had his 2 years before the story starts.
      • Subverted when it is revealed that most of his targets are Kanshuu or potential Kanshuu (Cavity).
  • Squick: Evil!Neenee French-kissing Riku, drool and all. Made all the more unsettling by the fact that she's still calling him papa.
  • The Woobie: Rena not only has to deal with the loss of her partner in unexpected circumstances at the beginning of the series, but as more of the plot unfolds, more signs of her broken past come to light. She was raised to be a Coffin Princess against Julie if the latter ever went rampant, or at the very least the main person to fight her and sacrifice her life for doing it. Beaten, bruised, and downright dehumanized to make sure she could fulfill her role from childhood, she promptly goes Laughing Mad when her entire family is torn apart screaming by Kanshu as she mentally breaks, before being traumatized and hit with Lost Rebound. Then she loses her teacher figure and adoptive parent for reasons completely out of anyone's control, gets hit with the full force of these memories all at once, and ends up becoming a third Coffin Princess to help save the world - and then sacrifices her memories to allow humanity to purify Kanshu globally. Of the living cast still in a bad situation at the end of the series, she more than anyone deserved to Earn Your Happy Ending thanks to Riku and Nenee as well as everyone else.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Poor Amane. Not even aware of who or what she really was, she initially helped in healing people with Lost Rebound, but one thing led to another and even the person she trusted most in the world thought she was nothing more than a monster in his final moments while realizing she was a container for the third Coffin Princess cocoon. Dying and being reborn as Nenee, her resurfacing months later led to becoming the seeming Big Bad of the series and exploiting Riku the entire time - except she was hoping to either forcefully turn all of humanity to pleasant data memories or be slain herself to atone for what she's done. And this is on top of knowing that all of humanity were dormant Kanshu, meaning she carried the weight of a Despair Event Horizon on her shoulders all series long.


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