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YMMV / Taz-Mania

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  • Genius Bonus: Wendell T. Wolf is the last Tasmanian wolf (or thylacine) which went extinct in the 1930's. Ever since they were declared extinct, there have been reported sightings in both Tasmania and mainland Australia.
  • Ho Yay: "Taz Like Dingo", The Platypus Bros. ("Hurry, field of my dreams!"), the mistletoe scene in the Christmas Episode.
    • Axl seems really...devoted to Bull, and really acts with jealousy when the latter hangs out with Taz in "Hypnotazed".
  • Memetic Mutation: "TAZ HATE WATER!!!!!"
  • Nightmare Fuel: Happens when Molly adopts an adorable kitten. It may seem nice, but to Taz and the viewers, the cat becomes dangerously homicidal and evil. Even its eyes look very evil when he's in evil mode.
    • There's also the second episode where the kitty makes an appearance. It finds its way home on a dark, rainy night. The episode was essentially Taz: The Slasher Movie.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: While the Genesis and Master System games by Sega are considered good, or at least passable, the Game Gear version is an atrocious wreck. The graphics are hideous and the controls are sluggish and awkward, which only adds to the Fake Difficulty that's already present.note  The only boss in the game is a serious case of Guide Dang It!note , and the sound and music...well, just have a listen for yourself.

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