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Heartwarming / Taz-Mania

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  • Digeri Dingo giving Taz a bottlecap in "Friends For Strife".
  • Everybody being grateful for the gifts Taz gave them in "No Time for Christmas", including characters who usually mistreat Taz. Not to mention the "heartwarming cast shot" at the end.
  • "Molly's Folly": even though Taz completely wrecked the ballet recital and injured the dancers, Molly still congratulates him for trying his best, says she loves him, and gives him a hug. She acknowledges this isn't how the endings usually go on this show, but this is how they're doing it this time and tells the audience to accept it.
  • "Of Bushrats and Hugh":
    • Taz suggesting sharing the oranges with the Bushrats since they're attacking not out of malice but simply because they're hungry.
    • After the war is over, Hugh and the Bushrat leader salute each other as Worthy Opponents.
  • "Stuck for Bucks": reading comics, Taz sees an ad for something he wants to buy. He spends the entire episode trying to crack open his piggy bank and get his coins inside. When he finally succeeds and is about to head out, he encounters a girl scout looking for charitable donations. Taz doesn't want to do it, but he just can't say no, so he gives her all his money. She gives him a kiss on the cheek as thanks. Taz simply goes back to reading comics without complaint.
  • "One Saturday in Taz-Mania": Taz just wants to just enjoy his Saturday in peace and quiet, but Jake keeps hanging around him and won't stop talking during such activities as comic reading, watching a movie, and resting in a hammock. Taz gets increasingly annoyed and tries to bite his tongue, but just as he reaches his breaking point, Jake says he just wants to spend the day with his Cool Big Bro. Cue Manly Tears and a brotherly hug.

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