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YMMV / Tango & Cash

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  • Crosses the Line Twice: During the opening scene, Tango shoots a tanker, and cocaine starts spilling out. "What do you know? It's snowing!" He then snorts a little and jokingly asks everyone else present, "Anybody wanna get high?"
  • Designated Hero: The eponymous protagonists. Both are seen and implied to be jerkasses and are more than happy to break the rules whenever they seek fit (even to the point of using Police Brutality). Case in point, the scene with Cash and the suspect he proceeded to nearly strangle with a chair and the Noodle Incident between Tango and Face:
    Face: This pig cop and his pig friends broke my leg, my ribs and my jaw! (Tsking)
    Cash: You broke that jaw? Why?
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  • Ham and Cheese: The performances of Kurt Russell, Jack Palance and Robert D'Zar, which makes their roles all the more memorable.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Of sorts: Clint Howard as Tango's inmate, Slinky.
  • Spiritual Licensee: The 1992 Namco game Lucky & Wild was more than a little inspired by this movie.


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