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  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: Gratuitous Italian turns into spanish for no reason in the Gun Knowledge expertise passive skills. It wouldn't be so bad if the italian names weren't in the skill icons.
    • There is a dress called "Medic Gloves".
    • How do you get Retaliation out of Regal Presence? Complete with an apparent beta description of the Counter expertise!
      • Alchemy was translated into Craftsmanship.
    • The Mystic affinity was translated as Magic. Not only does a "Magic" already exists (the stat), which causes a lot of confusion, but mages can't use said Magic affinity. Many a newbie would get an equipment that raises Magic only to later discover it raises the affinity, not the stat.
      • The affinity for hanguns was translated into Long-Range. However, Long-Range is also the name of the derivated stat used for calculating damage of all guns. Similar to the Magic affinity/stat example above, lots of confusions are caused due to this.
  • Demonic Spiders: Inugami, for newbies. One of the early quests requires you to kill 10 of them, but they are very aggressive, and respawn very quickly. The place where they spawn in Suginami is known as Inugami Hell for a reason.
    • Disciple of Sin Gandharva, in the Boss Room of the Old Ichigaya Camp (Gold) dungeon. It can cast Bufudyne, Blizzard Cannon, a skill similar to Erosion Hex, and Randomizer. They also dodge and counter a lot, have no weaknesses, and have a good amount of HP that no player without game breaking gear can kill in one hit.
    • The special Throne enemies called Protect Wall No.51 in the 39th floor of Denshi Kairo. You're up against 20 of these guys (though only 3-4 at a time). Each one of them has over 10.000 HP, loves to spam Tetrakarn/Makarakarn, which will make you end up killing yourself much more than they do, and they also have Agidyne and Maragion with Fire Boost. There are a few reasons not many players get that far in Denshi Kairo, and these guys surely are one of these reasons.
  • Game-Breaker: Erosion Hex. It inflicts 4 different Standard Status Effects (2 of which are among the top 3 most useful ones) in a very wide area, costs only 10 MP, and has such low requirements to be learned that pretty much every build can include it without major problems.
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  • Goddamned Bats: Anything that can't be killed in one hit and isn't a boss qualifies as this.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Let's see how you fare against two kodamas!"
    • Back in 2009: "Meep!"note 
    • In the Atlus Online forum, "Better rollback the server!" became a meme for a little while when talks of this happening were making everyone uneasy, and then one of the Mentors came up with this joke thread.
    Rollback brought back old bug! Better rollback!
  • Play the Game, Skip the Story
  • Scrub: Try using cash shop incenses, Chiaki set, or any other "player banned" items/skills in PvP and see what happens. Advised to close your chat when doing this.
    • What is funny is that, while Chiaki is "player banned" for being too broken (it allows for 2 more consecutive actions of any skill), SA and Valentine sets (+1 consecutive action), Ruby/Lazurite/Topaz/Beryl/Agate Eyes (+1 action for a specific affinity) and DDS Flame/Ice (+1 action to Fire/Ice) are not, even though the effect is very similar (though Chiaki applies to the whole party, and these others are only for the wearer). Chiaki even has a potentially bad bug that sometimes causes an affected demon to not be able to do anything until re-summoned.
      • D.M.C., a skill that always hits for 4444 damage, even on people using incense of protection, is perfectly fine.
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: Annoying when you have a build that doesn't cater to one of the recommended party members for high level runs.
    • Just try joining an Ichi Gold with a Magic Bullet focused character. What makes this funny is how Magic Bullets were once (back in early 2010) a must in this run, but are now discarded due to low damage output when compared to other builds. The same thing is now happening to the Demolition Dashers, who were a must in Ichi Gold runs until 2011.
  • That One Sidequest:
    • Registering 100 different demons in the Demonic Compendium to get the extra demon slot.
    • Most pluginnote  quests:
    • Zhu Que's plugin: You need to go through a low level dungeon that gives no profit whatsoever in the hopes of finding the elusive special boss Zhu Que to get the key item and the earrings he drops, then create a dungeon on the other side of the map while having the earring equipped, and then talk to a statue in the boss room to trade the key item for the plugin. The problem here is that said special boss is so rare to spawn that some players have reportedly been running the dungeon dozens of times per week for over 3 years, and still haven't seen the bird even once!
    • Thor's plugin: You need to beat the boss room of Celu Tower (Gold), which is filled to brim with Demonic Spiders and two bosses, over and over again until you finally find the key item necessary. Then you have to run through the whole dungeon again, and talk to the NPC in front of the boss room door.
    • Raphael's plugin: You need to get an Inexperienced Uriel (which is only attainable during one of the main quests), then take it to a NPC. He then asks you to kill Raphael. Simple, right? Not really. While this isn't a Luck-Based Mission, as are most other plugins, once killed, Raphael will only respawn 8 hours later in real time, making you need to wait there for hours if you don't know when was the last time he was killed. While this wasn't so bad back in 2009-2010, when we had 7 different channels/game worlds, now that we have only one server with one channel, it's awful with people Kill Stealling most often than not, and some people who just kill him for the experience and drops.
    • Nyarlathotep's plugin: You need to farm for a rare element, then trade it with an NPC for a consumable. Then you need to go to Nakano at a specific place at a specific time (between 0:00 and 6:00 during a full moon) and then use the item, which will spawn some Demonic Spiders. Once you defeat them, there's a chance the real enemy you need to defeat will appear. The main problem is that Nakano is a place with people passing all the time, so sometimes you'll get some random player wanting to Kill Steal your plugin from you. It doesn't help that the game warns everyone in the area when the real boss spawns...
    • Ongyo-Ki's Plugin: First, go to an NPC in an Ichigaya Camp Gold instance that, once per day, will give you Oni charms that cost 20,000 Magnetites each (though you can buy one that summons all 3 Oni at once). Then you have to summon and kill all 3 Oni bosses, who have a LOW CHANCE of dropping their own Lacquer Wood Piece. You then have to mix the pieces into an item that summons Onyx Storm Ongyo-Ki, who has a (again, low) chance of dropping the plugin item. After this, you take the item to another NPC, along with an Oni demon that has been taught all four elemental null skills to get the plugin. Have fun.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: The game is rated T, but Aeria Games never mentioned nor had any warnings in their website about this, advertising it simply as a "Fantasy MMORPG", giving the idea that any kid can play the game. Atlus Online seems to be following the same way.
    • This is coming from a game that has Mara, Gaki, Yaka, Angel, Yaksini, Lamia, Artemis, NPC's swearing, ritual sacrifice with dozens of Innocents, Half the Man He Used to Be on-screen in a later act, and many other reasons, some people argue this game should be rated at least M, as did all but three games of the series released in the west.

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