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YMMV / Passenger 57

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  • Complete Monster: Charles Rane, the "Rane of Terror", is a terrorist who enjoys causing the destruction of airliners for fun. Just before being captured, Rane slits the throat of the doctor who was going to give him a new face. He not long after threatens and intimidates the attorney who tries to get him to plead insanity. He brags about probably murdering his own father by commenting on how "he died violently". When being transported aboard a plane, Rane has the agents guarding him murdered and hijacks the jet. When retired Secret Service Agent and current airline security consultant John Cutter tries to stop him, Rane takes a hostage, coaxing the man's name and the fact he has a daughter from him, and then cruelly shoots the man dead. Rane later tries to have all of the civilian hostages executed when he's briefly recaptured, taunts an agent about murdering one of his friends and has authorities shot at while he's escaping. He then comes extremely close to raping flight attendant Marti Slayton, bragging that he's "going to kill you during".
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  • Evil Is Cool: Charles Rane is a sociopathic terrorist, but he's generally regarded as a very solid villain, thanks largely to Bruce Payne's chilling, magnetic performance.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Cutter is seen reading The Art of War. Wesley Snipes would later star in The Art of War.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Elizabeth Hurley has an early role as one of the terrorists.


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