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  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • If you don't have a memorial built and one of your dupes drops dead, the others will just leave their x-eyed corpse lying there and continue going about their business. They could be doing something like getting a massage or munching a muckroot next to their late friend's body. So wrong it kinda becomes hilarious.
    • Hatches eat anything, including meat. They also drop meat upon death. You can totally feed a hatch the corpse of its deceased parent. They are also good in starting bathrooms so they eat the polluted "dirt" that the outhouses produce.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Of the possible duplicants that can be brought in, Mi-Ma is a fan favorite, thanks to her unique design (an old lady amongst the ambiguous twenty-somethings of the other duplicants) and rarely, if ever, having any major negative traits while usually having a lot of positive ones.
    • Meep is pretty popular, in part due to his distinctive unibrow.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Finding a 'cold' biome early on can seriously help deal with a large number of problems a player would deal with otherwise; the low temperatures are great for killing a number of germs, making them ideal for storing food, they're a great place to set up a lot of machinery since the cold temperatures keep a large number of them from overheating and setting up an oxygen producing room in there does wonders for keeping temperatures in the base balanced out. Normally it's balanced out by the fact that world gen usually spawns them far away from the starting area (usually behind Swamp biomes) but every now and then, you'll get a lucky world gen that spawns one not far off from the main base.
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    • Steam geysers make water troubles a non-issue. While the water they put out is significantly hot, encasing them in insulated tiles or pumping the water to an insulated room just outside of your base negates the problem pretty handily. Bottled water doesn't heat things up too much, so the dups using it for that purpose isn't a problem and pumping the water to an oxygen producing room isn't a worry, as Electrolyzers always put out Oxygen at a fixed temperature regardless of the water pumped in, making cooling the oxygen the only real problem. Many people have managed to make fully self-sustaining colonies simply via steam geysers alone.
    • In relation to the above, cool slush geysers output very cold water, with the only drawback being polluted, which is easy to purify. In addition to dealing with the usual water cooling problems, polluted water also makes for a very good heat sink. Either have the oxygen ventilation system pump through it to cool the hot oxygen output by the Electrolyzers or have the polluted water pumped to extremely hot areas of the base and have it act as a natural cooling system for the area.
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    • Diver's Lung is widely regarded as the best trait a duplicant can have. Not only does it allow them to spend more time in oxygen-deprived areas, allowing them to venture further out of the base before one gets exo-suits, it also lets oxygen in the base be sustainable for way longer than it would with a colony of duplicants that don't have Diver's lung. It's possible for a single self-powered oxygen machine to sustain a large base of twelve or so duplicants easily simply by a majority of those duplicants having the Diver's Lung trait trait.
      • Deeper Diver's Lungs is even better, being Diver's Lung on steroids, although balanced out by the fact that it can only be randomly acquired through nuromachines. A duplicant can have both traits because of this though, which makes it so they basically making it so they don't even really take a fraction out of the oxygen they breathe.
    • Sunny Disposition removes 20% stress per cycle, making morale requirements pretty much irrelevant for that dupe.
    • Thanks to the addition of Buddy Buds and floral scent 'germs', Morbs have become the go-to way to produce Oxygen. Because of the way the game is programmed, no two sets of germs can occupy the same tile. By filling up a room full of Buddy Buds and then using uncleaned outhouses in said rooms to spawn a bunch of Morbs, as well as some deodorizers to clean up the CO2 as it leaves the room, you now have a completely near 100% maintenance-free way to produce a bunch of oxygen without worry of slime lung pollution.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Floral Scent is treated as a germ that only dupes with "Allergies" are susceptable to. This is basically how allergies work. The immune system treats something harmless as a disease agent and makes you miserable.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • During the beta for the rocketry update, it was discovered that rockets destroy everything in their way when they launch off, including neutronium. Cue people using rockets in mass as makeshift drills.
    • Numerous advanced projects rely on various bugs, exploits, and quirks of game physics indistinguishable from the latter. For example, building tiles around electrolyzers and pumps in a particular way can change the amount of hydrogen and oxygen produced out of 1 kilogram of water by exploiting the way the game spawns gas, making your oxygen generation a free (minus the water consumption) source of power on top of that.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • The random resource allocation can increase or decrease a game's difficulty hugely, especially early on. Landed in a spot with no algae and don't have enough oxygen to mine out far enough to get more? Just give up and start a new colony. Not so bad later in the game where your tech can solve problems like this (i.e. making oxygen with just water) but in early game it's a killer.
    • Just algae in general until you can get the relatively late game upgrades that make it obsolete. One Let's Player described the game as "find algae, or die". You can't grow more of it yourself either until late in the gamenote  for extra irritation points.
    • How stress increases can seem extremely arbitrary, especially when duplicants seemingly have a stress jump for no reason and absolutely refuse to use a massage table even if you assign them to it and set the priority to the max.
    • The inability to take direct command of the duplicants for tasks can get really bothersome. Even if you bump the priority of something up to the max nine and directly move the duplicant to what you want them to do, there's no guarantee they'll actually do it. For building base walls and the like it's usually fine. For smaller but necessary tasks like farming or cleaning the outhouses? Expect the colony to die of starvation because no one wanted to farm, or duplicants peeing in the fresh water supply because nobody wanted to clean the outhouse. This is especially bad if a duplicant traps themselves in some way; even when in red alert mode, you can expect the duplicants to prioritize painting pictures, restocking coal generators and building stations instead of digging the trapped duplicant out until it's too late. A later update eventually fixed this problem; although you still can't directly command them, there's now a '!!' priority which puts red alert mode on and has duplicants focus on that task until it's done.
    • As related to the above, the priority system is a little broken. Each usable item has its own priority and each duplicant have several categories of tasks that can be prioritized. For example, you can decrease or increase how much value a duplicant places on farming and even make it so they will NEVER prioritize farming. The problem is that many usable items won't tell you what type of priority it is. Many times you can guess, but sometimes you can't. For example, many items require deliveries of materials, but many different priority categories have "deliver" as a task included in that priority and the item won't true you the context of category that delivery falls under.
    • As of the December 14th, 2018 update, heat transfer is still a major problem. A localized area of heated gas will linger in one spot way longer than it has any right to (as opposed to the heated gas raising away). This can make a common, open area of your base have gas hot enough to burn your Duplicants, but it can take an entire cycle or two for it to cool enough to be safe. It's especially annoying in areas where Duplicants regularly pass through as they could be incapacitated just by walking through there a few too many times.
    • Downtime itself isn't a hated mechanic and a nice way to balance out having duplicants constantly working. What's the one thing people absolutely despise about it though? Duplicants will immediately drop whatever they're carrying to go rest. Slime in the base, or other such fume producing objects? Good luck trying to get duplicants to pick them back up. The worst is when they're ferrying critters around, since plastic is a limited resource and certain critters can be a pain to recapture. Better hope the duplicants don't decide to drop a Morb in your base while they go off dancing...
  • The Scrappy:
    • Any duplicants with Destructive as their negative trait can become this very quickly if the stress levels in your colony get too high. Expect a whirlwind of desperate rebuilding as they throw a tantrum and kick apart all the tech that's just barely keeping them alive.
    • In any given run, you're likely to come across at least one duplicant who seems to make a habit out of causing trouble; be it getting himself locked out of the base/trapped while building something, refusing to use the bathroom even if you have multiples open until it's too late or refusing to take a break at the massage table when their stress starts getting high. Naturally, these duplicants will quickly start to grate on you as time goes by.
  • That One Disadvantage: Negative traits range from completely inconsequential to "never ever pick this dupe unless you're on a self-imposed challenge". In particular, Flatulent dupes generate small amounts of natural gas periodically, not enough to be useful for energy generation, but enough to screw with your plants, Narcoleptics drop anything they carry when they randomly fall asleep, Mouth Breathers and Bottomless Stomachs simply chew through two dupes' worth of resources, and those with Allergies will get extremely pissed off when exposed to Floral Scents (which pop up among certain common plants and brighten non-allergic dupes' days), practically guaranteeing they peak stress in a matter of seconds.
  • That One Level: Swamp biomes. Heavily populated with germs, and duplicants are almost guaranteed to get Slimelung from it, which can kill them if not dealt with quickly. It also can very easily spread through the colony like wildfire. What makes Swamp biomes so hard is that they often generate right next to the base; sometimes surrounding it on all sides, which makes it impossible to avoid. It is also the only source of Slime and Gold Amalgam, the former of which is necessary to make Algae (see Scrappy Mechanic above) while the latter is the best metal to use to build machines that are likely to overheat.
  • Ugly Cute:
    • The dupes themselves. Also pufts and hatches.
    • Heck, Puft Princes are this In-Universe, considering that they have a positive decor value.


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