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Headscratchers / Oxygen Not Included

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  • If these dupes are here because Gravitas launched the printing pod onto the asteroid, how is there already an (abandoned) Gravitas office building on top of the asteroid?
    • It seems that Gravitas was experimenting with time. They were oscillating matter forward and backwards in time. The time on either end of the oscillation and was compressed and stretched generating, essentially, infinite energy. The problem was that sending stuff forward and back in time is a really bad thing to do for two reasons. One: an object can't exist in two periods of time and the paradox was creating neutronium and two: it never occurred to them that in object moved forward or backward in time would heavily displace it in location. We live on a planet that spins on it axis in an orbit around the sun in a solar system that moves around the super massive black hole in the center of the galaxy in a galaxy that orbits around other galaxies in a universe that is expanding out from the orgin of the Big Bang. Even moving an object back or forward in time by a second would drastically change where it is located. This is implied to be what happened to the asteroid chunk. The asteroid has the exact same mass as the mass missing from the planet. The scientists accidentally sent a huge chunk of Earth into space and jumbled around all of the pieces while also creating a whole bunch of neutronium and violating the laws of thermodynamics. With a huge chunk of the planet now in space, whatever happened to the people on the planet probably wasn't pretty what with the earthquakes, firestorms from exposing the Earth's mantle to the open air, and the new moon screwing with the tides and all of that. It is implied that you actually play as Olivia, one of scientists whose brain was uploaded to the printing pod.

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