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  • Accidental Innuendo: Numerous scenes focus on women arguing over the right to "pilot the Shaft."
  • Awesome Music: Loud, frosty metal.
  • Complete Monster: The series has these two murderous military leaders:
    • Lord Sergei the 4th Sneak is the secret leader of the terrorists and the alien AI Oberon's partner. A man with perfect DNA who became a respected commander, Sneak secretly hates humanity for not being perfect like himself. Teaming up with Oberon and aiding it in destroying several cities full of people, Sneak aims to Kill All Humans and replace them with a "perfect" new race. To do this, he feigns loyalty to the government while leading the rebel terrorists with false promises of restoring the natural order for humans. Manipulating everyone around him to achieve his goal, Sneak abuses Beatrice, strings Mir Lotus along using her feelings for him, sends several other subordinates and terrorists to their deaths, and kills Remmy Levistrauss when she rebels against him after learning his true plans. Finally, he attempts to kill the Strain crew heroines, forcing Sophia Galgalim to sacrifice herself to stop him.
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    • Captain Jean Gedoo/Gedoux is the psychotic antagonist of episodes 9 and 10. A top student who resented being always second best to Mario Musicanova, Jean boards the ISEA fleet sent to capture the Shaft crew with the intent on getting his revenge on Mario. He is introduced beating his Register and later ordering her to hack into the computer and destroy the Shaft, physically and verbally abusing her into compliance. After managing to get over half the fleet vaporized instead, including his boss—and Mario's friend—General Natalie, Jean blames his Register and beats her before deciding to make himself the new commander. Gloating to Mario about usurping Natalie, Jean engages his rival, shooting him, and takes Mario's Heroic Sacrifice to kill them both with glee at his hated foe dying with him.
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  • Foe Yay: Jean & Marco.
  • Obvious Judas: It really isn't hard to guess that Lord Sneak is the terrorist leader working with Oberon. He has a mysterious atmosphere around him, is always seen in dark lighting, talks rather cryptically, always has ominous and threatening music playing in his scenes, treats Beatrice with no respect, basically says that men are better than women at one point, and is working for an Omniscient Council of Vagueness- oh, and his name is Lord Sneak, a clear reference to his sneakiness.

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