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YMMV / Garbage Pail Kids Cartoon

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  • Broken Base: Fans are divided over whether the cartoon is a lousy adaptation or at least better than The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. Even without comparing the animated series to the infamous live-action film, there is a dispute over whether the cartoon is entertaining in its own right or an unwatchable and painfully bland mess.
  • Earworm: Their "theme song."
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Fay Hooray is a female explorer who often has adventures in the jungle. And her segment involves a primate. Fast forward to August 14, 2000...
    • A more meta one: Episode 12 had a Wizard of Oz parody called "The Land of Odd" in which the characters meet an expy of Dorothy. Now meet Dull Dorothy, who was part of the first 2014 set.
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    • The first episode opens with a moral guardian giving an exaggerated content warning about how supposedly "disgusting, obnoxious and gross" the show is. The show not only would be pulled off the air due to protests from real-life moral guardians, it's also often considered to be not all that gross, compared to the cards and movie.
  • Uncanny Valley: The animation is very floaty, resulting in the characters constantly wiggling and bouncing. It looks quite displeasing.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: The Teaser for the second episode had a character named Squishy, a generic cutesy child who ranted about "being too cute for the Garbage Pail Show". Since males in cutesy shows tend to have Squishy's features, (i.e. Care Bears) Squishy has a bow tie, and the voice sounds like a male toddler, Squishy's a boy, right? Wrong. She was revealed to be a girl in The Pink Cat's Eye, as she was a part of the feminine mob chasing after The Figment.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: The plots tend to have nonsensical elements, such as:
    • A talking dinosaur skeleton.
    • A living plant monster that eats whatever it comes across.
    • A talking missile, of all things.
    • Several characters are visual puns, and freaky looking ones at that.

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