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Trivia / Garbage Pail Kids Cartoon

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  • Acting for Two: Several characters share a voice.
  • Disowned Adaptation: Mark Newgarden, one of the people behind the creation of the original trading cards, does not think highly of the animated series, even going so far as to consider it worse than The Garbage Pail Kids Movie.
  • Screwed by the Network: A legendary example. Banned after one episode-and only in some places. Then kept coveted for years until it was released on DVD.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Galoob was going to release a line of figurines based on the cartoon. Prototypes for figures of Split Kit, Clogged Duane, Patty Putty, Elliot Mess, Trash Can Ken, Michelle Muck, Trashed Tracy, Alien Ian, Janet Planet, Toothy Ruthie, and Liberty Libby were made. The cartoon's abrupt cancellation obviously prevented the toys from seeing the light of day.
    • According to the developmental art shown on this blog post, there were several noteworthy differences in character design.
      • The animated Garbage Pail Kids would have looked more like Cabbage Patch Kids like the original trading cards. Xavier Roberts' lawsuit towards Topps may have had a hand in toning down the Cabbage Patch look for the cartoon as was done with the cards.
      • Split Kit, Terri Cloth, and Elliot Mess would have looked more like how they appeared on the original trading cards, though Split Kit's gun is substituted with a blackjack and Terri was still going to have a face on her hand in addition to carrying around her face on a washcloth.
      • Patty Putty was going to be a redhead instead of a blonde and would have worn a blue blouse and a pink skirt instead of purple shorts, a purple shirt, and a green jacket.
      • Clogged Duane was initially envisioned as resembling a male version of the card character Oozy Suzy/Meltin' Melissa.

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