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Fridge Brilliance

  • In "Elliot Messed Up", it is shown that Elliot has been failing English in school. It's very likely that his D in English has something to do with his habit of scrambling the words in his sentences in the earlier episodes.

Fridge Horror

  • The Teaser at the opening of episode nine, entitled "Couch Potatoes" has two kids being scolded by their mother, who warns them to stop watching TV or they'll become couch potatoes. Cut to the two parents, who are literal couch potatoes. Were they trying to warn their children not to suffer the same fate as they did??
  • Split Kit being captured in "Chris Messin' August". Sure, he's saved by his pals, but what would've happened if they failed? Remember, these kids have parents. And Split Kit had been working with the criminals for quite a few days. Imagine a few days before Christmas, your child started acting strangely, before disappearing on Christmas Eve without you knowing what had happened.
    • The whole episode is laced with this. As the villains survey the mayhem in their helicopter, Chris mentions that they'll "keep him [Split Kit] quiet until they leave town". Exactly what was on his mind when he said that? Was he planning to hold Split Kit hostage? Or maybe he would trap Kit in a box and keep him in his lair like he did with one of his old spies?
    • Adding icing to the cake is the others going to the North Pole on a flimsy-looking plane. Like, really flimsy-looking. Suppose the plane stalled out/fell apart because of the cold before they reached their destination. They would be stranded in a freezing biome, their friend would probably be tortured by the criminals, and all their parents would know is that one day, their kids didn't come home.
    • Same deal for Wizard of Odd. After Kit, Duane and Patty arrive at the Lizard's chambers, accompanied by parodies of the main Wizard of Oz cast, the Lizard accidentally gets carried off by his own balloon. So what if the kids didn't "still have their balloon"? There wouldn't be a Good Witch to help them this time, and their only way home would've been taken away from them. They'd be stuck in Odd forever, Elliott and Terry would forever be ridden with guilt, and for all their parents know, their kids were killed in a tornado and their bodies were never found.
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  • Not even the episode preceding Chris Messin' August, Kinky Kong, is squeaky clean about this. We open with Fay Hooray/Stacy Hoopenagle, a palentologist reassembling the tail of a dinosaur skeleton. (Dinah Saur from Series 3, to be precise) Dinah, like the shrunken heads in Idaho Spud, is still perfectly conscious. Meaning she most likely remembers her death, whether it be from going extinct or another cause, and may have "reawakened" just in time to watch her remains be reassembled, if not during fossilization. Yikes. And I Must Scream indeed.
  • Idaho Spud and the Temple of Trash has three shrunken heads in one of the lizards' prisoner huts, who are still conscious and thus remember how they got into their state. Enough said.
  • The Teasers of the episodes 2 and 4 were about cute cartoon characters who weren't allowed to be on the Garbage Pail Kids show complaining. In the latter, the cutesy animals even held a strike at the studio. Kind of like how certain races or groups would protest for their rights...
  • The Garbage Pail Kids seem to be Animated Actors. Every other segment has them shown on television, and in the teaser mentioned above we actually see their studio. Now think about several of the characters-the couch potatoes, Patty Putty, Clogged Duane, Elliott Mess, Goldthumb, Rustin' Justin, etc. If they're really actors and there's no sign of the characters being in costumes, does that mean what I think it means?
    • They could just be really convincing costumes, though.
    • Or robots.

Fridge Logic

  • In the first episode, the Funbusters' plan was to ruin all the toys in America by selling defective batteries that would ruin any toy that used them. There are two rather glaring holes in this plan: 1, Not all toys use batteries, so only toys that required batteries would be destroyed. 2, Toys aren't the only things that can run on batteries. If those batteries were used in any other device, such as a flashlight or a clock, the Funbusters would surely be up to their necks in lawsuits once those electronics were all damaged by the batteries.


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