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YMMV / Front Mission: Gun Hazard

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  • Scrappy Weapon: The Main Weapon that you start out with, The VG (Vulcan Gun), is downright terrible compared to the Gatling Gun from Target Earth and the Vulcan from Cybernator. This is because the weapon is held back by a very backwards mechanic that has the weapon "reload one shot per second" instead of "reloading the entire clip when it becomes empty" which forces the player to be patient and conservative and wait for several seconds to replenish the ammo counter to a decent number. Contrast this to the SG (Shot Gun) which has the standard mechanic of "reloading the entire clip when it becomes empty" and it will become your Main Weapon for the rest of the game thanks to its undoubtable versatility, encouraging you to replace the VG as soon as possible with it.

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