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Characters / Front Mission: Gun Hazard

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    Main Characters 

Albert Grabner

  • What a Senseless Waste of Human Life: Being a morally lawful character, Albert tries to avoid killing if it's deemed unnecessary and openly condemns those who consider life to be cheap.
    • Albert does not approve of Johansen's willingness to sacrifice his men to repair a Radar Station that's completely exposed and surrounded by hostiles.

Emil Szynskii

  • The Medic: The EPI4-R5 Rybinskoe is a non-combat Wanzer that was designed for fast repairs.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: People who have played Gun Hazard for the first time will most likely assume that Emil is a girl on their first meeting... then they read a bit into the detailed canon and find out that Emil is actually a boy.

Luven "Bomber" Al-Habi

  • Demolitions Expert: The DF4B2-5 Jester is armed with explosive charges that can damage multiple enemies or be used to facilitate a structural collapse.


ZOHAR Commander

  • Man Behind the Man: Was provided with resources and technical aid to build a Particle Cannon by the Society.

Vice Minister Keel




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