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YMMV / Fallout Dust

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  • Broken Base: Originally discussion about the mod boiled down to one of two camps. Those who think the mod is fine as an exciting challenge mod that pushes players to their limits, or those who see it as completely missing the point of New Vegas' themes in favor of generic post-apocalypse grimdark for its own sake. Nowadays, see Vindicated by History.
  • Nightmare Retardant: Going insane is supposed to be a horrifying experience and the results speak for themselves. The goofy pop-up alerting you to your new status belies what you're actually in for.
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  • Quicksand Box: A map large as the Mojave desert and the sole goal of fleeing from the area without any instruction or quest markers.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge:
    • The only reason to ever go to Jacobstown is to test yourself or for the Insanity encounters. The enemies are so tanky and the rewards there so few it's an absolutely worthless endeavor.
    • The Divide is this Up to Eleven. Getting there is is its own chore.note If you managed it, look forward to Elite Mooks and Trained Deathclaws that work in tandem with said Mooks. Just to cap it all off, lore on the Tribals shooting at you is all you get from that whole venture. No cool weapons or major events. Just text.
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  • Unexpected Character: One of the unnamed hostile survivors defending the Northern Passage is Butch DeLoria.
  • Vindicated by History: Originally, while having it's own niche fanbase, the mod was usually derided as a masochist nightmare made for people who "don't like fun games", and nothing really worth talking about. Thanks to exposure from several promient Lets Players which resulted in an explosion of upvotes on the Nexus (now being in the 10'000's, with hundreds of thousands of downloads); the mod has rexamined as a fantastic Survival Horror experience, with a huge wealth of unique encounters, a chilling and throughly fun extension of Fallout Lore and gameplay, a suprisingly well-crafted hidden story, and a work that brings the Nightmare Fuel of Fallout Up to Eleven.