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Nightmare Fuel / Fallout Dust

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"He remembers. He will return for me here. And when he does... Fire cleanses. And he remembers." —Hunting Log
  • The premise. Dust takes the most populated areas of the Mojave and turns them into ghost towns and cities inhabited by things that want you dead. Your only objective? Escape the Mojave before your sanity collapses.
  • Speaking of sanity, it is Dust's main attraction. If your character goes insane after killing too many people, they will experience the most horrifying hallucinations that the mod developer could perform within New Vegas's engines, such as creatures that move twice as fast than they should, giant abominations chasing you out of alleyways, hyper aggressive shadowy Deathclaws and more. Shall you die to any of these hallucinations, the player character will faint and enter a Nightmare world, a dark, claustrophobic area with corpses that all make jabs about how poor your mental state currently is, before spitting you out at a random location. And that's not even the worst of it.
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  • The Wendigo. A mutated Joshua Graham that stalks the canyons of Zion. It is incredibly fast and incredibly lethal and it is invincible. The only way to survive Zion? Don't go there at all.
  • Even if you do somehow manage to survive Zion and The Wendigo, the player has to make one final effort to get out of the area for good and this is by going through a series of insanely convoluted, cramped tunnels that one can easily get lost in. Oh and the best part? If your character is insane, which by this point they most likely will be, they will hear the cries of The Wendigo stalking them through the tunnels. But it's just another hallucination...right?
  • The Strip, especially in promotional images, transforms from a shining beacon of paradise and decadence into a vaguely-visible Death World covered in The Cloud. The fear of what could be lurking within this codifier of death and decay is enough to shiver the spine.
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  • And there's the Courier himself. Any semblance of the man he was is now gone. Having been driven from New Vegas by the NCR and later turned into a ghoul sometime over the past two decades, he now lurks in the dried up Lake Mead, paranoid and, judging by the numerous traps and the tortured corpse in his lair, completely demented. The only way you can help him is to put him out of his misery. Unless, you get a mod that lets him be your companion.