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YMMV / Dandara

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  • Awesome Music: Thommaz Kauffman did an incredible job with the soundtrack.
  • Genius Bonus: Mostly to non-Brazilians. The character Tarsila, which is found on the first area of the game is a reference to a very famous modernist painter in Brazil, Tarsila Do Amaral, her position and design is meant to mirror her most famous painting "Abaporu"note . It is one of the most famous and historically relevant paintings in Brazil.
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  • Signature Scene: Ask anyone to name one scene in this game, and most likely it'll be the boss fight with Augustus. It even features on the cover of the soundtrack.
  • That One Boss: Want the true ending? Good luck. Tormenta, the True Final Boss, is the hardest boss in the game by far. You can't harm it directly with your shots. Instead, you destroy the creatures it summons so they reveal breakable eyes. Only by breaking these eyes can you damage it. While this sounds simple at first, as the fight goes on Tormenta will begin to overwhelm you with faces that tank a lot of damage, giant eyeballs that are only vulnerable when they're open, and giant fists that do a lot of damage. It slows down a bit when you make it to the final phase of the fight, but it's a long marathon that is the ultimate test of your skills..

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