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YMMV / Cassiopeia Quinn

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Feti's actions in "Past the Edge". Did she injure Vrax in the hopes of instigating a duel, or was she just trying to salvage what honor she could in the aftermath?
  • Designated Villain: Many readers feel that Vrax is the series' real protagonist as she is a selfless, honorable law enforcer while Quinn, while altruistic, is still a thief and a criminal and can occasionally come off as smug and unlikable. It doesn't help that Maddie gets far more character focus and development.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Everyone's incredulous that Cassie pays taxes on the ice cream parlor she owns in the android colony, but even if it wasn't legal, that wouldn't be a problem; the American IRS actually doesn't care if you come by illegal income as long as it's declared, since their job is collecting revenue and not prosecuting crime. So if you, say, robbed a bank, you can pay taxes on the income but don't have to report that you got it via robbery. You can even write off masks and guns for the robbery as a business expense.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • Cass's reunion with Beebot.
    • When Maddie takes the tournament sword, the rust disappears.
      Maddie: [smiles] Huh. I didn't know it did that.
    • The story of how Cassie met Zeke, helping him save the robots from his old job and giving them a new life rather than letting them be scrapped. They fell for each other almost immediately.

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