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  • Accidental Innuendo: During a late-1981 civilian episode while Jim was talking to a contestant named Toni about her golf game:
    Toni: I'm straight, but I'm not real long.
    Lange: Well, we all have our problems. I'm real long but I'm not very straight.
    (while the clip typically appears in blooper specials, they usually omit what Jim said next, in reference to the audience — "See how they misinterpret me?")
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  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Patrick Wayne played in a December 1981 Celebrity episode and mentioned that he had hosted a game show pilot. Lange remarked that he thought Wayne would make a good host, which turned out to be a rather inaccurate prediction.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Near-unanimous opinion on the Celebrity format, and not just because the change was clearly an abrupt, last-ditch move note .
    • Contestants now played a best-of-three match, with many questions being either visual or multiple-choice of three answers. A $500 value was added to the main game, and the categories were no longer announced by Lange before the game began. All other rules remained as they were before the change.
    • Bonus Island was far less of a "bonus", as the prize package was removed but the payouts remained the same. Contestants could (and did) go through a long match for at least $4,000 only to end up winning much less in the "bonus" game.
    • However, Celebrity Bullseye is unique among celebrity games in that it continued to use returning champs, straddle matches (by necessity, given the best-of-three format), and even award the players prizes from the sponsors. For example, a 1981 episode aired by GSN began with Fred Travalena playing Bonus Island, after which he faced Phyllis Diller.
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    • And in fairness, Barry-Enright managed to get quite a few people to play the game, including several who didn't really appear on game shows. Among the known players who either played or were announced during the intro as upcoming were Harvey Korman (the first champ), Lynn Redgrave, F. Lee Bailey, Gloria Loring, Patrick Wayne, Greg Morris, Rita Moreno, Rosey Grier, Max Gail, Doug Davidson, Roxie Roker, Donna Pescow, Richard Kline, Rue McClanahan, Diane Ladd, Leslie Uggams, Chris Rich, Ken Kercheval, Vikki Carr, Susan Richardson, Fred Travelena, Phyllis Diller, Daryl Anderson, Nipsey Russell, Jim Brown, Lilibet Stern, Shecky Greene, Jack Coleman, Lynda Goodfriend, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Dear Abby (Abigail Van Buren), Jennilee Harrison, Ernest Borgnine, Suzy Chaffee, Frank Bonner, Marla Gibbs, Foster Brooks, Jerry Mathers, Tina Louise, Dick Shawn, Linda Kelsey, Arte Johnson, Marcia Wallace, and Robert Mandan.
      • According to Enright, Orson Bean also played. According to one recollection, Murray Langston also appeared as The Unknown Comic (the nameplate on his podium actually read "Unknown") and removed his paper bag after losing the match.


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