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  • Best Known for the Fanservice: Brooke is pushed as a wrestler and has been so in TNA since 2011. People often forget that she's a multiple time champion - mainly because her most talked about attribute is her huge ass. She seems to be aware of this and incorporates her ass into many of her moves in the ring.
  • Broken Base: Like most Diva Search girls, she has her lovers and her haters. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground.
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  • Creator's Pet: Downplayed. The Extreme Expose were a reviled part of WWECW that WWE tried too long to get over but once they finally scrapped it, they scrapped her along with it. She was the only member canned, proving to be the least favourite of the pets.
  • Designated Hero: When she's face, she tends to come across as very arrogant and bitchy. In her feud with Tara, she came across as the heel until Tara was the one that turned.
  • Dork Age: An unbelievably silly storyline where Brooke feuded with Madison Rayne, whose crush on Earl Hebner led to him awarding her wins. This interrupted Brooke's first title reign, and the belt was swapped back to her four days later and still counted as a title change. It served no real purpose, other than introducing Taryn Terrell as the official Knockouts referee.
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  • Fandom Rivalry: Over which former Extreme Expose member became the better wrestler. Brooke is widely agreed to be better than Kelly Kelly, but fans can't agree if she's better than Layla. Brooke has continued to wrestle longer than both of them, but during Layla's 2012 return (with a notable improvement in her own ring skills) after her ACL injury fans started comparing the two.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: Watch those badly coordinated dances on ECW. At one point in time, all three of those women would improve and hold championship gold. In Kelly's shoot interview she is asked if she knows Brooke is a champion, to which she replies yes, still watches her every week and is proud of her.
  • Ho Yay: With Tara. They would often hold hands on the way to the ring and sometimes kissed each other on the mouth. That's hard to be interpreted as anything but.
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  • Love to Hate: As a heel after she broke away from Aces & Eights.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: When she showed up in TNA, fans reacted with bewilderment. Diva Dirt especially called it a sign of TNA's desperation to sign just about anyone who had once been in WWE. But by the time she won the Knockouts Championship, she had a whole legion of fans (Diva Dirt writers included).
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Heel Brooke was getting great responses from fans but she was turned face after she appeared on The Amazing Race before she could do much as a heel.

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