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    • Bishamonten, named after the Japanese War God, is the leader of the "nobuseri," or masterless samurai-turned-bandits who have taken to preying on the populace. Occupying a post town, Bishamonten massacres whoever stands against him and makes the town his personal kingdom where women are regularly raped or kept as sex slaves for him and his men. One son of a former samurai, who attempts to kill Bishamonten for raping his sister, is easily disabled by Bishamonten, who then thanks the man for his sister's body before killing him and having his corpse defiled. Kidnapping high-ranking officials in the province, Bishamonten uses them as hostages after slaughtering most of the province's military, and has said hostages dropped onto sharpened bamboo stakes later. When he captures Azumi's comrade, a transsexual woman named Kiku, upon discovering Kiku is biologically male, Bishamonten breaks his word to not harm Kiku by allowing one of his lieutenants, Seiryu, to rape and beat Kiku to death.
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    • Konishi Shizune and Tadane are a pair of psychotic twins who pose as a single "Shizune" in a small province. Pretending to be a devout Christian and the son of God, Shizune slowly manipulates the land's new administrator, the peasants and the samurai, laying the groundwork for a brutal war between them. When tensions are high, he then gives a speech to the peasants to declare the conflict a "holy war" that God himself has decreed. The twins proceed to drug Azumi herself, keeping her captive in their home where they torture her, starve her and deprive her of sleep to break her mind and make her their new servant, while also involving their old nursemaid Naka in the "games" as well, by forcing Azumi to choose between eating or sleeping and Naka's life. The twins proceed to enjoy the bloody war they have created while planning to have the noncombatants take refuge in a mine before trapping them there and burning them all alive. When a young woman whose family has been killed in the conflict offers herself to one of the twins, he proceeds to torture her to death while mocking her. Hiding their utter depravity behind a veil of gentle serenity, Shizune and Tadane end up being two of Azumi's most vile and deeply personal enemies.

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