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  • Dragon Quest series, even though is swarmed with Heroic Mime issue, have some:
    • Dragon Quest IV has Maya and Meena, twins who wanders around finding their former master for the sake of Roaring Rampageof Revenge, and fails messibly at the end of their chapter with their friend doing a Heroic Sacrifice so they can survive the battle with the boss.
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    • Dragon Quest V has full of these with almost every playable cast.
      • The Hero's father is killed, he himself placed into slavery for many years, his home is destroyed, and when he's married, he's forced to separate with his wife for another major period of time as a stone.
      • A part of Character Development of a brat prince Henry involves him being kidnapped and enslaved by bad guys along with The Hero. Sure, he meets his girl that way, but still...
      • The Hero's twin children are left parentless for years, and they're supposed to be parentless until their adolesent ages.
      • Sancho's feeling guilty for the his master's death and The Hero's disappearance. Do not bring him anywhere near Whealbrook. His Woobie status will be pulled Up to Eleven when you do unless you're playing the original game.
    • Dragon Quest VIII has Princess Media, who's turned into a horse for the entire game, even if not, she's supposed to marry a Prince Charmless whom before the game event she has never known or seen.
      • David, one of the Living MacGuffin, is abused as a lowing servent, and is killed off by a dog possessed by Big Bad.
      • Angelo is a mild example. Orphaned at a young age, he ends up at Maella Abbey. The first boy he meets (his half-brother Marcello) is friendly towards him... until he discovers Angelo's true identity afterward and antagonizes him because of the harsh treatment their father put Marcello and his mother through. Thus, Angelo grows up as a gambling womanizer. And then he gets to be treated to the sight of Dhoulmagus killing his father figure Francisco. Yeah... not cool. Even so, Angelo rises up to become a decent man in his own right, even going as far as to save his half-brother from falling to his death after his attempt to use Rhapthrone's power for himself, an act that results in Marcello simply spitting in his face (figuratively, not literally).
      • Even the Godbird Empyrea and her child are turned into these. A demonic griffon named Gemon kidnaps Empyrea's egg (at the behest of Rhapthrone), forcing the party to hound him. In retaliation, he destroys the egg, killing Empyrea's child before he was even born, and driving Empyrea into a hefty state of grief and anguish. In spite of this, spirit of the Godbird's son implores to his mother that he should help out the heroes regardless of what happened.

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