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From left to right: Murphy, Clyde, Ira, and Hassan

Vampirates is an online comic that debuted in 2005, created by Jones. The series follows a rag-tag group of Canadian Vampire Pirates on a mission to visit their ex-captain and exact revenge for his ruthless deeds. Getting there won't be easy however, what with the ferry hijacking, bar brawls, and dealing with hiding an even bigger crime - biting and turning someone into a vampire. Vampirates! contains vampires, pirates, kidnapping, blackmail, cross dressing, and yaoi.

The cast is as follows:

  • Clyde Callaghan - Cute kid, new vampire, who was kidnapped by vampire pirates. He didn't mind so much.
  • Hassan Qasim - One of the vampire pirates. He's out to murder his former captain.
  • Patrick Murphy - The oldest of the bunch whose funeral has since been immortalized in song. Don't, er, mention the song to him. Ever.
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  • Ira Robertson - A friendly neighborhood bumbling assassin, sent by Tractor Jack to stop Hassan.
  • Remy Rousseau - Ira's much more competent wife. Used to be Tractor Jack's first mate before a cute little accident nixed that gig.
  • Captain John "Tractor Jack" Allan - The guy Hassan wants to kill. He deserves it, though.

It went on an unplanned hiatus in March of '09 and was officially discontinued on 9th January 2011.

It has no relation to a novel series by the same name, other than containing vampire pirates.


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