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Claire will ultimately have to kill herself to escape the music box's evil.
Or worse yet, it's a result of what happens when she wishes she never found it in the first place.
  • Very very possible. Especially because that's the same ending as 'The Monkey's Paw': the story this movie is inspired by.
  • Confirmed!

Darcy Chapman's rotting condition will be diagnosed as leprosy.
What other explanation will her family have for her skin starting to inexplicably rot?

The audience will see a slow progression of Darcy's rotting condition.
And Claire will even visit her to see Darcy is visibly frightened by her worsening condition. Perhaps to show Claire that there are some things you shouldn't really wish on your enemy.
  • Could be possible, but it could also be a death scene instead. Darcy wakes up and her face looks fine until she realises her legs look weird. Then she walks over to the mirror and sees that her face starts to rot. It goes pretty fast (plus, I hope it's a death scene, because rotting away like that seems like an awful thing to happen...)
    • That sounds more possible, considering in the third trailer the music box kills people in the span it plays its music once a wish is made. So it's likely that following her unpleasant surprise in the mirror, Darcy's condition horrifically escalates as she finds herself rapidly falling apart from the inside. And as she falls apart upon the floor, she'll be left with nothing to do except helplessly scream!

The guy Claire falls in love with will turn out to be a Jerk Jock.
Perhaps it won't be a good idea to wish to be his girlfriend.

Others will know about the music box, and they'll start fighting over it.

Claire's father will be caught in the crossfires of the music box's evil.
  • Confirmed- maybe wishing to have her mom back wasn't such a good idea...
The music box won't just hurt others, but will also start making bad things happen to Claire.
Could be why the trailer shows a tearful Claire huddled in her room muttering a
Madness Mantra.
  • I think family members and loved ones will lose their lives so that the demon can grant Claire's wish. The woman with the braid and the sink and the older man in the bathtub could be family of her (or people she just really wishes death upon...).

The music box will turn out to grant eight wishes.

The music box is actually a prison for the Seven Deadly Sins
Jossed in the third trailer. It actually contains a demon. Just one.

What are Claire's other wishes?
From the first trailer, assuming it's not inaccurate, Claire wishes for something bad to happen to her bully, for "money", and "Love". Does she use up all her wishes? Or will the music box claim her first?
  • Could that car in the third trailer be one of those wishes?
    • The car is probably bought thanks to the money she wishes for.

Claire may seem to have affections for the Lovable Jock , but perhaps he's not the one.
Perhaps, it's the young Asian student who warns her about the music box's power. And on a downplayed level, he may have feelings for her as well.

Family and loved ones will lose their lives so that the demon can grant the wishes
The woman with the braid (sink of death!) the older man (bathtub of death!) and one of Claire's friends (elevator of death!!!) are probably dying because the demon needs their souls in exchange for granting Claire's wishes.

Claire will at one point pull a Face–Heel Turn (either on her own or under the box's influence) and start making wishes with disregard for the damage they cause.
  • Sorta. Claire keeps using the box despite knowing it will kill someone with each wish.

Claire might have survived... if she hadn't come into contact with the box at the end.

Wish Upon is a stealth installment in the Final Destination series

The music box deliberately targeted Ryan as its next user.
He was the one who repeatedly warned Claire about the dangers of the box, and never touches the box during the film. However, in the mid-credits scene when he is burying the box, he actually reads the inscription and looks offscreen thoughtfully. Touching the box actually exerts influence over whoever is touching it, as hinted by one of the above WMGs.

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