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Narm / Wish Upon

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Pretty much the entire movie qualifies as Narm, but some special moments are listed below:

  • The movie's soundtrack is terrible, consisting of music that sounds like it could have come off a Now That's What I Call Music! compilation. The fact that some of it plays over a clichéd shopping montage sequence makes it even more unintentionally hilarious.
  • A lot of the movie's dialogue is cringeworthy and hard to take seriously, due to not sounding like how real people talk. Special mention goes to Clare's "smegma" insult to Darcie, which degenerates into explaining the insult.
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  • Taking Clare seriously as the protagonist is very difficult due to how she's apparently so thick that she doesn't realize that the box might be killing people every time it grants a wish, with how her friends and relatives die every time soon after she makes a wish.
  • When Clare finds out about her mother's suicide, she drops the bike she was riding near her house and runs inside. One Time Skip later, Clare and her father still live in the same house, the grass is regularly cut, and the bike apparently hasn't been moved or touched since.
  • Jonathan still giving in to his compulsion to hoard and dumpster dive for some reason, even after Clare inherits her wealthy uncle's fortune.
  • One of Clare's wishes is for her father to stop dumpster diving and be a cool musician. Cue a very clichéd scene of Clare and her friends fawning over her father playing the saxophone like in a 70s sitcom.
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  • The fact that Clare wishes that Paul would fall madly in love with her is particularly hilarious in that it's so blatantly a very stupid wish that will come back to bite her in the ass.
  • The scene where Paul takes Clare's rejection badly is difficult to take seriously due to his reaction being... to simply cut himself instead of doing something more drastic like committing suicide, after he claims that he can't live without her. There's also the fact that Clare's shocked gasp in response to what happens is clearly a Stock Sound Effect. This entire sequence is also never brought up again, making it come off as Padding.
  • The film's attempts at showing Clare's mental state in some parts amount to merely desaturating the colors when she's unhappy and then restoring the saturation when she's happy, as if the filmmakers felt that her facial expressions weren't sufficient.
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  • Clare's mental breakdown toward the end is nigh-impossible to take seriously due to Joey King's hilariously over-the-top performance.
  • The genie's attempt(s) at offing Clare's dad deserve a mention as well. First the car breaks down, he nearly gets run over by speeding cars, his own car nearly crushes him when he tries to reach for the bolt, and he nearly gets his face ripped off by the escaped tyre when it bounces off a car coming from the other direction. The whole thing is a Final Destination rip-off; you can practically feel the demon go "just DIE, for goodness' sake!" by the end of the sequence.

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