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Wild Mass Guessing related to Ultimate Spider-Man, the comic book series.


Ultimate Clone saga and The Death of Peter Parker
The ultimate universe will follow the original concept that was rejected in the mainstream. That "real" Peter that died was a clone, meaning one of the two living clones is the real Peter Parker.

Scorpion is the real Peter Parker
Aside from the Tail attached to his spine, he isn't as significantly different from Parker than the other clones were.

Spider-Woman is the real Peter Parker
She (or He) was brainwashed into thinking she was "only" a female clone. That way he could never return to his old life despite how strong his old memories were.
  • Technically the second law of Gender bending is probably caused by his/her relationship with Johnny Storm.

Flash Thompson will join the Friends of Humanity.
His hatred of mutants gotten to the point that he'll no longer go to a school that'll allow mutants. He'll also have his new friends beat up "mutant lover" Kenny as an excuse since Flash never liked him to begin with.
  • Flash's treatment of Kitty after Ultimatum is like the high school version of Wrath's treatment of Wolverine: she won't get hurt, so it's okay to throw things at her.

"The Death of Spider-Man" will be metaphorical.
Peter won't die, but we'll see a shift in his character that could be described as a metaphorical death for the character, or he'll assume a new identity like the Scarlet Spider.
  • Jossed as of #160—Peter really did die. Then he came back anyway.

The game version is What If? story.
It tells about:
  • Eddie Brock taking control of the venom suit absorbing the remnants of it from Peter.
  • Silver Sable discovering Peter is Spider-Man.
    • No, the game was originally intended to take place in continuity, but it took so long to bring it in, that it wound up being a pragmatic adaptation that falls under What Could Have Been.

MJ will turn out to have someone to remember Peter by
  • It would be completely unfair to have had Peter die a virgin. Plus, with 616 Peter dating Carlie, we gotta have one universe with an actual May "Mayday" Parker.
    • Erm... what exactly is so wrong with Peter dying a virgin? You do realize that it's people like you who go "it's so unfair for Peter to die a virgin" that make the rest of us men look like sex obsessed horndogs.
      • Plus Peter was 16 when he died. There's still loads of teenagers by then who are virgins.
  • As of the last Ultimate Annual before Ultimatum, neither of them were okay with going to the next level (and obviously Bendis didn't want to be seen as a creep for going there). So no.

Eddie Brock will be the new Spider Man
  • Look at the new suit. Mainly black, not unlike the Venom symbiote, but also with trace amounts of red trim, hinting at the presence of the absorbed Carnage symbiote? Maybe after learning what happened to Peter, Eddie will realise he was wrong about him and be inspired to become a hero himself.
    • Quite clearly jossed, at this point, and Venom also returns as Miles' run as Spider-Man progresses, just not the Eddie Brock version.

The new Spider-Man will be Scorpion
  • He was the only clone unaccounted for.
    • The Fantastic Four had him, and he was presumably handed over to SHIELD.
      • He is in Shield custody but apparently still alive. Therefore...

Scorpion will eventually be released and compete with Miles Morales for the title of Spider-Man.
  • He was probably being rehabilitated by SHIELD after the FF turned him in. He will be the "official" Spider-Man of the Ultimates, but Miles will still probably be the Spider-man of New York.

Ultimate Peter was killed because of One More Day
  • Think about it, what was the whole point of OMD? To return Peter to his carefree days as a bachelor; But the big flaw with this reasoning was that Ultimate Peter already filled that void, plus he was still in a relationship with Mary Jane. With Amazing Spider-Man still not back selling the numbers it was before Joe Quesada's pet storyline, does it really seem out of the realm of possibility that Quesada ordered the character's death in the Ultimate universe & the cancellation of Amazing Spider-Girl (Where Peter & MJ's marriage remained intact) in order to force people to buy ASM by having it be the only book with a bachelor Spidey?
    • Actually, Joe Q loved the Spider-Girl book and actually gave it alot of chances to get sales up.

A theory on the new Spider-Man
He will have some sort of connection to Peter Parker.
  • A lot of people know that Spidey dies in USM #160. What a lot of people don't know is that the series is continuing, with someone completely new taking on the alter-ego of our favorite web-slinging crime fighter. The first issue of Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man Volume Two due to come out this September. I believe that it will be far more dramatic if this new hero will have some sort of connection to Peter besides coincidentally getting similar powers.
    • Jossed. The new Spider-man has little connection other than having the same powers. The idea is that Pete on his own could inspire others to use their own gifts responsibly. And he did—the new Spider-man only came to be because he was inspired by the original.

A possible idea on the new Spider-Man
  • For those who have read some of the previews for the new line of Ultimate Comics you will know that Captain America is NOT going to be a member of the Ultimates. When you combine this with the fact that In USM # 156 Captain America gave Peter a speech on why Peter is immature and not a hero and that In Ultimate Fallout # 2 Captain America blames himself for Peter's death, there is reason to suspect that the new Spider-Man might be Captain America. It would also be a rather easy fit too because With the super-soldier syrum in him, all Captain America would need is some webshooters and he could pass for Spider-Man easily.
    • Jossed.

How much do you want a bet that the new Spider-man is only a temporary replacement before Peter Parker comes back from the dead?
  • I give it a year
    • I guess i am the only one who guesses Peter wont be back at all.
      • You are not. The Ultimate universe generally avoid bringing people back from the dead. The Ultimate universe is more realistic after all. After all, the first Black Widow died and has stayed dead and she was replaced by an asian character. The Ultimate universe if for them to do things you couldn't do in the 616 universe, such as killing Peter Parker(Who's still alive in the 616 verse anyway).
      • Depends on how well the new guy sells- alternate universe or not, Ultimate Spider-Man was a very popular book (for a time, it actually outsold Amazing). If the replacement brings a sudden dip in sales and can't bring them up again, Marvel will either cancel the title or just go, "Fuck realism" and resurrect Peter. Besides, being "More realistic" certainly didn't keep Norman from crawling out of the grave.
    • Or they could end up doing a book about Ultimate Spider-Woman if this were to happen.
    • There's still that Scorpion clone running around too.
  • A bit of both, Peter does come back from the dead, but Miles is his successor and Peter and MJ run away together.

MJ will hook up with Spider-Woman!

MJ will find out Spider-Woman is Peter's clone and has his memories(Up to a point). In a case of If It's You, It's OK she'll fall for Jessica, since she's Peter, but in a Woman's body. Jessica has also mentioned she does have feelings for MJ, so it could work.

Someone will make a deal with Mephisto to bring Peter back to life
You remember how OMD came about? It was because Peter made a Deal with the Devil to save Aunt May. The Ultimates might reinterpret the OMD incident and have someone else will make the deal.

Everybody is going to show up for a What the Hell, Hero? moment
Pretty much everybody in the superhero community loved Peter Parker. Jessica's already turned up, but she won't be the last.
  • Except for Fury, he was pretty mellow with Miles.

When Miles is really down on his luck, everyone will learn about his motivation for taking up the role of Spider-Man.
And, finally understanding how things looked from Miles's perspective, they'll start to feel somewhat sorry for the kid. They won't regret pulling What the Hell, Hero? on him, but they'll start to sympathize with him at least. The fact that Miles' dad is a mutant-hater and probably won't be too thrilled about his son's powers may or may not play a role in all of this.
  • Nick Fury is pretty understanding of him A.) being thirteen years old, B.) having the balls to do good with his powers, and C.) being not necessarily a bad substitute.

The new Venom in Volume 2 Issue 20 is...
Aaron Davis, the Ultimate!Prowler. Now, I know what you're all thinking. Didn't he die already? and aren't characters that die in the Ultimate Universe dead for good? Well, here's my theory: that explosion didn't kill him. He was still alive, barely. And he stayed alive long enough to be bonded with the new Venom. Given Aaron's behavior during his fight with Miles and its outcome, he only has one thing on his mind—revenge. That would explain why Venom is attacking the Morales house in issue 19, and why he killed Betty Brandt in issue 16.1. He didn't want anyone else getting in the way of his revenge.
  • Well, his death was ran in newspapers, so he was probably identified while being found medically dead. He'd have to literally come back from the dead, and as far as we know, the Venom suit doesn't work on corpses.
  • And it turns out the new Venom doesn't have a host, as it's blown apart revealing nothing there, and then escapes through the slits on a sewer grating, leaving nothing behind.
    • As of issue #22 the above is wrong as Doctor Marcus, the guy who engineered the spider that bit Miles is the Venom host.
    • The symbiote is explicitly shown operating without a host earlier, and is known to be able to control it's hosts. Various characters also say Dr. Marcus had no motive, and his personality doesn't fit what's been established about the new Venom. Venom's identity is by no means conclusive.

The girl checking Miles out is not a new character
  • Her name is Lana and she is this universe's Bombshell. She met with Peter Parker as a villain before he died and was reformed later on when she went to his school. It also helps that this new girl her dress the same and look the same as well.
    • Wasn't she about Peter's age? Miles isn't in high-school yet.
  • Word of God has said in a recent interview that the girl is Kate Bishop and her and Miles will be dating post-Time Skip

Miles will have a super team called the Power Pack
  • This one was obvious because it was practically in the solicitations of the next three comics after 22 pretty much spells it out for you. Here are the members and their roles.
    • Miles Morales as The Hero and The Leader: Because duh.
    • Lana Baumgartner aka Bombshell as The Big Guy: When we last saw her, she was a reformed criminal who couldn't use her powers without her mom. She probably grew up after Peter's death, most likely trained so she could use her powers without mom. Won't get along with Tandy Bowen because the latter is a mutant bigot and the fact that Tandy is the prissy popular girl who won school president and Lana is the tomboy with a pension for foul language who also has a criminal record won't help things.
    • Ty Johnson aka Cloak as The Lancer and/or The Heart: Calling him the Lancer is pure speculation because that role could go to another character just as easily and we don't know much about his character. He'll probably be the mediator between his close friend, Tandy (Their power dynamic as duo forces them to be closely affiliated) and Lana trying to constantly diffuse a situation.
    • Tandy Bowen aka Dagger as The Chick: Tandy Bowen appeared in Vol. 2 in the series and she was a bigot as she sold Kitty Pryde out to the Mutant Police. Her getting powers might humble her or try to act high and mighty and say, "Well, I'm not a mutant unlike Lana." Her attitude will spark conflict between the two characters. Might still be the snob or Alpha Bitch she was before Peter died
    • Ganke as The Smart Guy: Ganke has already been hinted at making devices, gathering intel, and pretty much being the Brains in his partnership with Miles. It wouldn't be a surprise that he becomes the planner again.
    • Last and certainly not least, Kate Bishop as The Lancer or Sixth Ranger: It is unsure at what stage of development this character is in their life. Judging from their other adaptions in Marvel, they will definitely play a role on the team regardless if it is immediate or in the near future.
      • And this is all wrong so far. Jessica Drew is The Leader. Miles is The Lancer. Dagger and Bombshell share the role of The Big Guy. Cloak is The Chick. The last one may or may not even come into fruition.

Kingpin is still alive.
Can't believe it took me so long to realize this. He was killed by Mysterio of all people. The one Spidey villain whose entire gimmick is creating illusions and making use of Mind Screw. Mysterio could be an employee of Fisk who staged his murder so that Fisk can rule the underworld without free of suspicion. After all, who would suspect a dead man?
  • Possible. Then again, Anyone Can Die.
  • No way. Kingpin is a Man of Wealth and Taste, he doesn't want to live a life underground directing gangsters from the shadows, he wants respect, acknowledgement and comfort.

Norman and Harry will come back from the dead.
The Ultimate goblins are FAR more powerful than the classic goblins. Just look at Norman's escape from the Triskelion in the 'War of the Goblins' arc, he practically evolved himself to the point where no prison could hold him and by the end of the arc he and Harry were literally superpowered, able to leap hundreds of meters in a single bound, shrug off automatic weapons fire like a gentle rain and rend metal with their bare hands, while the 616 characters' powers don't go beyond moderate Super Strength and a Healing Factor. And even that was enough for 616 Norman to come back from a friggin' metal spike through the heart, even after he was confirmed dead, imagine what the ultimate ones can survive. Especially as Norman's death was neither explicitly shown nor openly confirmed. Given that both characters were criminally underused (especially considering that Norman is classically Peter's nemesis) it'd be shameful for them not to be brought back.

Peter won't stay dead.
  • Remember that magical artifact that could grant any wish from #153-154? Yeah, that's totally not going to have any significance in the future.
    • And let's face it, he practacly invented the Determinator trope.
    • That said, if Norman is right about the OZ formula making it so he cannot die, the same can be said for Peter, who was bitten by the OZ spider.
  • Confirmed, happened in Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man 1-6.

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are alive and well...
  • Shortly before Ultimate Universe: The End Peter Parker turned out to be alive and well. He ultimately gave Miles his blessing as the new Spider-Man and left with MJ for parts unknown. Just as the Ultimate Universe came to its inevitable end, Molecule Man, acting out of gratitude, transported Miles, his family and his friends, to the main Marvel Universe. As it happens, Molecule Man also transported Peter, May Parker and MJ. They are now living happily away from New York under different aliases (so as not to cause confusion with their 616 counterparts) and Peter and MJ are making wedding plans.
  • Confirmed as of the last issue of Spider-Man II and New York is still in one piece too.

Venom will return.
Since his second storyline, Eddie as Venom was captured by Beetle and was never seen again thereafter. Sooner or later though, he'll return. Most likely in a Venomverse type of crossover, but someday, he will escape the Beetle if he hasn't already. And this is one potential way he could.

Since the Ultimate Universe has been restored since Spider-Men II, Venom is probably still contained by the Beetle; but the suit came with Eddie, and is therefore probably still bonded to it. Either way, he manages to kill the Beetle and escapes containment. Venom's design at this point will have been restored to his original form prior to absorbing Gwen as Carnage, his body having become one with the suit and then stabilized itself quite well, after Eddie was buried in it for so long. Then, before hunting down Spider-Man once more, Venom would then track down Conrad Marcus' retreating Venom sample from the sewers and absorbs that too. This gives him only one minor change in appearance. His Chest Insignia.



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