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     Season 1 WMG 
The 100 have landed on the Island
  • It has a mysterious tribe watching the group from the trees, a smoke monster and Henry Ian Cusick.

Bellamy and Octavia will end up in a Cain and Abel-type situation.
  • "Earth Skills" shows that Octavia has resisted Bellamy's plan to make the Ark think that the 100 are dead. She keeps her wristband on throughout the Pilot and through roughly half of "Earth Skills" and only removes it in a genuine attempt to help fix the communication system, not as a gesture of support for Bellamy's plan. (In fact, assisting the repairs of the communications system directly opposes Bellamy's plan.) This will become a point of contention between the two, which will drive Octavia onto Clarke's side of the conflict.
    • As of "Twilight's Last Gleaming", she does seem to be getting pretty tired of his behavior. She doesn't take the news about him shooting Jaha well at all.
    • They get in a huge fight at the end of "His Sister's Keeper" and Bellamy tells her that he's secretly resented having to be responsible for her his whole life and that he blames her for their mother being floated. They do seem to be headed in this direction.
      Bellamy: My life ended the day you were born.
    • It seems to grow worse in "Contents Under Pressure", following Bellamy torturing the Grounder who saved her life.
    Octavia: He saved my life!
    Bellamy: We're talking about Finn's life!
    • Jossed. He tells her he didn't really mean what he said about her ruining his life. He was angry at himself for all the terrible things he's caused.
    • If the season 3 trailer is anything to go by , may not be Jossed after all.
  • Midway through season 3, this becomes Confirmed. A Grounder killed Bellamy's girlfriend and a bunch of other Arkadians, leading a grief-stricken Bellamy to later aid in a Grounder massacre, which eventually leads to Lincoln's death. Octavia doesn't forgive him for this until the end of season 4.
  • And again in Season 5, the series appears to be setting up for another round of this as Octavia and Bellamy develop irreconcilable differences about how far to go in a war against the Eligius occupiers of the Shadow Valley.

News of his son's death will lead Chancellor Jaha to Despair Event Horizon.

John Murphy will become The Starscream.
  • He got exiled, used as a virus bomb, and then tried to kill Bellamy only for Kane to break up the fighting in season 2.

It wasn't Kane who made the deal with Bellamy to shoot Jaha.
  • He seems like the obvious suspect, but talking Jaha out of making a Heroic Sacrifice doesn't make any sense if he wants him dead.
    • Confirmed: It was Commander Shumway.

Octavia will end up in a love triangle with Jasper and a grounder.
  • Going by what's been said in some recent interviews...
    • Looks pretty much confirmed if the synopsis for episode nine is anything to go by where Octavia and Lincoln (the Grounder who saved her) get closer.
    • She chooses Lincoln in the end.

Octavia's father is the man Aurora was prostituting herself to.
  • Aurora was prostituting herself for Bellamy's sake when she accidentally got pregnant. He helped her hide the child because he felt some sort of connection. Of course, not enough of a connection to own up to Octavia being his child, because he would get floated, but he did what he could by telling Aurora when he was doing inspections. Bellamy, on the other hand, he felt nothing towards, which is why he kept extorting sex from Aurora to get him a place on the guard.
    • Also, Bellamy's father is absent when Aurora is giving birth. He likely either died or was floated. He could have died while Aurora was pregnant, but Bob Morley is half Filipino while Marie Avgeropoulos is not, suggesting they had different fathers.

The Grounder (Lincoln) who saved Octavia was banished from his tribe...
  • His hideaway looked like a make shift home, and he didn't take part of the confrontation with Bellamy rescue group. It is possible he was exiled for failing a task or not being ruthless enough. I mean he saved Bellamy group for no reason but because Octavia was worried that they would be killed.
    • Confirmed. Not that it stopped him from trying to steal medicine from them to save Octavia again.
    • Not quite. He was banished,but not before helping the 100. We learn later from Indra that as a child he was very different from the others, it's possible he just crafted a little hideaway there to be alone, or for survival purposes, to escape from the fog or beasts or Mountain Men.

The Grounders aren't the violent savages that they appear to be.
Imagine for a moment that you are a Grounder: You've grown up on a planet where everything, including the very air that you breathe, is potentially deadly. You've spent years learning how to survive and getting to know the routines of this Death World. Now, imagine that one day, a bunch of strange people show up on your planet. You've never seen them before, you don't know where they came from, who they are, how they got here, or what they want with your home. Naturally, the first thought that comes to mind is "These people are invaders"; this fear is confirmed when one of them tries to cross into your territory (Jasper crossing the river to Mount Weather). After you and your fellow grounders attack him, the others back off for a while, but later, you discover that they've invaded your territory again and reclaimed the one you captured. Now you're sure they're your enemy.

The thought process of the Grounders was probably something like this. They attacked Jasper and took him hostage because he stepped into Grounder territory. Once they "confirmed" (in their minds) that the 100 were their enemies, they captured Octavia so they could try and get information out of her. In other words, they aren't mindless savages, they're just trying to keep what they perceive to be a hostile force out of their land.

  • It's a bit more complicated, but Confirmed. It's a matter of territory dispute and the fact that the 100 accidentally burned down one of their villages later on.

There will be a second group of One hundred sent down...

After the Ark realizes that the original drop ship group is still alive. They will send a second group. This group will consist of the higher class citizens that Walls and Clarke where part of. While the original group where there to see if life could be sustained onsite. The second group mission will be there to establish a safe drop area and set up a landing base. They will be focused, arrogant and have actual gear like Guns and amour. They will take charge and immediately put the Juvies in their place, Clarke will be torn between the original group and the new group who actually work together towards a common goal. Things will get complicated when their leader , the blonde who had eyes on Octavia in My Sisters Keeper turns out to be in charge and Octavia will be forced to hide her friendship with the Grounder Lincoln. As this new group have orders to cleanse the area of hostile Grounders in preparation for the landing of the Ark citizens.

  • Jossed.The Ark is ruined so they send everyone down, but only a few hundred make it.

Lincoln is a scout ...

He's been seen since episode two observing the 100. His function was scout , to stay outside of Grounder territory and take notes on the new arrivals but not interact. To make sure the 100 don't get any intel about the Grounders and their abilities. Unfortunately he became charmed by Octavia curisosity and intervened when she ended up with a major leg wound that would have killed her.
Then he had a new set of problems, what to do with her. He was not meant to interact with her and now she's recuperating in one of his hidey holes. Great, now her boneheaded brother has followed her into Grounder territory and the Defence force intercepted them and it's not going to be pretty.
So Lincoln managed to save them , stayed behind when the Defence force left just in case any of them circled back for the kill. When they didn't he headed back to his base. Then he get's knocked on the head, his hidey hole got invaded by intruders and now he's held captive by his mission and they start asking questions.

Commander Shumway will be the Big Bad.
  • He's the one who gave Bellamy the gun to shoot the Chancellor, and Councilman Kane went through a Heel Realization in "Contents Under Pressure". He also insisted to Kane they should get rid of a few people to save air in the pilot episode. He may be planning a mutiny.
    • Jossed as of the latest episode, turns out he was The Dragon to the real Big Bad who promptly killed him after he got caught.

There'll be a Love Triangle between Clarke, Bellamy, Finn, and Raven.
  • Jossed. Raven broke things off with Finn when she found out about Clarke and Bellamy doesn't have any romantic notions.
    • Plus Finn dies.

Finn will fall in love with a Grounder girl.
  • He'll start falling out of love with both Clarke and Raven, due to the imminent war with the Grounders.
    • Jossed. He's still obsessed with Clarke at the time of his death.

Another reason Charlotte committed suicide is because killing Welles didn't kill the "demons" haunting her nightmares.
  • And comes to a horrible realization that she killed a person for nothing.

Murphy is Kane's son.
  • Jossed. Murphy admitted his father died quite some time ago.

Diana is still alive.
And will show up in the season finale.
  • Jossed so far. However who knows what surprises season 2 has in store?

     Season 2 WMG 
The final episode will be the 100th episode.
The number in the title may also refer to the total number of episodes that the show will have.

Clarke will tell the Grounders that she and Lexa knew the missiles were coming.
As payback for betraying the Ark.
  • That would be a really bad idea. Especially now that she's gone off on her own, the last thing she needs is a bunch of enemies.

Most of the rescued 100 will leave the Ark camp, either to follow and look for Clarke or to settle in a more peaceful place where they can live on their own.
  • Most of them seem to be uncomfortable with 'Ark rules' after their time spent on their own and while Bellamy tired to give her the forgiveness she needed, it has to come from others affected. Perhaps specifically, but not limited to, Jasper and Octavia.

Clarke will go on her own journey and run into a situation where she is given the opportunity to redeem and forgive herself for what she did.
  • The writers seem to be very trigger happy when it comes to parallel situations between characters. Jaha is a dethroned leader seeking new horizons, perhaps she will be too.

Indra is Lincoln's mother.
  • His betrayal of their clan is awfully personal to her, yet she also gives him many passes and breaks. She takes it upon herself to train and evaluate Octavia because she's her future daughter-in-law.

     Season 3 WMG 
  • I think a major ark will be finding the rest of the ark, the promised land, and the fallout of Lexa's bertrayal. But I think and hope they make her a main character and we get to see some stuff from her point of view. And since someone already mentioned parallels, it's possible Clarke will get kidnapped and tortured. Possibly by one of the other tribes. I think something will create conflict in the tribes, perhaps the missile thing, and to get info or to get back at Lexa someone might try to get to Clarke. I don't know what's going to happen next season for sure, but if we don't find Clarke in Lexa's bed at any point I'll be really disappointed. Also I predict that we'll find Clarke in Lexa's bed. If one of my predictions comes true I hope it's that one.
    • In an interview, one of the shows creators said that Lexa's story was essentially over after her season 2 arc and her actress has signed on for a permanent role on another show (a Walking Dead related thing, which is also a bigger series). This doesn't rule out more of her story (it was kind of left hanging in regards to her perspective on her actions and aftermath) but we probably won't see a lot of her in Season 3 because of this.
    • Confirmed things from this WMG:
      • Ark survivors!
      • Clarke gets kidnapped, but at Lexa's behest.
      • Clarke and Lexa do end up in bed together.
      • Titus, fearing that Clarke's influence on Lexa is too great, tries to go after her to stop this. He accidentally ends up killing Lexa, though.

Some of the people in the 13th Station survived and will eventually be seasonal Big Bads
  • In Unity Day Finn mentions that there were originally 13 stations, but the 12 that formed the Ark didn’t come together until the 13th was blown out of the sky. That is such a random detail to put out unless it was a Chekhov's Gun. Eventually it will be revealed that the 13th station crashed on Earth and survivors have been nursing a 97 year grudge against the other stations.
    • Maybe they were the ones who made the AI lady that Jaha just ran into?
    • Jossed as of 3x07 "Thirteen." The 13th station itself, Polaris, was blown apart by Alpha Station, but a single crew member made it to Earth and became the first Grounder Commander. The ruined city where she crash landed became the site of the Grounder capital city of "Polis", a distortion of Polaris. And the AI that Becca brought with her will potentially become the show's Big Good.
    • It later turns out that the second AI is actually the Flame, a microchip implanted in each Commander. So it has been the Big Good for decades already, at least to the Grounders.

The mountain's jamming signal...
  • to protect the DC area from the lady in red. Bringing down the dropship is a logical extension of that, since preventing her from having access to orbital weapons or launch vehicles is the mountain's first priority (that the inhabitants probably forgot). And now there is no signal.

The intro sequence is the AI's view of the world
  • Considering that she launched the missiles and the visual seen in the intro sequence with the explanation marks at the mountain and the fallen Ark, the x-ray of the mountain, and the lines that seemingly form targets, its possible it's her watching the people.

The 100 is a BioShock Infinite alternate universe of Fallout 3 where nuclear holocaust broke out before creation of the Vaults
There is always a lighthouse: Mount Weather
There is always a man: President Dante Wallace
There is always a city: Tondc

  • Several details also bare a fair amount of similarity. In addition to taking place in the ruins of Washington D.C. the Lincoln Memorial is intact; Lincoln took his name, as Hannibal Hamlin took the name of Lincoln's VP, and they have parallel goals of unity and peace. Arkadia, the ruins of the grounded space station comes to parallel Rivet City. The Reapers turn out to be the result of experimental bio-engineering, as were the Super Mutants. Mount Weather is a bunker-fortress akin to Raven Rock, housing The President with control over radio broadcasts and the technologically-advanced Mountain Men, i.e. The Enclave.

The Sky People will be split in two.
  • Pike will force everyone to to choose sides and will brand those that don't as traitors, and they'll follow Jaha to the City of Light.
    • Confirmed: This is what happens in season 3 with some siding with him and others with Kane until later A.L.I.E and Jaha get the whole camp to take the chip.
  • Theory For Season 4: After Pike's death and A.L.I.E's defeat the camp will still be divided as some will miss being in the City Of Light, while others will still have the same point of view on grounders like Pike did when they sided with him causing more conflict with the others with Clarke and Kane.
    • Jossed, as the coming death wave serves as a Conflict Killer to most other storylines.

Lexa believes that Clarke is Costia reincarnated.
Lexa has already stated that her people believe in reincarnation since they believe the spirit of the Commander will move into the next person destined to become Commander. She also says "Death is not the end" and since we have the whole City of Light thing going on it seems possible that the reason Lexa found Clarke so appealing at first was because she perhaps thought she was Costia in another life.

     Season 4 WMG 
Octavia in season 4
  • Octavia will join the Ice Nation.
    • The producers confirm she will live with some grounders and that the Ice Nation will have a bigger role so it looks likely that this will happen or she will join another clan. The trailer seems to confirm this but it may be a different clan.
  • She going to try to take revenge on Bellamy.
    • Clearly killing Pike didn't satisfy her and she hasn't forgiven Bellamy, so it is most likely she will try to kill him eventually.

Who will die in season 4
The season is teasing that many characters may die. These are some theories about which characters may bite the dust.
  • Bellamy
    • It has been teased that he will die in the season as a consequence of his actions in the previous season being to severe to allow him to survive the show.
    • The way he might die is dying from the radiation as he will sacrifice himself by not getting on the life raft to save life support.
    • Jossed, he survives.
  • Raven
    • The trailers show that having A.L.I.E. in her mind is going to have negative side effects and in one scene she is shown having a seizure making it a possibility she die from it.
    • Jossed, she eventually purges the remnants of A.L.I.E. and survives.
  • Clarke
    • A brief moment in the season 4 trailer shows her with lesions from the radiation and collapsing making it a possibility that she will die from the radiation.
    • But given the controversy over the Bury Your Gays tropes because of the death in the third season she might not die and the moment in the trailer may be her having a nightmare or she will get better from the radiation.
      • Clarke's death is Jossed. Amusingly enough, the burns end up being both a nightmare (Abby's hallucination, specifically) and something Clarke heals from (during the Time Skip at the end of the finale.
  • Luna
    • In the trailer it is shown that she gets sick from the radiation which implies that she will die this season.
    • Jossed, as while she does get sick, her Nightblood lets her recover.
    • However, she later turns into a Straw Nihilist trying to make sure everyone dies, and Octavia kills her.
  • In the end, the major character to die this season is Jasper; other deaths include Roan, Ilian, Luna and all of the Boat people, and many other minor characters off-screen from the death wave.

     Season 5 WMG 
At least one main character will have had a kid during the Time Skip.
Interviews have said that Clarke's maternal relationship with Madi will be a major focus of the next season. Perhaps a good way to spotlight it would be to contrast how someone else raises their kid. Candidates include:
  • Someone from the Ark
    • This is a pretty easy one. You've got two Official Couples (Monty and Harper, Murphy and Emori), while Bellamy's had Ship Tease with both Raven and Echo. And they're all a bunch of teenagers who've got six years of little to do.
  • Kane and Abby
    • They've already admitted their feelings for each other, and they're much older than the other choices. However, Abby already being a parent, on top of being Clarke's mom, may make this less likely.
  • Octavia
    • Pretty unlikely, all things considered. But she did sleep with Ilian that one time, so perhaps Inverse Law of Fertility kicked in?

The people on the prison transport will become the Big Bad of season 5.
The Stinger of seasons 1 and 2 first revealed the Big Bads of the next season while season 3 set up the Death Wave during the main plot, so the trend will probably continue here.

The prison transport contains a Darker and Edgier counterpart to the 100.
Word of God apparently indicates that the ship comes from some mining company, likely out in the asteroid belt. It's also said that it's going to be inverting the plot from season 1, where Clarke is now the Grounder. So perhaps these new arrivals, sent to Earth for the same reasons, are going to be much less innocent than the 100 were. For the most part, they fell victim to the Felony Misdemeanor laws of the Ark. However, I'm thinking that these new arrivals will be more along the lines of hardened criminals, who feeel much more deserving of this fate. Clarke will probably sympathize with them due to a similar background, but will eventually figure out their true nature.

     WMG: Other Predictions 
  • Bellamy and Clarke will become a couple
    • There are a couple a ship tease moments in the trailer and given that they are a popular ship next to Clarke/Lexa. The season may put them together.
  • A.L.I.E is still alive in Raven's mind
    • The seizure in the trailer could be A.L.I.E once again trying to take over mind.
      • Confirmation status: The seizures are a result of stress. Hallucinations of Sinclair and Becca, rather than remnants of them, help Raven recover.
  • Niylah and Octavia will become a couple
    • There is a moment in the trailer showing her helping Octavia and Octavia turning out to be bisexual wouldn't be a shock given how the show handled Clarke's sexuality.
  • Lexa will return
    • The producers keep claiming that she won't be back but given the ambiguous nature of what happened to her in the City Of Light she could appear as a hologram or a computer program.
    • Though given the actress's unavailability it is possible that whoever takes the chip, Lexa will speak through her.
  • Clarke's new love interest will be the new commander
    • Whoever takes the Flame may end up with Lexa's feeling towards her and a relationship will form through that and it would be a way to make it up to the Clexa shippers.

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