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    Season 1 
  • Octavia's pronouncement when she sets foot on Earth for the first time:
  • Clarke's mom telling off Kane when he comes to arrest her for exceeding the medical supplies limit to save Chancellor Jaha:
    Kane: How much blood did you use, Abby?
    Abigail: I used whatever it took. Breaking the law to keep you from becoming Chancellor was the easiest decision I've ever made.
  • Wells beating Murphy twice, once in a fist fight and the second time in a knife fight despite being sucker punched by the former. What makes it impressive is that Murphy comes off as a hardened killer willing to inflict pain and Wells as the genuinely passive guy who doesn't go looking for trouble.
  • Wells stealing Bellamy's gun without him noticing, and killing the jaguar-like creature that attacks them soon afterwards.
  • Bellamy tries to get Clarke to take off her wristband. She tells him off in truly grand style:
    Clarke: The only way the Ark is going to think I'm dead is if I'm dead.
  • Clarke gets a chance to tell Bellamy off again in "Earth Kills", when he says that she should give up trying to save Jasper. She doesn't disappoint:
    Clarke: This isn't the Ark. Down here, every life matters.
  • Octavia breaking out of a Grounder prison and coming within a hundred feet of joining up with the rescue party sent to find her. Sure, she gets caught again, but Bellamy's little sis adequately proves her Action Girl credentials.
  • Raven tearing Bellamy a new one for destroying her radio and costing over 300 Ark residents their lives] in "His Sister's Keeper".
  • In "Day Trip", Bellamy is held at gunpoint by a fellow member of the 100 who has been bribed to kill him. Cue Clarke stepping out with a gun of her own to defend Bellamy. To review: Clarke, the resident heart and an outspoken pacifist (with the exception of the torture incident) wields a loaded gun...and to defend someone who's basically been nothing but a Jerkass the entire series.
    • Bellamy gets one of his own in this scene, too. After the guy beats him half to death, Bellamy fights him off when Clarke is in danger and kills him by stabbing a gun shell through his neck.
  • In "Unity Day" Bellamy shoots Anya in the arm in order to protect Clarke. Bonus points considering he led Anya's moving arm (not exactly a large target) from quite a distance with a faulty rifle and still hit his mark.
  • In "I Am Become Death" Raven creates a bomb to destroy the bridge the Grounders have to cross to attack the camp. She then goes to set it while infected with the virus and is even willing to sacrifice herself in order to detonate it.
  • Lincoln actively defying his own tribe to save Clarke and Finn, then taking on the Reapers by himself to give them time to get out. Keep in mind, The Reapers are so terrifying that even Anya and her hardened warriors avoid them like the plague, but Lincoln goes up against them on his own!
  • Lincoln and Finn get one in "We Are Grounders, Part 2" when they lead a Reaper hunting party towards the Grounders invading force. Cue the Reapers and Grounders going old school on one another and Finn and Lincoln buying Clarke time for her plan to work.
  • Clarke's plan gets a mention for being both brutal and efficient. Using the original Dropship re-entry engines to literally scorch the surrounding area in a massive fireball of flame. Like a literal hand of the Gods striking down the Grounder invasion.
  • The Reveal that Lincoln survived his encounter with the Reapers. He was one guy being chased by a large group of these monsters, with a fresh arrow wound through his side, and he was able to survive.
    • Twice.
  • For being outnumbered and outclassed, The 100 put up one hell of a fight against The Grounders. Special mention goes to Finn tackling the leader of the attack force Tristan to protect Bellamy.

    Season 2 
  • Anya taking on the Mount Weather soldiers to rescue Clarke in "Reapercussions."
  • Kane's reveal in "The 48", effortlessly taking out Tristan.
  • Jaha's space jump in "Inclement Weather". The awesome visual effects that went into the Ark are on full display as he leaps from one side of the ring to the other.
  • Clarke defeating Anya after a brutal fight in "Many Happy Returns". Even Aanya is impressed by it. Later, Murphy manages to save Bellamy and Mel despite being almost torn in half by the rope holding them up
  • The Reveal that Lexa, the wallflowery girl attending to Kane and Jaha is really the Commander of the grounders. The ease she disarmed Jaha with.
  • Octavia's beatdown in "Survival of the Fittest" is both awesome and horrifying. Horrifying in just how brutal the beating is. Awesome in that she keeps getting back up from what the Grounders clearly thought was a series of individual curb stomp battles. Indra's so impressed with her Determinator abilities that she immediately offers to train her to be her second in command, having previously flat out refused to even teach her to fight.
  • Clarke standing up to Abby in "Coup de Grace"
  • Bellamy saving Fox from being killed by bone marrow harvesting. She runs for the door, and he comes in with his gun pointed dressed as one of the guards, and suddenly turns and shoots the two who captured her. The fact that both the audience and Fox don't know it's Bellamy at first makes it even better, and also doubles as a heartwarming moment when she hugs him.
  • Lexa saving Clarke from the grounder that attacked her and the scene that followed.
  • Lexa and Clarke finally kissing.
  • The chant outside the Mount Weather station.
  • In the otherwise bleak "Blood Must Have Blood Part II", Lincoln slicing off Cage's hand, before finishing him off with his own reaper drug was incredibly cathartic.
    • Especially Lincoln's Ironic Echo of the first time Cage injected him: "The first dose is always the worst."]]
  • Also from the Season 2 finale, Octavia effortlessly slaughtering two Mountain Men guards in a manner of seconds.
  • The fact that Clarke and Bellamy were willing to fatally irradiate everyone in Mount Weather, including innocents and children in order to save their people was an incredibly bold narrative move.
  • Bellamy and Maya radiating an area to protect Jasper from being harvested. Bonus awesome point for Tsing dying from said radiation, and Jasper echoing the hollow words she'd told them earlier.

    Season 3 
  • Octavia taking out an Ice Nation solider by throwing her sword at him.
  • Clarke wrestling a panther with nothing but her bare hands and a knife... and killing it!
  • Clarke comes face to face with Lexa again, her one-time ally and almost lover who then betrayed her and forced her to commit a horrific act of mass murder, and now expects to be Easily Forgiven for that. Her response: spit in Lexa's face and scream about how she's going to kill her as she's dragged away.
  • Monty meets his mother again, and learns that his father had a Dying Moment of Awesome going out of the group's base again and again to bring children in when the Ice Nation attacked them while they were playing in the snow. He managed to save four before he was killed.
  • Lexa asserts her authority in Polis very handily. The Ice Nation ambassador who has been needling her over accepting a treaty with the Skaikru doesn't think anything of it when she invites him near the open precipice of the meeting room to "speak in private". As soon as he's in position, she boots him over the edge.
    Lexa: Would anyone else care to question my decisions?
  • Clarke meets the Queen of Azgeda. In a very clever plan if it had worked, she falsely promises allegiance with a knife she poisons during the ritual, intending that the Queen should die.
  • Lexa and Roan's fight, which ends with her using his weapon to kill Nia, who orchestrated the fight, instead of Roan, and declaring Roan king of the Ice Nation.
    Lexa: Jus drein jus daun. (blood must have blood) *tosses spear at Nia*
  • Lexa's Badass Boast when asked who will fight in her place in single combat with Roan:
    Lexa: I am The Commander. No one fights for me.
  • Clarke ultimately refusing to be a hypocrite in her new push for peace by not killing Emerson (and it probably also helps that letting him live is a far more fitting punishment).
  • Raven breaking free of ALIE's control, even temporarily.
  • After nearly a full season of being a bystander on the wrong side, Monty pulls a Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right! at exactly the right moment and almost manages to save the escape attempt.
    Monty's Mom: "Monty what are you doing?!"
    Monty: "I'm helping my friends."
  • Lincoln's Heroic Sacrifice and final words.
    Pike: Any last words?
    Lincoln: Not for you.
  • Kane's side of the story in "Join or Die was a Moment of Awesome for him. He withstood crucifixion and betrayal from Abby without breaking to A.L.I.E's whims. If Jaha hadn't resorted to threatening Abby's life, it's likely that Kane would never have submitted. Or at least, it would have taken a lot longer.
  • Say what you will about Pike but you have to respect him for saying no to taking A.L.I.E's chip and even taking Indra torturing him in their cell and in the flashbacks him beating up Murphy in class when you remember how much of a jerkass he was in season 1 and how much he deserved it.
  • Indra killing A.L.I.E's guards with a knife she made out of the end of her chain.
  • Luna killing her people that A.L.I.E chipped after they tortured her trying to make her take the chip by herself. She went through waterboarding without doing a thing or attacking them, until they decided to threaten a child she cared for.
  • Indra,Pike,and Murphy showing up out of the dark and shooting A.L.I.E's people to save Bellamy and the others.
  • Clarke refusing to break even with the threat of her mother's death, only apologizing to the real Abby trapped inside.
  • The penultimate episode of season 3 has Bellamy and Murphy fighting off dozens of A.L.I.E.'s chipped people inside an elevator while Octavia, Indra, Pike, Nathan, and Bryan fight off dozens more below them in order to keep the elevator moving.
  • In the season 3 finale Lexa returning and saving Clarke from A.L.I.E's people in the City Of Light and making a last stand against many of them so Clarke can get to the kill switch to delete A.L.I.E.
  • Clarke telling A.L.I.E that you overcome pain, not get rid of it, before pulling the kill switch to delete her.
  • Pike saving Octavia despite the fact that he knows she wants to kill him and stopping Jaha from getting to Clarke which took effort because of his inability to feel pain.
  • Octavia stabbing Pike for what he did to Lincoln because saving her life doesn't make up for everything he has done.
  • Also in the finale, Abby going full-on Mama Bear and defending Clarke with a gun.

    Season 4 
  • Jaha masterfully restoring stability to the population of Arkadia after Monty outs the List. In just a few moments, they go from getting ready to riot to throwing themselves onto the task even more vigorously than before. He may not be everyone's favorite person, but there was a damn good reason why this man was made chancellor.
  • When Emori encounters the grounder who tortured her and her brother in the past, Clarke convinces her to spare his life so that he can be used to test the Nightblood cure. The truly awesome part comes in at the end when it's revealed that Emori made the whole thing up. She'd never met the grounder before and just wanted to ensure that neither she nor Murphy were the human subjects.
  • In season 4, episode 9, "DNR", Octavia takes on three grounders armed with just a hoe. She kills them all - though its clear she loses control a bit and ends up splattered with blood after going full overkill on the last one.
  • Octavia gets another one in episode 10, "Die All, Die Merrily," when she wins the conclave, killing Luna in the process.
  • Bellamy's Batman Gambit to escape lockdown with Abby's help, and the two of them joining forces to open the bunker doors and save the people they love: Octavia and Kane.
  • In the Season 4 finale, Clarke risking her life and sacrificing her place in the rocket so Bellamy, Emori, Raven, Murphy, Harper, Echo and Monty can escape Primefiya and make it to space.

    Season 5 
  • In Season 5, Episode 3, Emori going from a nomadic grounder completely unfamiliar with new technology to becoming Raven's second during their six years in space. In Season 5, Episode 3, she successfully gets their group back down from space and performs a successful landing.
  • After Bellamy, Harper, Monty, Emori, and Echo return to the ground, they are attacked by the inmates but Madi saves them. Even though they've never met, Madi recognizes who Bellamy is and the group learns Clarke is alive:
    Bellamy: She's just a kid...
    Madi: Bellamy? Clarke knew you would come!
    Bellamy: Clarke's alive?
  • Bellamy's Batman Gambit to rescue Clarke in Season 5, Episode 3.
    Diyoza She must be very important to you.
    Bellamy She is.
  • "Damocles, Part 1"
    • Vinson confronts Kane, with murder clearly on his mind. Kane reacts calmly, despite knowing that Vinson is a cannibalistic Serial Killer who dwarfs him in size and speed. He ends up putting up one hell of a fight against Vinson, even after being stabbed 5 times in rapid succession with a scalpel. Abby ends up coming to the rescue, and brutally electrocutes Vinson with shock collar.
    • Spacekru's rescue of Octavia, Bellam, Indra, and Gaia, complete with Murphy mowing down attackers with the Rover's mounted Gattlin Gun.
    • Octavia finally swallowing all of her pride and kneeling before Madi.
  • "Damocles, Part 2"
    • Echo and Bellamy taking out the Eligius Prisoners' gun turrets with nothing but a bow and a rifle.
    • Raven and Clarke finally take down Mccreary. Special props to Raven who tackles him just as her shock collar is activated, allowing Clarke to stomp him to death.
    • Bellamy successfully talks Madi out of killing the remaining Eligius prisoners, citing the mistakes the original 100 made when first arriving on the ground. Not only does she spare them, she actively decides to save them all when she hears that Damocles has been triggered.
    • Abby refusing to abandon Kane to his injuries, and Octavia finally breaking out of her Bloodreina persona and deciding to help save him.
    • Clarke is once again faced with closing a dropship's doors on Bellamy. This time she refuses. Likewise, Bellamy refuses to leave his friends behind. They have both come a long way since Season 1.
    • Monty and Harper stay awake on Eligius IV for 30+ years trying to find a way to save the survivors. Eventually Monty cracks the encrypted file on Eligius III and discovers the existence of a new habitable planet. In his final days he sets the ship's course to arrive there.
    • Clarke and Bellamy gazing out on the new planet.

    Season 6 
  • Octavia vs Blodreina.
  • Bellamy figures out Josephine has taken over Clarke. Instead of doing something like choosing a shared memory to test her, he speaks to her in Trig. Clarke speaks it, Josephine doesn't. Quick, simple, and effective.
  • Clarke figures out how to control Josephine just enough to send a signal that she's still alive. She sends it in Morse code through a string of holiday lights, which makes Josephine tap it involuntarily with her finger. Even better? Bellamy gets it almost immediately.
  • Echo's response to hearing that Clarke had died was to ask when they avenge her.
  • Bellamy's refusal to let Clarke die, even when Gabriel and Octavia tell him she's gone, and ultimately saving her life in episode 10.
  • Madi is able to fight of Sheidheda's influence long enough to ensure Clarke doesn't end her own life and that the Primes are overthrown.


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