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    Season 1 
  • "Earth Kills" gives us the opening scene of Clarke and Wells bantering over an old soccer game:
    Wells: It's not over yet.
    Clarke: Actually, it was over one-hundred and forty-seven years ago.
  • Jasper is tripping balls thanks to certain nuts and terrified of Grounders coming to get him . Octavia solution is a random stick she picks up and hands to him, informing him that it will make him invisible to Grounders if he sits on the ground with it, quietly, and doesn't move.
    • Whatever was in those nuts, Monty certainly had an adventure.
    Monty: I think I ate a pinecone. *beat* Because it told me to.
    • Or earlier, after bursting in on cuddling post-coital Finn and Raven, apparently completely unaware of their compromising position.
    Finn: Monty?! What the hell are you doing?
    Monty: *irritated* I can't change the tide if the moon won't cooperate!
    Finn: ...Get out!
    Monty: It's basic physics!
  • Another fellow 100 while high wants Raven to tell him he's the best broom in the broom closet.
  • When Finn and Lincoln lead the Reapers to the Grounder army and quickly get the hell out of dodge, the two groups freeze and stare at each other in confusion for a few seconds. The absolute shock on both sides is surprisingly hilarious.
  • Monty and Jasper's bizarre high-five, which involves slapping their own hand instead of other's. It's cute, dorky and amusing at the same time.
  • When Raven is trying to talk Clarke through rigging the drop ship:
    Raven: It's not rocket science!
    Clarke: It is rocket science, actually.
    Season 2 
  • Murphy gets quite a few of these while wandering the desert with Jaha.
    • Before they start out, when Jaha starts walking away from Camp Jaha:
    Murphy: Uh, Camp You is that way.
    • After one of the group tells a lame joke:
    Murphy (quite nonchalant): I will take Jaha's staff, and beat you to death with it...
    • And after someone tries stopping Murphy from giving Emori some water:
    Murphy: Touch me again and I'll end you...
    *beat after a glare from Jaha*
    Murphy: In a... non-criminal way.
  • The house Murphy finds in "The City of Light" is pretty hilarious all-around: It basically looks like some guy's bachelor pad. A pool table in the room, alcohol quite literally stacked on the wall, and "Werewolves of London" blasting on a stereo.
    • Also moments before, when he yells: "THE PROMISED LAND SUCKS!"
    Season 3 
  • Jasper, Monty, Raven, and Bellamy singing loudly to Violent Femme's "Add it Up" in the season 3 premiere.
    • Just before this, Bellamy gets in the car after kissing his girlfriend, Gina, goodbye. This conversation ensues:
    Raven: She's too good for you.
    Bellamy: Shut up.
    Jasper: Careful. Monty might melt her.
  • The ending of "Fallen". As Jasper rams down the gate with a Rover, he almost runs over Clarke a few seconds later. Clarke has no idea what's happened at Arkadia in her absence and tries to explain to Jasper what's been happening in her subplot while Jasper frantically tries to start the engine back up and tells her to shut up as the brainwashed Arkadians approach.
  • Monty's Genre Savvy moment warning Clarke that you should never follow creepy music.
  • The Grounders give Octavia, Jasper, Clarke, and Bellamy a mysterious vial to drink for safe passage to Luna. Octavia drinks it, and Jasper hesitantly follows suit. Seconds later, Octavia passes out. Jasper barely has time to mutter, "Oh, crap," before he collapses too.
  • Harper kissing Monty and Monty making sure she isn't chipped and his "awesome" reaction when she confirms she's not and his just going with it.
Monty: You're still you, right? Artificial intelligence hasn't taken over your brain?
Harper: I'm still me.
Monty: Awesome.
  • Raven walking in on them in bed when she was looking for Monty and making the statement "it's about time" to finally finding him but it is also a Stealth Pun to them hooking up.
    • Then later, when she walks in on them again and Monty exasperatedly asks if she ever knocks.
  • Chipped-Jasper listing off all of the 100 who have died becomes quite funny with his monotone and how often he mentions someone suffering "Death by Clarke".
    • After "Hit in the face by a ninja star," he giddily adds, "That was a good one!"
  • There's some serious Black Comedy in watching John Murphy pump a human heart with his bare hands. His expression as Abby is performing the surgery and when she tells him what to do shows just how disgusted he is by the entire situation.
  • As Clarke's transfusion with Ontari begins, she looks a little uncomfortable. Bellamy smiles and says, "Try doing that hanging upside down.
  • In "God Complex," as Bree is trying to convince Bellamy to dance with her, the camera briefly flashes to Jasper, who is hilariously egging Bellamy forward in the background. Even Bellamy almost cracks a smile.
    Season 4 
  • It's a minor Mood Whiplash in "Echoes" when Murphy briefly takes up a gun to support Bellamy in Polis after the City Of Light falls, when he realizes the extent of the political shitstorm brewing between the clans. He takes one look, turns around and pulls a pretty justified Screw This, I'm Out of Here!.
  • Clarke's amazement at finding Murphy cheerfully cooking in ALIE's old house, especially her face when she tries some and it's really good.
  • In a scene that is otherwise one of the greatest Tear Jerker moments in the show's history, when Monty is trying to gag Jasper to force him to throw up the drugs he has overdosed on, Jasper shouts, "Unsanitary!"
  • The season 4 finale is mostly drama, but there are some moments of levity thrown in:
    • When he's trying to convince Echo why she should come with them, Bellamy tells her that they need her because she's strong...and they might need to throw someone overboard.
      • Raven walks in on them, Bellamy kneeling in front of Echo who is covered in blood and warpaint, and just says, "Whatever this is, finish it." She's completely not phased by the weirdness anymore.
    • The different reactions of Emori and Echo in space: Emori could not look more amazed; Echo could not look more petrified.
    • As they race to get to space, Clarke and Bellamy have time to discuss, of all things, oxymorons.
      • Specifically, "grounders in space," "only choice," and "cold sweat."
    • Clarke pointing out to Bellamy that she really didn't like him when they first met. Bellamy just sort of half-shrugs in agreement.
    • To distract Monty from the pain of his burned hand, Murphy...asks him about his love life.
      • When he's helping him get his glove on, Murphy tells him, "On three." Then shoves the glove roughly on at "one."
    • When Murphy and Bellamy go back for Monty, Monty instantly hugs Bellamy. Murphy rolls his eyes and says something snarky about Bellamy getting the hug. Then Monty hugs Murphy too and tells him he may not hate him anymore. Bellamy's response? "Give it time."
    Season 5 
  • Murphy's quiet, "Son of a bitch," in season 5 episode 3 when Raven reveals that she lied about the escape pod and they are both likely stranded on the Eligius ship.
  • Murphy attempting to talk to the Eligius prisoners, and introducing himself by saying, "Hi, we're not bad guys."

    Season 6 
  • Josephine Lightbourne is the definition of Comedic Sociopathy.
    "'Consent is key,' blah-di-blah. Tell me, did this ''Ferarri' I'm wearing consent to giving up her body?"
    (after stabbing Kaylee in the neck) "What? She killed me first."
    "Clarke Griffin, it's nice to meet you. I've heard so many things, most of the them murder-y, but, you know, no judgement."
    (to Clarke) "Possession is 9/10 of the law and, just between us girls, I kind of like your body."
  • When Delilah/ Priya VII ignores Jordan after they sleep together, he complains to Bellamy and Murphy about how weird she is being. Murphy's advice? "Don't buy flowers for a one night stand."
  • In The Gospel of Josephine, Josephine clearly does not care at all whether any of Clarke's friends figure out if she is Clarke or not, and her Bad "Bad Acting" is so laughably un-Clarke at times that it's a miracle that only Bellamy and Murphy figure it out.
    • Prior to figuring out that Clarke was taken over by Josephine, Bellamy remarks on her suddenly lighter demeanor, saying she must have "had fun with the doctor" (Cillian), whom Clarke danced with the previous evening. Josephine-as-Clarke, having killed Cillian, agrees and adds: "Let's just say it'll be a while until he recovers." Bellamy's face as she walks away is a wonder to behold as he takes in all of the implications of that sentence.
  • In What You Take With You, Josephine reveals her relationship with Gabriel and Clarke is snarky.
    Josephine: I've been in love with Gabriel for 236 years. The last 70 of which, he's been trying to kill me. You know, relationships. (looks down at her finger, which is tapping) Morse code, huh? She's crafty, I'll give her that. (translating taps) B-O-O-H-O-O. That's harsh.
  • In Matryoshka, Bellamy swoops in to rescue Clarke (Josephine) and Octavia, by disguising himself as a member of Russel's guard sent to bring them back. After he does the big reveal:
    Octavia: Bellamy!
    Josephine: (snotty) Because of course it is.
  • In Adjustment Protocol, Murphy and Emori's reaction to being told by Gabriel that Daniel and Kaylee, the Primes they're supposed to be impersonating, were brother and sister, and not a couple.


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