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Mewtwo will be brought back

If you look at the official website's Character Index, you'll notice that there is a question mark in the "Melee Veterans" section...
  • Possible, but not any time soon. The developers are only willing to pursue additional characters after the finalized version with all of Brawl's characters is released.

Project M Toon Link will be a Composite Character of himself and Young Link, and Project M Pikachu will be a Composite Character of himself and Pichu.

After all, Project M Mario combines the best of himself and Dr. Mario, so this is the logical next step. I can already tell that Pikachu will have Pichu's power and maneuverability without being as easy to launch and suffering Recoil Damage.
  • Confirmed, at least for Toon Link, who is a combination of Smash 64 Link, Melee Young Link, and Brawl Toon Link.

Kirby would be closer to his N64 incarnation.

As Melee!Kirby isn't competitively viable.
  • I saw a Kirby test video using his N64 Neutral air.

Kirby is being withheld until all other characters are released.

For the purposes of his copy ability. He has more attacks than any other character in the game, and with the Clone Engine perfected thus enabling even more characters to be added, he will not be easy to program at all.
  • Jossed. Kirby is confirmed for v3.0.

A custom announcer will replace the existing one in v3.0.

This will be kind of a necessity with the Clone Engine adding characters that don't exist in Brawl.
  • Maybe, maybe not. Announcer clips for Mewtwo and Roy, the only announced new characters, already exist.
  • Jossed. Mewtwo and Roy's announcer clips were made via splice editing.
  • Un-Jossed - 3.6 will replace the announcer with a custom one.

The Fighting Alloys will be removed in order to add four more possible character slots.

Multi-Man will be reprogrammed to generate recreations using the Alt. Costume engine.

The Subspace Emissary will be disabled to add more stages.

It's already being pulled apart - look at Duon and Galleom, who shout at you in Japanese and laugh at you while hopping madly the whole battle because Roy and Mewtwo's sounds had to replace something. It stands to reason that if more characters are added, the other bosses will be the next things to go. So it stands to reason that other things may be taken out as well. It's possible that a large number of stages can be taken out and added, perhaps to get the full array of stages.
  • Jossed. The Subspace Emissary was fully enabled in 3.5.
    • In 3.6 Beta, Duon and Galleom have their old voices back. The Subspace Emissary will likely not be cannibalized to make room for voices for new characters.

The remaining five character slots will be taken up by:

  • Krystal, Tails, Jody Summer, Isaac, and King K. Rool. All five are already in the game in the form of trophies or stickers - a prerequisite for adding them according to the PMBR - and vocal clips exist from the original Brawl announcer.
    • Jossed. Isaac has been leaked, but Tails has been skipped over in favor of the easier-to-create Knuckles, and the others are uncertain. In addition, announcer clips are splice edited rather than recorded fresh.
      • Lin is going to be a full character, after previously being just an Assist Trophy.

Ridley will be added with the Clone Engine, using Charizard as a base.

  • Despite his detractors, Ridley is one of the most commonly requested characters, and his exclusion from Brawl (and SSB4, for that matter) is considered by many to be a missed opportunity. He could be based upon Charizard for animation fodder, using some of his move sets as well as Bowser's, making him into a aerial-based heavyweight that could contrast well with the other aerial-based fighters who are lightweight.

Waluigi will be an character

  • As this hack demonstrates, the Waluigi PSA in the making has potential to be an character of his own, complete with vocal clips and names on the result screen.. At this moment he replaces Pit, but it can be fixed with the Clone Engine. In addition, this video shows that there is already a Project M version, with the necessary changes.

In the next major update, the current clone engine will be abandoned in favor of its successor, the BrawlEx Clone Engine.

  • This will happen in order to support more potential characters being added later in development, along with being compatible with characters custom-added by the end user. To clarify, the primal Clone Engine currently used only supports up to 7 new characters maximum, overwriting the slots of the Dummied Out characters. The BrawlEx engine supports up to 100 characters. Attempting to use both at the same timenote  has been known to cause problems with Mewtwo and Roy.
    • It was recently confirmed in a post-cancellation leak that the Alternate Stage Loader and All Star Vs. mode were deliberately designed to be incompatible with BrawlEx.

Lyn and Knuckles will be playable.

  • I just have a hunch.
  • Confirmed. They were leaked along with Isaac.

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