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Headscratchers / Project M

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  • The idea that the sound clip of "Failure!" would play when selecting a character using a Wii Remote control scheme—how is that an Easter Egg? I thought the idea behind an Easter Egg was for it to be well-hidden. (That, and they could've picked any voice clip other than "Failure!," as that'd come across as a put-down to those who primarily use the Wii Remote or Nunchuk control schemes.) Did the people who make Project M expect that few people to use a controller with a speaker in it? Are there actually that few? (I'm speaking as someone who only used those two control schemes to play Brawl, for the purpose to make it feel different from Melee, so if I were to play Project M during that time this "Easter Egg" existed, I would've noticed it right away, and it would've gotten real old real fast.)

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