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Ash's roster in this movie.
  • He will have a full team of Pokémon (most likely Pikachu, Charizard, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Snorlax, and Heracross)
    • Scratch Bulbasaur and Squirtle-they'll either be fully evolved or replaced by Bayleef/Meganium (retains same personality as the original series) and Feraligatr (fully evolved from Totodile, unlike the original)
  • He will only have just Pikachu with him. While he has much more Pokémon, they are all in Oak's Lab, while he is going with Pikachu to Wind City for a special occasion.

Ash's Charizard will Mega-Evolve into Mega Charizard X.
  • Jossed—Ash's Charizard doesn't appear in this movie.

Ash's current progress.
He will journey to Johto (possibly confirmed by the references to Lugia in the M21 trailer)
  • Specifically, he would be in the middle of the journey to Johto during the movie.

Ho-Oh and Lugia will clash.
Because they are a counterpart to each other.
  • Alternatively, Mewtwo will be the one clashing with Lugia.Reasoning 

Verity will return.
In addition to this, Cynthia will appear with her.

Regarding Lugia's appearance.
Its split-second appearance makes me think that this movie is about either Pokémon 2000 or the Orange Islands arc as a whole, as it is still the only series (if you can call it that) that isn't based on any game.

This movie will take place in the Whirl Islands rather than the Orange Islands.

Zeraora and/or a Gen 8 Pokemon will appear.
  • Confirmed for Zeroara, but still no Generation 8 Pokemon in sight. That would probably be too much of a spoiler in a trailer.

Lisa's Eevee will evolve into a new Flying-type Eeveelution.
The film does center around a Wind Festival and even has an overall theme of air and wind; if it evolves at all, Flying would be the most thematically-appropriate type for it to gain. And although it's unclear when it'll debut, Generation VIII is coming soon, and every even-numbered generation so far has introduced at least one new Eeveelution.
  • Eevee Trainers in the anime often have some similarity in design with their Trainers, though this has been broken before with traveling companions Serena and May. Lisa's hair highlights of blue and purple could indicate a Poison-type evolution based on the iridescent sheen of oil slicks, but a Flying-type evolution based on rainbows seems more likely given that a potential Flying-type Eeveelution is more popular with fans compared to a potential Poison-type Eeveelution, plus the aforementioned themes of air and wind.
    • Rainbows also, metaphorically, are associated with the calm after a storm, which lets the hypothetical Eeveelution serve as a plot device after or during the climax of the film, and could be associated with the elemental themes discussed below.
  • Evolutions to save a Trainer are a really common trope in the anime, but this has mostly been avoided to this point despite being an often iconic moment of a season because of the non-canon nature; with Lisa likely appearing only in this movie, the writers have no such limitations. Lisa's Eevee also seems to be injured at one point yet promises to keep battling, which makes Lisa tear up, possibly an indication that it would evolve if it needed to.
    • Eevee specifically evolving is a major theme whenever Eevee shows up in the anime, and most eventually evolve, though it's usually been off-screen.
  • Lisa seems to have caught Eevee despite not being a Pokémon Trainer as a favor for her sickly(?) younger brother, but she develops an attachment to it and is seen crying when it is injured and cuddles with it. Evolving would seem to be a logical culmination of the two of them developing an intense bond.
  • On a more technical level it could also tease a new weather effect in Gen VIII that would trigger Eevee's evolution, since weather based evolutions are also in the game, and Delta Stream's 'Strong Winds' and Fog are both gimmicky weather conditions unlike the primary four.
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  • It has been confirmed that a Generation VIII Pokémon will appear in Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, and rumors say it could be a new Eeveelution. Given that Lisa and Eevee's relationship seems to be a deliberate tie to those games, this gives even more of a leeway for the new Pokémon being an Eeveelution, in turn giving even more of a leeway for that Eeveelution's premature debut.

Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet will return.
This time with Ekans/Arbok, Lickitung, Koffing/Weezing, Weepinbell/Victreebel and Growlithe/"Growlie" in their team. They will end up fighting Ash.
  • Confirmed partially as of the second trailer. While their teams are unknown, a split-second shot shows them appearing seemingly as Lum Berry vendors.

Tracey will make a cameo appearance.

Zeraora's in-game Pokedex entries misconstrue it as a bloodthirsty Pokemon, but it is actually Not Evil, Just Misunderstood
In the Oha Suta footage (April 9th 2018), Zeraora is seen during a fire. Presumably, he was being watched over by Largo and fled the forest (or a tower in this continuity). The footage is tinted in a way so that it appears yellow, but later in that same footage, it's clearly yellow and glowing. I'm assuming that Zeraora is supposed to represent Byakko of The Four Gods. Let's see, it's Shiny color is white. It represents metal; the official site notes specifically that it's an Electric Pokemon that is unable to generate electricity of its own due to lacking an organ, yet is able to use magnetism and exert it out of its hands and feet...

Perhaps it may have become mutated, or was punished by the local Seiryū-alike (an Azure]] Dragon that's linked with Wood), though in Western mythology, Wood may be more aligned with Wind. Alternatively, it may have accidentally razed the earth itself, eliminating the Kōryū-alike (the Yellow Dragon, changing seasons, Earth). Tiger Versus Dragon is a common rivalry trope, especially in the East. He may simply be the feline Kirin; gaining electrical powers in the process, changing from a Steel-type to an Electric-type. He may have a degree of power that he can temporarily use to imbue other Normal-type Pokemon it strikes with Plasma Fists to adopt an Electric typing for a single move if it is using a Normal attack. (Ground is Dishing Out Dirt, whereas Normal would be the Earth to the Heaven's Sky, which could be thematically represented by lightning).

It may also be possible that Lisa, Kagachi, Torito, and Hisui are supposed to represent the four gods' base elements. Zeraora's fur will probably revert from Yellow to White, signifying change during the climax.

Sean Schemmel will voice Hisui in the English version.
On top of the obvious reason, Sean Schemmel has been in a few Pokemon movies before in vastly different roles.

Ash is no longer 10 years old in this movie.

There will be The Teaser about Ash in the Kanto Indigo League and Ash won. He will also have new Pokemon or Pokemon we already know
  • Instead of Ash travelling to win the Pokemon League, it will later turn out that Ash has already won the Indigo League and that he is travelling to see the world.

The movie will resolve the GS Ball Arc

  • Jossed: It follos an original storyline.

Toren has an Ambiguous Disorder and his Chansey is a medical assistant.
Between Chansey being somewhat rare apart from health help and being the only scientist with a Pokemon at all times (correct me if I'm wrong) this is probably canon, but never outright stated.

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