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The pack whistle is going to save Remmy's life.
Let's face it, Remmy is a high profile target for vengeful preds and sympathetic prey on a Witch Hunt now that the Nighthowler crisis was unveiled as a sheep conspiracy – the demonstration with Neil out his window is proof enough that the hate is there. While he doesn't trust that his neighbors are exactly fond of him right now, it's not implausible that he'll find himself at the wrong end of a lynch mob with no way out, and being knocked around will bring the whistle to his view; if he does use it as his very last resort and hope of not dying, in his panic he'll blow more than three times before the whistle is torn from his mouth. That'll be enough indication that the whole pack will come sprinting at full speed and loaded for DEFCON 1, even more so than they would had they heard a three-whistle signalnote .
  • With chapter 23 already out, this possibility is alluded to by Betty herself, who questions if Remmy has the pack whistle and orders him to NEVER let go of it.
    "You fuckin' shower with that thing on if you gotta, as long as it keeps you from forgetting it."
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  • Confirmed in chapter 30: Dogwhistle. Except it wasn't the entire pack, just Anneke, and the threat was culled by the whistle itself – Don and his canine crew could hear the whistle and knew exactly what it implied in Al's block – by the time she'd gotten there with a stun gun and an attitude.

Al is going to get severely hurt or even killed.
With Don and his pals attacking Remmy, Al made it clear that he's going to fix this and make sure it never happens again. He'll go and confront Don and tell him not to mess with his pack again, at which point the coyote and his friends will brand Al as a "traitor to preds" for protecting Remmy. Al will either underestimate their strength or get ambushed when he least expects it, effectively putting him out of the picture and taking away Remmy's primary defense...

Kenny is the one that got Ozzy jumped a month before Remmy moved in
Here's what we know: the apartment Remmy moved into belonged to a llama named Kenny, who is now serving time in jail for an unknown crime. Whatever it was,it seemed to have left a rather sour note between him and the rest of the Pack, especially Ozzy. Then, in chapter 28, we find out that Ozzy got jumped by a bunch of preys for seemingly no reason a month before Remmy moved in...which would realistically fit a time period where Kenny would get convicted and arrested if he had anything to do with it. Personally, this troper doesn't think it's a coincidence.

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