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  • The entirety of chapter 10 certainly counts. Remmy convinces Marty that there's an almighty order of sheep that secretly run Zootopia, and manages to get him to glue cotton balls onto his body to "infiltrate" their ranks.
  • To get away from the sun, Remmy enters the first shop he finds, only to realize it's a sex shop. As curiosity gets the best of him, he begins to browse the aisles, before getting caught red-handed by none other than Avo, who has a big mocking grin on her face. And when he tries to leave, he finds out that she invited Betty over, too!
    • That whole chapter is a laugh riot. The way both Avo and Betty constantly mock and humiliate Remmy about his "size" and his sexual preferences, leaving the sheep a blushing, stuttering mess. And then, the peculiar way that Remmy uses to distract both of them enough for him to make a run for it.
      Avo: Nine and a half...
      Betty: You're full'a shit, sheep.
      Avo: I don't fuckin'—
      Betty: He's just talking, Avo—
      Avo: Nine and a fuckin' half my—
      Betty: You plan to prove that?
      • This becomes more Hilarious in Hindsight; as anyone with experience can tell you, rams are veritable breeding machines, and they are very well equipped for their size. Not as big as a tapir, which literally has a penis longer than its body, but... yeah, Remmy probably wasn't lying.
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  • In "Field Day", Remmy is riding high after being inducted into the pack as the new Omega... until he hears from Charlie that Omegas aren't allowed to mate. Remmy laughs it off at first, certain that she's just messing with him, but when Marty, Anneke and previous Omega Avo all corroborate her, he makes an excuse and dashes to Al's room in a panic. Al laughs his ass off, reassuring him that they really were just hazing him, while also throwing in a light-hearted jab at his sexual capabilities.
    Al: No, no, of course you can have sex! I mean, you can, like you're allowed. Doesn't mean you're capable.
  • In "Wannabite" Marty makes a tasteless, unoriginal joke about his sister inviting Remmy to a barbecue — since it was the easiest way to get lamb chops. Remmy, who's had it with his neighbor by that point, tells Marty that if his sister needs the meat that badly, he'll give her all she can handle.
    Al: Someone found his woolly little balls today.
    Avo: Guess they were in Marty's sister's mouth.
  • In "For A Friend", Remmy and Ozzy come to Charlie's rescue when she accidentally locks herself in Pandora's store. They hatch a plan to use the tow cable from Al's car to help her climb out the skylight. Unfortunately, an over-excited Ozzy ends up shattering the store's window with the heavy cable, setting off the burglar alarm and forcing them to haul ass.
    • Arriving home, they find Al and Velvet spending their date night watching the game on TV. Al is relieved to see Charlie safe and sound, but his mood quickly shifts when he sees her and Remmy carrying armfuls of erotic snacks from Pandora's, and Ozzy picking broken glass out of his fur. Fortunately for them, Velvet finds the sight hilarious, so he's willing to let it go with "The less I know, the better." For his part, Remmy is just annoyed that nobody likes Cool Mayo flavour chips as much as he does.
      "It's hard being the only one with good taste around here," I sigh, popping a peach-flavored gummy shaped like a butt into my mouth.
  • The "Ruin" chapter starts off as a terrifying scene showcasing all of Remmy's worst fears coming to life and then ends with every single character receiving massive doses of Flanderization while taking jabs at the fans.
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  • Marty finally got his revenge on Remmy for the sheep conspiracy prank by creating an elaborate, neighborhood-wide scavenger hunt based around the phrase "We have what you need". The hunt ends back at the apartment, where an ewe sex doll is waiting for Remmy. Remmy took the joke really well.
  • As Al, Remmy, Marty, Wolter, Avo and Charlie all give a heartwarming Group Hug to Pandora after she left the hospital, the mood is suddenly broken in a hilarious way.
    Avo: Wolter, I SWEAR TO GOD if that's your PAW ON MY ASS—
  • In "Make Yourself Comfortable", Remmy and friends trade in the decrepit lobby couch for a nicer new model, only to learn that Al has a sentimental attachment to the old couch. After a long and stressful day of lugging furniture around on a blazing hot day, they finally get the old couch back... by trading away the nice new couch. Al arrives home from work and takes his usual seat... only for the frame to snap, leaving the whole couch sagging to one side.