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  • Ozzy steps up and defends Remmy from a drunken bear at his party, even though they hardly knew one another at that point.
  • When Marty truly believes that an evil order of sheep is going to wipe Pack Street off the map, he demands to use his one favor for protection. Not for himself, but for Ozzy.
  • Betty coming into Remmy's apartment while he's sick to take care of him and make him soup. It goes to show that, even with all the crap she makes him put up with, she still cares about that little fluff.
  • Remmy is more than a little racist and ignorant at the beginning of the story, but by "Wannabite" he's gotten to know his neighbors enough that when the news of the Night Howlers conspiracy breaks, he's earnestly ecstatic that his predator friends don't have to live in fear anymore.
    • For most of the story, Remmy's ultimate goal was to save enough money to put Pack Street, which he often described as a run-down slum, behind him for good. By chapter 29, his friendship with his neighbors and the small adventures he lived through with them made that desire do a full 180.
      "And right there, walking down the street in the middle of the night without even looking over my shoulder, humming some old proto-punk song from The '60s, it dawns on me, all of a sudden, that I don't want to leave Pack Street."
  • The examples above, of the Pack's crew doing nice things to Remmy? That starts with Al in the backstory of the very first chapter, as explained by Avo in "Cooking with Cormo": the whole incident with the Bug Burga got him to put the pieces together and realize the sheep in the Crowns wasn't just a standoffish asshat, but a stray who had a rough time with his family. Avo proceeds to list the examples above and several more, and Remmy responds to that by feeling mellowing out by a considerable degree. Avo is far less snarky and even apologetic when she touches on a sore subject for Remmy.
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  • "Sheepfacts": Wanting to return the favor to the Pack for welcoming him into their way of life, Remmy gives an impromptu seminar about sheep flocks. However, talking about typical sheep mentality hits a little too close to home for him, and he eventually trails off, his good mood spoiled. Just as he's about to pack it in, Marty jumps in to keep the show rolling, demanding that he show off a sheep's 300-degree field of vision. This leads the rest of the Pack to bond over discussing the biological quirks of their own species. And so, by the end of the night, Remmy achieves his goal of getting closer to the Pack.
  • "For a Friend": Remmy finds an uncollected package for Charlie and realises that nobody has seen her for days. Immediately concerned, he goes out of his way to look for her, even overcoming his nervousness around Al to ask for his help.
    • It eventually turns out that Charlie has accidentally locked herself in Pandora's store, where she was tending to Pandora's "sensitive inventory", looking out for her friend while she's in the hospital. Furthermore, the package she recieved is implied to be a present for Pandora.
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    • The last time Remmy and Charlie saw each other was an awkward encounter, since Charlie seemed bitter about Remmy's unavailability during Pandora's "savage attack". Still, when Remmy finally finds her, Charlie is the first to apologize for the things she said, and the two of them quickly reconcile.
  • Anneke still isn't happy with Remmy, but when he gets jumped and blows his whistle, she shows up waving a taser and screaming.
    • As Anneke walks Remmy home, the two of them finally get back on speaking terms, and she points out the irony that he wouldn't have gotten attacked if everyone had left him alone like he wanted. Remmy insists that he never wanted that — that however many times he said that was what he wanted, he still spent every chance he had with the Pack. To prove the point, he contrasts himself with a rarely-seen and antisocial fellow resident of the Crowns:
      Remmy: You know that guy who lives on our floor? That wolf who's always carrying a laptop around?
      Anneke: Uhhhhh... Phil?
      Remmy: I dunno. That's my point, I mean, I don't even know his name. But that guy, he lives right here and he's not part of the pack. Spoke to him maybe once. My first few weeks here, I didn't even know he existed. That guy — that's what 'I wanna be left alone' looks like. 'I wanna be left alone' doesn't mingle and share stories. It doesn't hang out in the lobby, and tag along to the gym, and go drifting at parties and eat ABC lollipops. So yeah... you guys can feel free to come bug me any time.
    • The moment Al notices Remmy's bruised, bleeding body, he drops everything and checks to make sure if Remmy is alright, demands to know who did it so this won't happen again, and tells Remmy to take the day off to heal. It's clear the Alpha cares for his Omega.
  • Pandora makes her triumphant return in "Just Business", with a joyful reunion with Remmy and friends. Remmy in particular thanks her for her suggestion about the "Sheepfacts" seminar, and how much it changed things for the better.
    "Oh, Mister Marshmallow," she looks genuinely surprised, a soft expression on her face and her paw on my arm. "That's so very sweet. I didn't realize we were that close."
    "Maybe we're not," I shrug, smiling back. "But either way, I'm glad to know you."
    She blinks, then that old overbite grin spreads out over her face again. Like the sunrise breaking over a dark night. Somewhere, the image of that thrashing, helpless tiger tail strapped to a stretcher shatters like glass.


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