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Tear Jerker / Pack Street

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  • Remmy's fever dream in "Stray". Wandering in an endless tundra, he marvels at the beauty of the moon in the night sky and wishes he had someone to share the feeling with. But he finds that he's alone, and for the first time he realizes he doesn't want to be. Collapsing in the snow, he lets out a long, loud cry of anguish at the moon above - "Someone, anyone. Send help." In other words, he's dreaming of being a wolf who has strayed from the pack.
  • "Savages" is quite possibly an entire episode-long gut punch. First off, Pandora ends up going savage and attacks many mammals present at her sex shop. This event takes its toll on a lot of the residents from Pack Street, with Remmy being really devastated at the news due to Pandora being one of his only friends at Pack Street, Charlie thinking it should've been her who went savage instead and eventually having suicidal thoughts, and a panicked Anneke worrying if she's going to go savage at any moment when she's out with Remmy.
    • The bonus comic "Charlie's Chapter Epilogue", which takes place after "Savages", warrants a mention too. The events from that chapter prove too much for Charlie, and she attempts to take her life to avoid suddenly going savage as well. Fortunately, Marty saves her just in time, shows her how much all he and all the residents would miss her, and shares a tender kiss with Charlie. It turns out to be All Just a Dream of Charlie's.
    • Another bonus comic "Too Late To Call" involves Remmy trying to call Pandora's invoice number. Remmy leaves a tearful message, choking up as he expresses that he wished their previous encounter wasn't their last and that he could go back and warn her about going savage. ...and that he misses her. And it's all at night, presented in purple and light shadows from the moon and Remmy's phone, and it adds to the comic's depressing nature.
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    • That chapter also ends with the beautiful mural that Remmy had seen just a few chapters earlier getting desecrated with a large graffiti that simply reads "SAVAGES".
  • Bellwether's actions and the "Pred epidemic" were not without consequences. Talk show hosts and laws trying to re-segregate the lines and build ghettos for the predators of the city. Anneke saw, on live TV, one of the people she used to live on the same street as holding up a racist sign. Ozzy got jumped by a bunch of preys about a month before Remmy moved in. And now that the whole ordeal is over, preys are trying to act as though nothing happened. It, sadly, brings up a lot of real-life parallels. No wonder many predators are still bitter.


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