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When the videotape evidence is reviewed, Tim will be exonerated.
Maybe Kaylie even had a streaming feed to a remote location. There, happier ending.
  • Except most of the mirror's magic is illusions, which aren't filmed. Even if they reviewed the tapes, it would just look like the siblings going crazy (moving plants/cameras then being surprised at it happening, standing in place for no apparent reason, freaking out at things that don't seem to be there, etc.). So Tim will probably go back to an insane asylum, not a prison and the mirror will be go to whoever bought it.
    • Maybe reviewing of that video evidence will strongly suggest that there's something peculiar about the mirror, and perhaps a way to destroy it can be found after all through a concerted, government funded research effort. Well, I can dream, at least. I like happy endings.
    • Beyond that, the few physical manifestations are impressive enough to keep people who are fascinated with the macabre interested in the mirror, which is probably just the sort of thing that it wants. Lights going out and plants dying wouldn't exonerate someone for a murder since they obviously wouldn't prove that something supernatural was going on (extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and such), but they would draw in paranormal buffs and people who think that they can outsmart the mirror. It's been around since before the translation of the King James Bible, definitely a long enough time to develop some skill with long-term planning.

Destroying the mirror would only have freed whatever Eldritch Abomination is trapped within and allowed it to visit its full, unrestrained power upon the world
But the mirror itself doesn't know this, therefore it still defends itself against any attack. So really, it's a good thing the siblings failed to smash it.

The failsafe went all the way through Kaylie
And killed the mirror, you just couldn't see the cracks. Hooray!

The future scenes were all fabricated by the mirror.
The actual present-day story is of the kids. The mirror is offering them a crap-sack future to try to depress them.

The mirror was dying.
The mirror was losing life from the crack. Kaylie went and gave it food. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!.

The mirror made Kaylie let the movie happen.
After the mirror killed the plants and started messing with the lights, there was no more reason for Kaylie to continue resetting the timer. She had already proved the mirror had supernatural properties so there was nothing left to prove. There was literally no reason to let the mirror live and stay in the house past that point. The explanation for Kaylie not letting the timer run out was the mirror's influence to mess with her.

The mirror is just a mirror. Its only action was being made the focus of paranoid schizophrenia.
As it turns out, Kaylie and Tim just have bad genes, and they blamed a completely ordinary (if creepy) mirror for what was going on. The entire film is predicated on illusions, why can't that be the case.
  • It may have been the delusions of only one of the siblings, probably Kaylie. Likely, Tim wasn't even there for the second half of the film. He got fed up with the mirror nonsense and split, leaving Kaylie all alone and allowing her to sink deeper and deeper into the throes of insanity. At the height of her paranoia and hallucinations, she killed herself. Tim's being taken into custody while screaming about the mirror occurred only in Kaylie's dying mind.

The dog did not have Parvo, it had rabies.
This would explain why the mother's behavior took such a serious downturn after she was bitten, and why it was locked in the office. However, she wasn't taken to the hospital in time and became infected, which is why the father locked her in their bedroom and told his kids to stay away at all costs so they wouldn't get infected too. He was most likely bitten during this. The mental and emotional stress of knowing he'd have to kill her, plus the onset of rabies, drove him mad. He let her off her leash to justify killing her in self defense. Unfortunately she got around him and went after the kids instead; when he tries to kill Kaylie and Tim at the end of that night, it is because he believes that they were bitten as well, and his mental faculties are already wavering due to his own infection. This doesn't explain previous events, though.

The mirror doesn't cause anything, it only makes things worse.
Mirrors reflect. This particular mirror amplifies what it sees. Things were going relatively well until Kaylie and Tim's parents started fighting, and until Kaylie and Tim themselves started arguing. It takes these things and amplifies them to homicidal heights.

The movie is a spinoff prequel to The Cabin in the Woods.
And the story was a fix for the Ritual in reserve.The Mom -> The Whore, The Dad -> The Athlete, Kaylee -> The Scholar, Michael -> The Fool, Tim -> The VirginThe Mom: Was the one most concerned about an affair.The Dad: Handles most of the fighting in the movie.Kaylee: Gets a great deal of information on the Mirror, and is the one to prepare against the Mirror.Michael: Walks into the house and is killed by Kaylee, despite her presumably acting very oddly before he dies.Tim: Only survivor, and is probably a virgin due to being imprisoned since childhood.

The mirror is an SCP.
Right down to specific containment features. Kaylie would be a natural SCP agent, If she hadn't died playing amateur researcher.
  • And the events of the film will be enough to attract the attention of the Foundation. They will step in and take possession of the mirror. It will probably be classified Euclid due to the full extent of its abilities being unknown, but it could be downgraded to Safe after being studied. The containment procedures will, ironically enough, be partially based on Kaylie's methods for dealing with the mirror. They will also take custody of Tim and, after interviewing him about what happened, either offer him a job as an agent guarding the mirror, or simply give him a Class-A amnestic and let him go.

The mirror is a Horcrux.
And it's a super-powerful Horcrux, made by a super-powerful practitioner of The Dark Arts. In Harry Potter, we all saw what the locket did to the trio, what the ring did to Dumbledore, and what the diary did to poor Ginny. And in all those cases, but particularly in the case of the diary, the Horcrux developed a mind of its own, independent of the magic user who created it. Well, this mirror is the logical extreme of what a Horcrux could become and do. Like the locket, it manipulated people's emotions. Like the ring, it brought severe illness to its owners. Like the diary, it possessed the bodies of victims. And like all those Horcruxes, it fought tooth and nail to preserve itself. But the mirror went beyond what any of those Horcruxes did. The mirror drained all the life surrounding it to make itself stronger. It manipulated people's perception of time and reality to the point of becoming a Master of Illusion. And it actually consumed its victims, imprisoning them within itself until it carried a collection of devoured souls. If the mirror is indeed a Horcrux, its creator be even more horrific. Maybe the creator is physically deceased but lives on within the mirror, along with the many victims from over the years. Or maybe there's still a super-powerful sorcerer out there, living in a state of decay even worse than Voldemort but tethered to life by that mirror and who knows what other Horcruxes.

Fortunately, once the local Aurors get wind of what happened, they could clear up Tim's situation and presumably give him a Memory Charm so he could live a normal life. As for the mirror, they could probably destroy it fairly easily:

  • Hire some Muggles to move the thing somewhere spacious and isolated, like an empty building in the middle of nowhere, or a big boat on the open ocean. Don't tell them why they're moving it, of course — not just to uphold the Masquerade, but also to keep the mirror from figuring out what's going on by reading their thoughts.

  • Get all the Muggles out of the way — by road if the mirror is in an isolated building, or by airlift if it's on a boat.

  • While staying outside the mirror's thirty-foot sphere of influence, torch the building or boat or whatever with Fiendfyre, then fly or Apparate to safety as the Fiendfyre engulfs the mirror.

That, or just shoot it from a safe distance with a projectile coated in basilisk venom, if there's any basilisk venom on hand. Or figure out a way to launch the Sword of Gryffindor at it from at least thirty feet away.

The mirror is the same one from The Snow Queen, made by the devil himself.
In The Snow Queen, it’s said that a troll (actually the devil, himself) fashioned a mirror that made people see all of the negative things in life. Well, if that’s not what the mirror in this story was doing (to horrifying degrees), then I can control the winter!

True, according to the original story, that mirror got smashed into a million pieces, but maybe that what’s the mirror ‘’wanted’’ everyone to think...

The mirror is somehow connected to The Undertaker
The movie IS made by WWE Studios....

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