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The Rainbow is an unmanned TARDIS.

It makes perfect sense! One of the Time Lords was experimenting with a new kind of TARDIS. He built a remote control which would operate it. He did this hoping to merge his original TARDIS with this one in order to hide from the other Time Lords, because no one would ever thiink to look for him inside a rainbow! But he was killed by the Doctor before he could complete his work, and right when he was just about to test it. The handheld controller he made for it was lost and the prototype Rainbow TARDIS was left open. The last known setting he had put it on was set for Ponyland.


Dream Valley used to be just like Mordor.

Hear me out on this one. The current, Sugar Bowl niceness of Dream Valley is actually a relatively recent change made by the ponies, themselves. Predating that, the various evil overlords, demons, and other borderline Eldritch Abomination monstrousities were in complete control. In fact, them and their empires were the population. The primary source of sports and reaction were constant wars of Evil Versus Evil. They usually held them on Tuesdays.

So this is why the ponies have to deal with so many villains all the time.

Taking the above a little further: Ponyland is Mordor!

According to Hydia, the matriarch of the witches of the Volcano of Gloom, the sugary-sweet goodness that is modern Ponyland is a fairly recent development brought on by the ponies. Given how many Eldritch Abominations and other horrors hide under the surface, that makes perfect sense. The setting used to be a place where evil overlords ruled the land for centuries. Thus, we can conclude that Dream Valley was built over the site of ruined Mordor. The ponies migrated from wherever they lived originally, needed a plot of land to call their own, bought Mordor cheap from the Gondorians, and settled. I defy anyone to come up with a better explanation.


Megan is at fault for all the evil roaming Ponyland, but not intentionally.

Each time she or one of the ponies passes through the dimensional rift between present day Earth and Ponyland, it allows dark creatures to cross into Ponyland. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero.

The Dream Valley of My Little Pony 'n' Friends (and by extension, the movie) exists in an alternate dimension than the Dream Valley in the My Little Pony TV Specials within The Multiverse

Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

All the segments take place in the same world. Just different parts of it.

Despite what that one song might tell you, it is not a small world after all. If the ponies, glo friends, moondreamers, and potato head kids were all just in different places on the same map, it would certainly explain a lot.


Ponyland and Dream Valley are an especially weird part of the World of Redwall.
Just because "Bright Lights" showed anthropomorphic rats and mice and Catrina in "Escape from Catrina" is an anthropomorphic cat. Oh, and at least in the Redwall cartoon, the size of the horses fits. That doesn't prove anything, but hey, why not?Alternatively...

The Rainbow doesn't lead to another dimension, just another planet. And it's named Eternia.
In one episode of Filmation's He-Man cartoon, a space shuttle reached Eternia by flying through a rainbow-coloured wormhole. Additionally, Marlena's ship is called the Rainbow Explorer. And every MotU-cartoon so far (except for New Adventures) has had anthropomorphic cats.
  • If it was another planet, then wouldn't that be Earth?...
    • It leads to another planet FROM Earth and Dream Valley is on this other planet, namely Eternia.

The rainbow leads through space and time and Ponyland is a future, terraformed New Texas.
Do I have to explain that?

Knight Shade's father is a Little Pony.
It explains why he is much smaller and overall doesn't look much like his mother or other horses from Bright Valley.

"Ponyville" exists in this continuity.
We just only see a couple or so parts of it. In this case, it would be one part of Dream Valley, which itself is one part of Ponyland (either that, or Dream Valley would be considered to be "out in the country"). Additionally, it would most likely be an original one specific to this continuity (i.e., and none of the ones from later incarnations), although it is possible that the one from My Little Pony Talesnote  could also be the one in this series, but that only assumes that they're both in the same continuity, but at distant points in time (since "...Tales" is essentially "G1.5").

Ponies are a rich elite of their world.
That explains why they originally lived in a frigging castle and why they don't seem to have to work, even though their world does seem to have some sort of economy.

Grogar murdered the Witches of Gloom as potential rivals.

The Newborn Twins are actual children of the Little Ponies

The Baby Ponies are clones of their mothers (though Ember, Cuddles, Tiddly Winks, and Half Note were probably orphans), but Milkweed and Tumbleweed look so similar to Posey and Sniffles and Shnookums look so similar to Lickety Split. Maybe once the Big Brother Ponies returned, two of them mated with Posey and Lickety Split (yes, they are Big Brother ponies, but I don't think all of the ponies are siblings, I will think of another theory for this).

  • Or, Slugger mated with Buttons to have Sniffles and Snookums, due to the Ship Tease they had in Somnambula. Lickety-Split and Tex could've had Milkweed and Tumbleweed together instead.
    • This may be another reason Baby Lickety Split is jealous of the twins, because her mother gave birth to two of them while she was just a clone and wasn't raised as a newborn.

The Big Brother Ponies are each an older brother to one of the mares.

But not all of them. Like for example, Truly could be a little sister to one or more of the big brothers but not the rest.

Megan's parents are either busy or very neglectful.

Megan once mentioned she had parents, but they are never seen and don't seem to care about her going on dangerous adventures or having sleepovers in another world. Either they are very accepting of her other life, or are extremely neglectful and don't really care much about her well-being.

Glory and Moondancer are married
They did have a porcelain called "Wedding Prance" where they appeared to be getting married.

Reeka and Draggle's father is the Moochic
The Moochic and Hydia are on the same vague power level, and are about the same size. And it's not as thought there are many humanoids around Dream Valley.
  • Why would the Moochick let his own children be abused? Wouldn't he show complicated emotion when told about the witches and the Smooze, if the witches were his ex and daughters? He is absent-minded, but he's not stupid or evil. Precisely because he isn't evil, Hydia would not have mated with him. The only way he could be the father is if he were to have switched sides, which would explain the daughters not moving in with him — as they would probably have been told he was dead if he did so, but it's still a stretch. And because the Moochick and Hydia are the same size, the daughters are too tall to have much genetic possibility of being both of their daughters, especially Draggle. Even with recessive genes and mutations, Megan's size would be about as tall as Draggle could be. Besides which, there are other humanoids around Dream Valley, and there is nothing indicating Reeka and Draggle's father is still nearby or even alive.

G1 ponies have ridiculously short life spans (by human standards)
That's why we rarely see background ponies more than once.

Winking isn't so much teleportation as it is the unicorn equivalent of a Flash Step
Think about it. One of the downsides of winking is that a unicorn can't wink through walls or through nets, when theoretically they should be able to. One can conclude, then, that when a unicorn winks in or out, she's really just using her magic to give her an extra boost of speed. Since a unicorn can't walk through a wall at her normal speed, it makes sense that she wouldn't be able to wink through one, either.